6 BEST Triceps Exercises (ANATOMY BASED)

Relating to selecting tricep exercises, there are numerous to select from. On this video, I’m going to provide the prime 6, or as I wish to name them, the Tremendous 6 exercises to construct your triceps. To make these choices, we first have to dive into the anatomy of the triceps and their perform.

We all know that each one 3 heads of the triceps cross the elbow as a way to present extension on the elbow. Nevertheless, the lengthy head attaches to the scapula versus the higher arm, which signifies that it’s stage of stretch and contraction differ from the medial and lateral heads of the triceps. Within the case of the lengthy head, to achieve full stretch, the arms should be raised overhead whereas peak contraction is gained by extending the arm again behind the physique.

In an effort to optimally construct the triceps, the 6 exercises that I selected had been based mostly on inserting all 3 heads of the triceps into peak contraction, full stretch, and the power to offer progressive overload.

1. Triceps Rocking Pushdown
I like this modified triceps exercises as a result of it permits for peak contraction of the lengthy head whereas sustaining the optimum line of resistance that you just would possibly in any other case be lacking when doing conventional tricep rope pushdowns. By rocking backwards whereas concurrently pushing the rope down, you’ll be able to preserve the cable (line of resistance) perpendicular to your forearms which implies the triceps are constantly underneath pressure.

2. Mendacity Overhead Triceps Extensions
This conventional triceps train is nice for placing the lengthy head of the triceps into full stretch whereas underneath load. You don’t wish to carry your arms all the way in which vertical as a result of with the arms standing parallel to gravity, the triceps are not underneath optimum resistance. When on the stretch place, permit your palms to drop a bit additional to the bottom as this can give peak stretch to all three heads of the triceps

3. Incline DB Energy Bombs
That is one other triceps train that places the lengthy head on stretch whereas underneath load. I favor this train to the traditional standing overhead extension as a result of the incline place permits for the elbows to be in entrance of the physique and within the scapular airplane. The standing model locations your elbows out to your sides which we all know is a place equal to the behind the neck press.

4. DB Triceps Kickbacks
Now, earlier than you name this a sissy motion, I consider that the db kickback is nice triceps train, particularly to hit the lengthy head. Why? You’ll be able to get the arms again behind the physique, which by this level, we all know means the lengthy head of the triceps is now underneath peak contraction underneath load. Bear in mind, you don’t have to make use of tremendous mild weights on this triceps train!

5. Shut Grip Bench Press
The shut grip bench press is an effective way to construct triceps mass in all three heads. Whereas the train doesn’t permit for peak stretch or contraction of the lengthy head, you may load this train heavier than most different triceps exercises. The quantity of load will nonetheless have an excellent stimulus for development on all three triceps heads and likewise supplies a chance for progressive overload.

6. Weighted Upright Dips
That is one other triceps train that enables us to coach underneath larger load that helps to make up for the dearth of peak stretch and contraction of the lengthy head of the triceps. One trick to assist in giving higher affect over the lengthy head is the lean ahead a bit bit, permitting the arms to be a bit additional again in relation to the physique. The additional again the arm is, the nearer it’s to peak contraction.

Subsequent time you need to construct your triceps, check out this listing not solely to see what my 6 favourite are, however what try to be in search of in every train. Keep in mind that lengthy head takes up 2/3 of the triceps, which makes up for two/3 of the higher arm.

If you’re in search of a science based mostly step-by-step workout plan that lets you construct muscle by making train choices based mostly on anatomy and biomechanics, head to the hyperlink under and get the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System. See how coaching like an athlete and taking your coaching extra severely can pace up the positive aspects you get and assist you to preserve them for years to come back.

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  2. Please, is the #2 and 3 too hard on my elbows?! I have some light tendinitis because my labor job… use a lot of my arms. Really appreciate the attention and answer.

  3. He is definitely the doctor of muscle.!! I've listened to him for years. He has helped me in more ways than you can imagine. I use to fight MMA and Box as well.. but I could only fight in a few lower weight classes. I've always wanted to move up in higher weight class.. But, by the time Jeff's video came across my screen, I was retired from fighting, due to my age, also my Wife said if I didn't stop she would give me an concussion.! Ha!! I've always been around 145-160lbs. with a 6ft. frame. I always had a hard time most of my life, trying to gain muscle weight. Until Jeff's videos popped up on YouTube years ago.. But amazingly I went from 155 to 200 in just under two years. All natural, all muscle.!! Just from listening and learning from Jeff on these videos.! Now I'm down to 180lbs. Cuz I love that weight it's perfect for me.. He's been a life saver to me and countless others.! I try to help others when I can, with what I learned from Jeff.! I just wanted to say thank You Jeff, you are so awesome and inspiring.!! Peace, and God Bless to you, and your family.!!

  4. This is why I'm a Huge fan of Jeff! He will actually explain why all of his videos why we should do this or shouldn't by showing and talking about the anatomy and what the exercise does to it! I also Love your GYM! I've always wanted my own gym decked out with my favorite weight machines but I do both, machine and dumbbells workouts!

  5. Amazing workout ! 💪

    I just posted a video going over some points on TRICEPS LATERAL HEAD Isolation. Would love to hear your thoughts on it if you have a minute to check it out? Thanks man, keep up the amazing work! 👌😁

  6. The Lifefitness Triceps Extension supersetted with the Lifefitness Seated Dip seems to accomplish all the functions you've outlined. Aside from your demand for athletic training, does that meet the requirements you've outlined for all 3 heads?

  7. I did two of these six exercises as directed yesterday and I think I trained my long head for the first time since I started training about 6 months ago. Thank you for the information.

  8. Hi, I recently discovered your channel, its awesome!
    So, I have done all of the exercises on your "Super 6" and was surprised that the bench dip was not on that list. I feel like I personally get the most effective mind/body connection and full contraction from a weighted bench dip, even superior to the regular dip. Am I possibly doing something wrong with the regular dip? How does it compare to the bench dip?

  9. I am in my mid 50"S a certain YouTube Calensenics Video said one of his favourite push variation is Pseudo push ups. Well l have always exercised since l was at school until now always from home .Well these Pseudo push ups have blown up my triceps .l think different exercises work better for certain bodies, Pseudo push ups is the one.

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