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Right now, we’ll be studying methods to squat with right kind and the way to take action on the Smith Machine. Squatting on the Smith Machine could be a nice choice so that you can turn out to be extra snug with the train as you transition right into a free weight barbell squat.

Remember that studying methods to squat takes loads of time and follow, so keep persistent and devoted and you will excellent your squat very quickly!


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  1. Hey, friends! 👋🏼
    Hope you’re having a great start to your week! Lmk if you have any other questions about squats.
    Stay tuned for next week’s video on how to RDL on the Smith Machine. 😉
    Outfit is from Alphalete, shoes are Nike Romaleos. Peep the video description for more useful videos & links. 💕

  2. Hi Naomi, It's a great demo video. You have explained the work out so clearly and pointed out all the possible mistakes beginners would do. Many thanks.

  3. Had piece of humble pie yesterday asking for extra plates from the rack in use next to me. Even tho i was repping 245 the week before this time i only got it repped out 5 outta 10 times had go back to down to 185 to complete my set but thanks to this video i can get my form right to get back up there

  4. Thank you for the video but I always thought when you do the smith Machine and rack it you roll the bar forward. For example, when you use barbell squat you rack it by moving forward and lifting up. For bench, you roll it back to the rack behind you where your spotter is. Shouldn't the Smith work in the same fashion?

  5. Decided to watch a video on how to use it properly for squats because whatever way i used it yesterday was definitely wrong which i predicted from the back pain i’m in

  6. For just the barbell squat, how do I lower myself so the bar stays straight. What muscles am I thinking about while going down? When I record myself I just look like I'm leaning forward before I go down.

  7. Thank you. I don't see the yellow safety lock in place. That's deadly! Please redo this video or edit this for a proper instructoral video. I do think this is a helpful/good video, otherwise. I'm not an expert, I am in healthcare/safety.

  8. In 7 minutes you corrected many things about my form. Thank you so much for such an informative video.
    You explain things that my gym trainers never tried to explain me when I asked them how to use the Smith machine.

  9. Hi Naomi. I really enjoyed your video learning how to squat with the correct form. I am 74 and try to keep fit. Before covid, I tried the Smith machine and today in the gym tried again, like some comments below I felt awkward. After watching you I will hopefully feel easier. The problem I have is knowing how far to bend over. Some people say to squat straight down, That is very hard. Thanks CS

  10. My friend said i shouldnt use smith machine to squat like that as it can injure back as she says smith machine is to put feet forward and squat as if sitting? So am i not wrong to do this?

  11. This is soo helpful, thank you!! I just recently started using the Smith machine for squats and reverse lunges. I have found my shoulder gets very uncomfortable when coming out of the squat. Now that I'm watching this, I wonder if my feet were positioned too far forward

  12. This video can be summed up in about 5 seconds. Don't squat on a smith machine.

    You actually show how to squat with a bar, great.

    But then you move to the smith machine which is completely different. You also say that a neutral spine is a straight spine, which is NOT true at all.

    These types of videos are why people don't progress at the gym.

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