20-MIN DUMBBELL ARM WORKOUT | Quarantine Home Workout

Self-quarantine or not, let’s carry on chasing these gainz!

Immediately, we’ll be doing an arm workout that you are able to do proper at dwelling with a pair of dumbbells or something that can be utilized as a pair of dumbbells!

After all, most significantly, always remember that your health objectives are fueled additionally by means of your vitamin, so at all times keep in mind to remain according to each your vitamin & coaching.

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This workout consists of two tri-sets (a tri-set is three exercises carried out again to again with no rests in between. The primary train in every train will at all times be a shoulder train, the second a bicep train, and the third a triceps train.)

1) a. Arnold Press | 10 reps
b. Zottman Curls | 12 reps
c. Single-Arm Overhead Triceps Extension | 12 reps/arm
d. Relaxation for 60 seconds.
Repeat a-d for a complete of 3x.
2) a. Lateral Raises | 12 reps
b. Static Maintain DB Curls | 12 reps/arm
c. Tricep Kickbacks | 12 reps/arm
d. Relaxation for 60 seconds.
Repeat a-d for a complete of 3x.

Keep in mind to make use of weights which can be difficult for you however which you could additionally work with whereas protecting correct type.


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  1. Hey, babes! 👋🏼
    Here’s a quick, 20 minute arm workout you can do right from home!
    ✅Workout is also written out in the description & you can take screenshots of the workout diagrams included in the video right before the workout starts & at the end of the video.
    Let’s keep chasing these gainz quarantine or no quarantine!
    Have a wonderful weekend! 💜

  2. Hi Coach Naomi! I am a man and just saw this lesson because my mother-in-law does this workout! I didn't think much of this so she challenged me to an armwrestle. I could not even move her arm even using both my arms together 😟

  3. hi Naomi! I've been doing this workout for 2 weeks now and I'm noticing that my non-dominant arm is a lot weaker than my dominant arm. I'm wondering if this gets better overtime? or if there's something I can do about this? (more context: I'm using 5 lb dumbbells. I am not taking protein powder at the moment because I am just starting out.) I'm worried that my non-dominant arm will not improve overtime lol but trying to stay hopeful.

  4. Naomi back with another great vid 🎉🙌And thanks for posting the Arnold Presses, it's a great workout 💪..Have a fav exercise from this routine?

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