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5 Triceps Compound Exercises to Quickly Boost Size

One of many greatest
misconceptions when it comes around-the-arms coaching is that the biceps are
the important thing to reaching greater arms. In reality, the triceps are the largest drivers
of arm measurement. The reason being, a tricep is bigger muscle than a bicep and takes up
extra of the arm’s floor space.

This now raises a query: “How do I work out my triceps with a purpose to maximally enhance my arm measurement?” An choice is to attempt to incorporate extra tricep compound exercises. The great thing about such a motion is that not solely does it work the triceps but additionally targets different physique elements on the identical time. As well as, compound actions assist increase muscle measurement a lot faster than isolating exercises.

5 compound exercises for triceps

Right here, I’ll briefly
clarify 5 extremely efficient compound exercises for working the triceps.

Triceps chair dips

This train is nice for
figuring out lots of the higher physique muscle groups whereas emphasizing the triceps. In
addition, a triceps chair dip may be accomplished just about anyplace there’s a
chair. That is nice for individuals who are at all times on the go or would not have a number of
time to go to the gymnasium.

Right here’s a take a look at how one can carry out triceps chair dips:

  • Stand in entrance of the usual chair or bench wanting away from its seat.
  • Fastidiously sit down on the very fringe of the chair’s seat and place your fingers subsequent to your hips. Securely seize the sting of the chair.
  • Extending your legs and arms, elevate your buttock off the seat slowly. Your toes ought to be positioned roughly hip-width and palms shoulder-width aside. This might be your beginning place.
  • Now, fastidiously decrease your physique down in the direction of the ground by bending your elbows to round 90 levels.
  • Utilizing the power of your triceps, push your torso again into the air to the beginning place. Throughout this complete motion, keep away from leaning ahead; bear in mind to convey up your torso regularly leaning backward. Maintain your elbows backward and as near your aspect as attainable whereas performing the motion.
  • Repeat!
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To be able to enhance
resistance, place your toes up on a second bench and/or put additional weight (e.g. a
dumbbell) in your thighs.

Triangle (Diamond) push-ups

Second on our record comes diamond push-ups. Whereas typical push-ups are usually regarded as an train to work the pecs, they’re really a compound motion additionally working the triceps. To be able to put extra emphasis on the triceps, it solely takes a small hand adjustment.

Right here’s what to do:

  • Transfer into a normal push-up place.
  • Place your palms nearer collectively in order that they’re underneath your pecs.
  • Flip your palms outwards till your thumbs and index fingers kind a triangle form.
  • Protecting your again flat, slowly decrease your torso down till your pecs virtually contact the bottom.
  • Pause for a second and push your self again as much as the beginning place.
  • Repeat!

Shut-grip bench press

to doing push-ups, most individuals suppose that bench-pressing primarily focuses on
working the chest muscle groups.  Nonetheless, a
slight grip adjustment can remodel this train right into a tricep-strengthening
machine. The important thing to this motion is to put the fingers on the barbell narrower
fairly than wider like throughout a typical bench press. Whereas this alteration will
enhance the quantity of strain on the triceps, it should work your chest on the
identical time.

Let’s go step-by-step:

  • First, arrange as you’d do for a typical bench press train.
  • Laying down on the bench, place your fingers on the bar shoulder-width aside or barely narrower. Don’t convey them too shut collectively, as this may end up in an damage. No matter is comfy in your wrists is mostly the very best for you.
  • Take the bar from the stand and produce it to the chest stage. That is your beginning place.
  • Protecting your elbows as near your torso as attainable for optimum stability and engagement of the triceps, decrease the bar.
  • When the bar reaches your chest stage, you’ll be able to pause for a second and press again to the beginning place.
  • Repeat!
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Triceps dips

this can be a very well-known triceps compound train, it’s additionally extremely
efficient for working the opposite muscle groups. Some even say that triceps dips are as
a productive train for the higher physique as a squat is for the decrease physique. 

Right here’s a information to this train:

  • Grip both hand to the bars on the triceps dip station.
  • Protecting your arms straight with practically locked elbows, elevate your self into the air. This might be your beginning place.
  • Slowly decrease your arms to a 90-degree bend.
  • Maintain for a second, after which press your arms again to the beginning place. Throughout all the motion, maintain your torso upright and elbows as near your physique as attainable.
  • Repeat!

A seasoned lifter can enhance resistance by including weight to the dipping belt. 

Machine tricep dips

This train is a good
substitute as soon as typical triceps dips for no matter purpose turns into
uncomfortable or repetitious. On the dip machine, you’ll be able to simply regulate the
resistance stage and grip width to higher goal the triceps.

Let’s get into the method:

  • Select the load on a dip machine.
  • Sit down firmly after which regulate and grasp the handles.
  • Maintain your elbows near your sides and bend them at a 90-degree angle.
  • Lengthen your arms straight as you exhale. Pause on the peak to maintain stress in your triceps.
  • Slowly transfer your arms again to 90 levels (the beginning place) as you inhale.
  • Repeat!

As you’ll be able to see, there are many compound actions that may be carried out with a purpose to successfully strengthen the triceps. These exercises are the important thing to rising your arm measurement shortly!

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Triceps workout with specializing in compound actions

Right here
are two triceps workout concepts with a concentrate on the compound exercises.

  1. Shut grip bench press: 3 units of 8–10 reps
  2. Triceps chair dips: 3 units of 10–12 reps


  1. Triceps dips: 3 units of 6–12 reps
  2. Diamond push-ups: 4 units of 8–12 reps

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