Lululemon Leggings Explained – from an employee (Sizing, Try On, Review, Collection)

Right now I will be discussing all Lululemon Legging types 🙂 I used to work at Lululemon as a Seasonal Educator so I’ve realized and tried numerous various kinds of leggings. I will be explaining the whole lot from sizing, materials & cloth, use, options, and private preferences.

Hope you all discover this beneficial! Let me know what else you all want to see! Depart a remark under if I missed something as nicely!

Intro: (0:00​)
Align: (1:15​)
Wunder Prepare: (4:37​)
Invigorate: (6:13​)
Wunder Below: (7:25)
Tempo Rival: (9:37)
Quick and Free: (10:10​)

Leggings Talked about:
Align Leggings:
Wunder Prepare Leggings:
Invigorate Leggings:
Wunder Below (Luon):
Wunder Below (Luxtreme):
Tempo Rivals:
Groove Pant (Luon): offered out
Quick and Free Leggings:

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  1. Hii, firstly you look so good with that hairstyle and your skin looks so glowy wow 🤩
    Second, I was wondering where I live we don’t have any Lululemon physical stores or resellers (like in the whole country 🥲), fortunately they do deliver here but I absolutely love their shop bags, do you know if they include them when you order online?

  2. Hii I have a question!! I want to get the align leggings but I am 5ft tall and weigh around 95-98 pounds usually but I don’t know what size I am do you have any idea?? Because I’m getting them from sale section and it says I can’t return so I want to make sure I get right size!!

  3. Hi I’m about to order online, but I have never bought leggings before. In hotty hot I’m a 2, but idk if it’d be the same in aligns. So when they arrive and I try them on and they’re not my size, could I go to a store and ask to exchange them for a different size?

  4. That was a great video!

    Would you recommend them for people with bigger thighs? Like my thighs rub together and keep ruining every pair of pants or leggings I get in no time. XD T^T

    Also, what's the difference between the Base Pace and the Fast and Free as they're both made with the Nulux fabric?

    I bought leggings online (ASOS 4505), but they're a bit too compressing and restrict my movements when I jog or play DDR at the arcade. I want to buy high quality leggings, and why not encourage a company from back home in Canada at the same time? ^^

    I'm workig in Japan right now, so I "window shop" on the English website before ordering on the Japanese one as it's only available in Japanese. XD

  5. I wish the wunder trains had the v waistband – the aligns are a perfect fit for me and SO FLATTERING and I do love the nulu fabric too but I find myself just wishing it was a bit thicker, slightly more compressive and less delicate. The wunder trains would be an even better alternative to the align for working out if they still had the same flattering waistband. Oh well.

  6. I love the aligns but I’m a compression guy so I go with the fast and free and the wunder train. Leggings energize my legs my doctor recommended leggings for me. I now have over 30 pairs from different companies by lululemon is my favorite 😻 great video

  7. Lol the parts with Siri’s(?) voice was funny. I’m the same and don’t like the feeling of spandex/slick/performance type leggings and prefer the cottony soft ones. Though I probably should have at least one or two for if I go hiking or something so they’re more durable. 😞 I was thinking of getting the wunder train shorts since I like the everlux material the best for durability but I’ve heard so many people complain how tight it is around the quads.

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