How to Fix Plantar Fasciitis (NO MORE HEEL PAIN!)

Plantar Fasciitis is without doubt one of the commonest recurring tendonitis accidents that lively folks should take care of. Typically occasions, the explanation why the plantar fascia retains getting infected and the signs preserve coming again is because of the truth that we by no means actually deal with the reason for the ache somewhat simply the supply of the ache. On this video, I’m going to point out you what is admittedly inflicting your heel ache so you may lastly repair it perpetually.

First, it helps to grasp the position of the plantar fascia. The actual job of this robust construction is to help your arch in standing. It runs from the calcaneus or heel distally in the direction of the tendon sheaths of the toes. Basically, it spans your entire arch and will be felt in case you strum throughout this space together with your thumb. For those who have irritation of the fascia, you are feeling a definite knife-life stabbing ache in your heel if you take a step (particularly within the morning).

The explanation the signs are significantly worst within the morning is that the plantar fascia has had an opportunity to shorten and tighten up a bit over night time together with your foot remaining in a plantar flexed place principally from the covers pulling your ankle down. Even later within the day nonetheless, the ache is clear and it prevents those who undergo from it from strolling, working or competing usually.

The issue is that folks typically occasions will hunt down remedy for his or her plantar fasciitis and be left with both no decision to the issue or worse, they really feel barely higher however the ache comes again shortly. It’s because doing nothing however ultrasounding, rubbing, massaging or rolling a lacrosse ball on the arch is just not getting at the true downside. You might be merely attacking the symptom and never the trigger. So let’s get to the trigger.


More often than not, in case you check your calf flexibility on the aspect of ache and decide that you’ve calf tightness then you definitely positively need to repair that since that’s virtually all the time the reason for similar sided ache. The issue is nonetheless, doing a standard hanging standing calf stretch off the steps is just not going to repair this ache. As a substitute, it’s essential understand that the ache is coming from the shortcoming of the foot to keep up a inflexible place on the time you raise your heel off the bottom to propel your physique. It’s sustaining an everted heel with a unfastened midfoot which creates an unstable foot to attempt to press off of. It will end in an unlimited quantity of stress being shifted to the fascia to do one thing it isn’t geared up to do.

So if you wish to stretch your calf you need to place the foot again within the place you’re struggling to keep up. That is proven in three other ways within the video. Now, if the ache you’re getting is coming from a aspect that doesn’t exhibit calf tightness then you definitely would need to look to the alternative aspect glute medius for weak point or an absence of thoracic extension or rotation to that aspect.

When the glute medium is weak on the alternative hip you get a dropping of the hip on that aspect. This forces the alternative foot (the one you’re having the ache on) into pronation and creates an unstable foot as soon as once more. Both manner, no matter what the trigger is you may see that it has nothing to do with the foot itself and every thing to do with the joints above just like the ankle, hip or backbone.

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  1. I had it for over year..wore strasbourg sock…went to physio ..50 quid a joy..I bought Pro 2 pf inserts on amazon for 6 quid..relief within a day..pain free ..wore them for 8 months and it allowed it to heal

  2. Many years ago I jammed my hip jumping out of a tree and landing on uneven ground – and now I have developed Plantar pain and your video makes great sense – I had noticed my feet were facing differently and while lifting my left leg my back clicks if my right knee is facing outward but does not click when the knee is facing inward – so there is still something wrong with my hip alignment causing back pain and my foot to land and follow through differently than the other with no pain — I will watch your other videos and see if I can get myself straight after all these years cheers Mike

  3. Jeff, what do I do with a brused toe joint. I cant do lunges or calf rasies right now!!!

    I was walking a lot in shoes with out cushioning, played soccer, and ice skated on vacation for a month. Toward the end of my vacation the ball of my foot (big toe joint) is sore. I can pull it back toward my head ok, bit when I try to curl it down, like making a fits it hurts. When I kick a soccer ball with the inside of the foot where the big toe is it hurts. I notice the one foot is a bit more swolled than the other. To remedy I got some new Addidas ultra boost running ahoes and it feels better, but at times I do something like sprintimg off of it and it ends up hurting again. Its been 1.5 months now since the pain began. What can I do to make things better? Thanks!

  4. Been suffering for months. Finally researched it and watched this video. It's only been a few days but my ankle feels soooo much better. That first step in the morning used to be a killer! Not now.

  5. This works. Went on a hike and every step was agony, did the first stretch daily for two weeks. Just completed another hike (and put better inners in my boots) – no pain. Was definitely tight calves contributing to the problem.

  6. I don’t even know where to begin. I had seen your videos a few years back and had tried some even though I didn’t have extreme problems with PF. Jumping ahead to Sept2022…I did a stressful trip to Europe with a lot of walking, stair climbing and such carrying a heavy carry on and a back pack. I split ways with family and stayed another week for work in Barcelona. Everything was great until I went out for a walk and all of a sudden I was having problems with my left foot. I started limping and decided to come back to my hotel. A few hours later, I was having difficulty getting up and I had a sharp pain in my heel. I tried stretching the foot and propped it up and went to bed. Next morning, pain was worse and again having trouble walking. I started to panic since it was Sunday and conference I was attending started Monday. I would have to be on my feet for 4 days and walk to and from hotel which not close! How was I going to do this? I started to panic but remembered I had seen some YouTube videos on other occasions. But what some videos were suggesting didn’t make sense and I didn’t see any relief. I then remembered I had subscribed to your channel and look it up. I found this video and started doing the exercises you recommended. Yes, it was painful, but within a few minutes, I couldn’t believe it…my pain had minimized. I was able to walk with limited pain. I burst into tears because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do and seeing your video did make me realize all the strain I put on feet and your explanation made total sense. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart❤!

  7. I did 5 yrs of injections and stretches,gauntlet,orthotics. Finally got both foot surgery’s. Dr said u could play guitar on my very tight tendons!!! ( I was 5 yrs walking on a nail) go for the surgery and just get it fixed .

  8. Just watched this video and everything has clicked into place – the explanation is perfect for me, all makes sense, I have tight calves, bad posture and only have the agony on my left foot, so I feel in hope for the first time that I can take action to fix this pain once and for all. Thank you so much.

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