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What’s up y’all…it is FINALLY right here! You’ve got requested for a legging evaluate for some time now, so that is what I’ve provide you with. The Final Legging Championships shall be a multi-part collection reviewing one of the best costly leggings versus one of the best reasonably priced leggings until we in the end arrive at one of the best leggings total.

This primary spherical of competitors shall be based mostly on match, however subsequent spherical we’ll be moving into the nitty gritty science of efficiency. I am so excited to share this with you. Ensure you activate publish notifications so that you’re first to know when a brand new vid goes stay!


1:23 Gymshark – Flawless Knit Tights (sea blue)

$90.00 CAD

2:50 Lululemon – Wunder Underneath Excessive-Rise Tight (misty merlot)

$98.00 CAD

4:25 Gymshark – Camo Seamless Leggings (lavender gray)

$95.00 CAD

6:29 Lululemon – In Motion 7/8 Tight (purchased my shade on sale however “frosted pine” is shut)

$108.00 CAD

8:37 Gymshark – Important Seamless Leggings (dusky pink marl)

$80.00 CAD

10:43 Lululemon – All The Proper Locations Pant II (darkish olive)

$138.00 CAD

12:07 Gymshark – Flex Leggings (dusty pink marl / charcoal)

$65.00 CAD

13:27 Lululemon – Align Pant II

$98.00 CAD

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  1. Hey y'all! 🤗As requested, here's links and timestamps! Let me know if there's any other info you need 💛HAPPY WATCHING!

    1:23 Gymshark – Flawless Knit Tights (sea blue)
    $90.00 CAD / $55.00 USD

    2:50 Lululemon – Wunder Under High-Rise Tight (misty merlot)
    $98.00 CAD / $98.00 USD

    4:25 Gymshark – Camo Seamless Leggings (lavender grey)
    $95.00 CAD / $60.00 USD

    6:29 Lululemon – In Movement 7/8 Tight (bought my color on sale but “frosted pine” is close)
    $108.00 CAD / $98.00 USD

    8:37 Gymshark – Vital Seamless Leggings (dusky pink marl)
    $80.00 CAD / $50.00 USD

    10:43 Lululemon – All The Right Places Pant II (dark olive)
    $138.00 CAD / $128.00 USD

    12:07 Gymshark – Flex Leggings (dusty pink marl / charcoal)
    $65.00 CAD / $38.00 USD

    13:27 Lululemon – Align Pant II
    $98.00 CAD / $98.00 USD

  2. I'm so glad I found this video! Since I have just started really lifting weights, I'd love to look cute in the gym. I see adds all the time for these expensive matching outfits and I have wondered if they are worth it! Now I get to find out!

  3. The lulu in movements have been my fave for a long time! Just placed my first gymshark order, would have loved to know your sizes in lulu compared to the gymshark leggings. Have struggled finding reviews for someone my size lol!

  4. Weirdly I felt the same in the pink vital seamless but I have the light grey/blue and they feel so much comfier! It’s like they got the sizing/fit wrong on just that colour???

  5. Hey there! I just wanted to say thank you. Recently I started working out and thought I reward myself with my very first gymshark legging… well I bought the vital seamless leggings and they didn't fit properly and did not look good. It was a major set back/ bad for my self esteem, but I'm glad to hear that it isn't about me but the leggings just fit differently. So thank you ❤

  6. I think you'd really like the Lululemon Wunder Under High Rise Tight. They're perfect if you sweat a lot and they're the perfect thickness in material. They also hug your tummy area like a glove, they suck you in in all the right places but make your butt look sooooo good.

  7. I can understand the camel toe, but also many girls worry about the V shape showing already. Yeah, that's just what we look like. We focus to much on that. Also sweating, many girls worry about that. But when you workout it's normal to sweat. Without sweat, no good workout right 💪🏽

  8. I am just wearing the gymshark seamless leggings and I don't even want to work out now. I'm very bloated right now and I just feel terrible .There is no compression on my lower belly and just everything right now is so unmotivating about it. I need new leggings. I think I'm going to bye womensbest leggings..

  9. Excellent Reviews Ms. Abby👏🏾
    I was looking to purchase some workout clothes from GymShark and now I'm definitely going to try the Purple Camouflage leggings!
    Question though: If you liked the Camo Leggings so much why only give them a 7!??🤔
    I don't know what Genius at Lululemon thought that putting a seam directly in the middle of a pair of womens' leggings was a good idea! It must have been a man or an old blind woman!🤣
    Anyway, Thanks for your honest and funny review!🤗

  10. Finally I found a video that does not stick their out. Lol every video I found about gymshark leggings are always standing in a position that sticks their butt out. I wanted to see how it looks on a non sticking out position. Thank you for the video!!

  11. I only use leggings to work out in, so I prefer gymshark and fabletics bc compression and pass the squat test! Lululemon is comfy (maybe good for yoga/lounge) but not a lot of compression and they're so thin I'm afraid they'll catch on something. Love the video tho looking forward to others!!

  12. Hey, Abby! I just watched your video and it's very very helpful because I was in dilemma weather or not to purchase gymshark and which kind of leggings. Can you make review of
    Mizuno Biogear 8000 Ladies Honeycomb Black leggings? They look so dope! And/Or a review of a pair of Kari Traa leggings. ^_^

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