Workout Mistake – The Big FAT Strength Lie!

Have you ever been instructed that power is the whole lot in the case of seeing features out of your workouts? In that case, you’re making the most important workout mistake you could be making and also you’re positively going to need to watch this video. Right here I’m going to deal with the massive fats power lie that’s extra rampant now than ever earlier than. Now, don’t get me unsuitable. Energy coaching is and at all times would be the cornerstone and the focus of your workouts. That stated, doing this with out specializing in the roots of that power goes to steer you down a troubled path.

So you might have been instructed that power is crucial ingredient you need to handle in your coaching. With out it, the whole lot else will endure and due to this fact you’ll want to be sure to are maximally robust in any respect prices. Whereas being robust is essential, constructing power on a weak basis is among the largest workout errors you could make. The important thing to constructing true power is to understand that identical to a tree, you’re solely as robust as your roots.

On the earth of coaching because of this if there’s something that may be impaired that takes your power away from you, then the power just isn’t the muse. Very similar to a tree might look robust above the bottom, in the event you examined beneath the floor and noticed weak and dying roots that tree just isn’t going to be standing for for much longer – regardless of how massive and powerful it could seem.

So what you’ll want to concentrate on is prefacing your power development with a strong base of full flexibility, mobility and stability. Now many individuals will take a look at this and say to themselves that they’re getting it proper as a result of they’re doing a minimum of half-hour of mobility work and stretching earlier than they work out. That’s not essentially even factor. Why? As a result of if you’re simply including further vary of movement to a system that isn’t steady, then you’re going to be much more more likely to break down and commit this devastating workout mistake.

Stability just isn’t power. It’s a type of power that isn’t measured by the contractile drive of a muscle however fairly the power to regulate the contraction all through the vary of movement (and even at each excessive ends of it). Within the instance of a squat, an individual that’s extremely steady will be capable of carry out the squat and pause on the backside of the rep. Past that nonetheless, they want to have the ability to return to the highest in a single piece with out desegmentation of the physique on the best way up. They want to have the ability to not have their knees drift in or out, or their hips waver facet to facet at any level.

When one is maximally steady, they’re maximally environment friendly of their bar path throughout the squat and haven’t any wasted movement. Their rep velocity is unhindered or unslowed all through your entire vary of movement. This may occasionally imply that you’ll want to drop the load that you’re utilizing a bit with a purpose to notice this degree of management. In that case, then achieve this. The aim is to not merely chase numbers on the expense of your stability.

Working in your mobility and adaptability as nicely are going to be very important to getting by way of a full vary of movement and commanding the true power you do have alongside the best way. If and provided that you do that will you ever notice your true power with out danger of incurring accidents like hip labral tears, low again blowouts and pointless hip joint and muscle ache.

In case you are in search of a program that overlooks nothing in the best way the workouts are put collectively and places the science again in power from the primary day to the final, then head to the hyperlink beneath and get the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System that’s greatest matched to your present objectives.

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    If you don’t win, no worries. Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again. Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  2. Good day Jeff

    This video was a true eye-opener, wow. I've always "known" that mobility, flexibility and stability are important, but not why. Well now I know, and I feel empowered and filled with enthusiasm. Also, the reason why your channel is so impressive and important to me is the level of knowledge, your capability and enthusiasm for transmitting that knowledge, and most importantly that make people realize that they should stop behaving like babies and start understand that they need to take control of their lives and habits and that what separated those that succeed from others is the level of commitment, nothing else (barring very unfortunate life circumstances).

    I've for one behaved like a 41 year old youngster for too long a time, it's time to say bye bye to that kid and step up my game.

    Have a great day

  3. I've been watching Jeff for around 5 years now and have watched this video a couple times. But never really could fully appreciate what and why he was saying here. Had a labrum tear a month back because of my weak stabilizing muscles. Now I see what he means.

    I'm mostly recovered now, again thanks to Jeff's videos and knowledge I could recover faster. My local physios were stupid and ready to fuck up my shoulder even more.

  4. For all intents and purposes. The lager tree will have a larger root system. In order for the tree to be the size depicted. The root systems needs to be able to support the feeding needs of the tree and support the height and weight of said tree. A smaller trees root system is considerably smaller. In this comparison. For example. You can’t take the root system from the smaller tree and support the larger tree. The roots are to small to supply a tree of that size. The tree will starve to death. Not to mention topple over. So your tree comparison is pretty shitty.

  5. "My step dad use to tell me. The strongest part of a tree is the roots."

    The roots support the whole tree.
    Your legs are your roots. When you have strong legs you have a strong base.
    If you have strong legs itll be hard for someone to take you down.

  6. Didn’t find this out until I turned 40 and pulled my back. Being in bed for two weeks I swore I had a slipped disc . My physical therapist told me nope it was an imbalance in my hips . Hip muscles (especially gluteus med ) were not firing and I had a week core. As a gym rat , yogi and martial artist I thought that’s impossible I kick all the time and I can do 500 sit-ups no problem etc. She had me try multiple stability exercises and I could not do one properly. I could barely get 10 reps on the core exercises . She said I was weak underneath it all. I had flexibility, mobility but zero stability. Hence my huge respect for Physical therapy. She healed me without surgery or pain meds.

  7. I saw World Strongest Man Champion Eddie Hall do a CrossFit workout and lets just say, He freaking crushed it. Very Very strong and Very Very agile to go along with it. His time was comparable to that of someone who does CrossFit on a regular basis. YOU SHOULD GET HIM IN THE GYM THERE.

  8. Definitely realise the importance of yoga, stretching and working on those weak spots as I've gotten older. Reminds me of how Tom Brady implements the idea of muscle 'pliability'. Thanks for the fantastic content as always.

  9. so you are telling me i can not only stay in the hypertrophy rep range for max muscle??????? EDIT: AT 3:05 I see a plot twist coming. hopefully I can just always stay in they hyp. rep range. I will see. going to watch the rest now. edit; arghhhh

  10. That's why I began with deadlifts with a friend. I don't really care much about body building, nor getting ripped, but I know my quality of life will improve tremendously if I can work on my posture. I want to try squats soon, and my goal is to be able to stand straight and feel that connection from the sole of my feet to the top of my head. They're obviously not the only things in doing to exercise, but they're the ones I care for the most.

  11. One of your best and most helpful videos ever – and that's saying a lot because they're all great! Even as a weight lifting newbie (and as a 58 years old grandma) it seemed so confusing … strength vs hypertrophy … now you've helped me understand the underlying roots. Thanks!

  12. Damn brilliant video. I've had 60 plus coaches in my life and have known hundreds. So few understand these concepts. The few good coaches understand the roots but might not be able to train and teach a player up Jeff's pyramid, or they might hit S.A.Q. but leave out the concept of hypertrophy as it was for me. A bad coach in my opinion just wants their players to get better at any cost, and like Jeff said, they focus on strength, and in my experience, at any cost. And great coaches like Jeff are few and far between. I would love to see a video on Jeff's full opinion on "Maxing out." I played every sport, but focused on tennis, and tennis made me focus so much on certain muscles in certain positions that I neglected my upper back, and others on my non-dominant side. I've learned through athlean x about the importance of spinal posture. I developed anterior tilt of the pelvis which makes sense for a tennis player relying on hamstrings all the time. Also rolled-foward shoulders which position the neck foward, and in order to compensate we naturally tilt the head back. This causes a stretch thus a weakness in the front neck, and a tensed up tight back and side neck. I also developed tmj disfunction from this, jaw had been clicking and popping for years and has affected everything including my speech and thus my ability to socialize, it even became hard to eat at times. I trained so hard and did metabolic exercises out the ass, that mixed with neglecting certain muscles caused me years of pain. Jeff, I promise one day I'll give ya a little bit of money but I have learned so much from you on youtube that I haven't had to buy haha!! I've had enough people telling me to exercise. I wanna say thank you, you have given me exercises and concepts for everything physical relating to the body. I'm only 25 but I wish I knew you when I was 13 years old starting out tennis. I had a hard fallout with tennis a couple yrs back, but now I'm the strongest I've ever been. I've been doing your corrective exercises for months now, and 2 months ago started focusing on hypertrophy across the board bc that was the one category I skipped in my training. Between what I've learned from you and Dr. Adam Fields on youtube my pelvic tilt is 100% fixed, my upper back is 90% there, my neck is 80% better, and my jaw is about 70% there. You've helped me so much with the lower and upper back, and neck and thus overall posture. I know my jaw can't be 100% until my neck is at 100, and my neck cant be 100% until my spinal posture or upper back is "corrected."
    If anybody has anything I've talked about, Athlean X for the corrective exercises and building up those parts of the body so they dont get hurt again, and Dr. Adam Fields for specific exercises and stretches for jaw, neck, etc. If you have serious pain in an area. Anyways, thank you Jeff. I've been doing my face-pulls every damn day and I even bought lighter resistance bands so I can focus on quality reps, external rotation, getting the hand back before the elbow. Haha

  13. I've heard a different definition of mobility which is "the ability to exert power at the end range of motion". any insights on that. (I forget if this definition comes from Christian Sommers or Kelly Starret, or possibly somewhere else.)

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