How To Build a Massive Chest with Dumbbells

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How To Construct a Large Chest with Dumbbells

00:00 Incline Dumbbell Bench Press
00:35 Incline Champagne Press
01:10 Incline Dumbbell Fly
01:44 Dumbbell Bench Press
02:18 Dumbbell Shut Grip Press
02:46 Dumbbell Fly
03:21 Dumbbell Decline Bench Press

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  1. Just started today. And my body feels like I was really doing exercises. I can really feel all those targeted parts of the chest. Hope I see some changes by month end 💪

  2. My only issue with close grip presses is that my dumbbells are smooth and the plates are kind of slim so theres absolutely no bite keeping them in place and I have shakey hands so sometimes the plates will slip into the handle of the other dumbbell and smack into my fingers… it ok to keep a wee space in between while doing it?

  3. I only believe in Agoge diet. They provide you with personalized meal plan, training plan, fitness tips, healthy recipes. Thats everything you need to transform your body and get six pack 😀

  4. Lost my chest and got a pot belly instead. Thanks covid. Great work out. Still locked in Toronto but got my home gym now and using this and already 1 month lost 15lbs and reduced pot belly. Now for growth. Thanx

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