BEST 8 ABS EXERCISES for SIX PACK – Gym Body Motivation

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BEST 8 ABS EXERCISES for SIX PACK – Fitness center Physique Motivation

00:00 Seated Knee Elevate
00:28 Kneeling Cable Crunch
01:02 Decline Bech Leg Raises
01:32 Decline Sit-Up
02:04 Hanging Leg Elevate
02:41 Mendacity Indirect Crunch
03:03 Hanging Facet Crunches
03:38 Cable/Banded Facet Crunches

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  1. Coach whenever I try abs workout my back got extreme pain but apart from all workout viz chest legs shoulder byceps everything is fine only problem is when I try to reduce my belly pls suggest something to get relief of backpain

  2. Just to know guys that side crunches/side bend makes ur waist more thick! So if u want more of a smaller but strong waist there are other exercises out there. Cause I want that v line dorito body

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