Top 3 Rotator Cuff Exercise Mistakes (FIX YOUR SHOULDER PAIN!)

Repair your shoulder ache by figuring out like an athlete right here

The rotator cuff muscle groups are probably the most neglected and misunderstood shoulder muscle groups and are normally ignored in most workout applications. Whenever you understand that these small muscle groups are the one ones you need to counteract the overwhelming imbalance established by the extra consideration getting chest, again, and arms, you begin to see their significance.

On this video, I present you the highest 3 greatest rotator cuff train errors and learn how to repair them. You see, even when folks do purchase into the idea of incorporating these exercises into their workout applications it doesn’t imply that they get them proper.

First, when performing any band or dumbbell exterior rotation train to your shoulder, you need to be sure you preserve your elbow and higher arm tucked carefully to your aspect all through. Very generally, folks are likely to let their elbow drift away from their physique as they full the exterior rotation vary of movement. This prompts the lateral deltoid which shortly tends to dominate the motion. The issue with that is that an overactive delt is a serious contributor to the imbalance that already exists between it and the rotator cuff muscle groups on that arm.

Permitting the deltoid to dominate the energy steadiness will result in a migration of the humeral head upwards as you elevate your arm overhead (as in a shoulder press). To maintain the humerus centrally situated within the glenoid fossa it is advisable have enough energy of the rotator cuff. You’ll do that provided that you don’t permit it to be overshadowed when doing remoted exterior rotation rotator cuff exercises.

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The second mistake is performing your rotator cuff exercises with a rounded shoulder. Spherical shoulders come from poor posture. Strengthening your rotator cuff muscle groups with poor posture is just reinforcing the difficulty you’ve already. To do that appropriately, you need to align your shoulders again and down after which carry out your rotator cuff exercises.

Persevering with on this level and main into the third mistake, management of your shoulder blade will assist dramatically. To place your shoulder blades “in your again pocket”, you’ll have to have enough energy of each your serratus anterior and decrease traps muscle groups. Within the video, I present you two exercises you are able to do to strengthen these oblique shoulder muscle groups utilizing as little as your personal body weight.

The underside line is, with a view to have a completely purposeful shoulder with out shoulder ache it is advisable strengthen your shoulder fully. This implies ensuring your rotator cuffs are robust. In case you are on the lookout for a workout program that may assist you to along with your shoulder ache whereas permitting you to construct a lot larger shoulders, chest and arms…be sure you head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System.

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  1. Love this guy #truth #healthbuilding #Antstrength. Shit works. Im still working on it, but its much better then before. And the last thing to fix before my biceps tendinitis in the shoulder is completely fixed. I've been focused on gaining mass so its been a juggle to focus on that and strengthening these three muscle groups, but I have noticed growth in all those areas, and look forward to getting them strong enough to where my bicep tendon can heal completely. It has healed and felt fine after doing these for a while my biggest problem is that they aren't strong enough YET cuz sometimes my form breaks down and I get intense and in the zone and struggle with not going for the gold , I need to keep my mind about me and keep great form 100% of the time, until I bring more strength to the 3 , then maybe I'll have a little more freedom riding WFO

  2. My osteopathy told me once it gets too easy keeping ur elbow in, move your elbow out and get a further rotation. Doing both together and two dumbbell movements too has healed my rotator cuffs amazing…. Has been 5 months …. And im neli 💯….. cant say im completely 💯 until i up my bench and get back to my max. Will find out next week.

  3. Jeff…I've got a small rotator tear that I'm trying to heal naturally…though 6mo's later…not sure that's gonna happen. I've got 3 exercise' that I do from my PT guy who I no longer see ($$$)…wondering what you might contribute for this endeavor on my behalf. Like what NOT to do in the gym? Thanks! Your vids are the bomb diggety! :)

  4. 1. Tuck elbow to side of body
    2. Keep shoulder blades retracted and don’t let shoulders round forward
    3. Position of shoulder blade. 2 muscles help position shoulder blade. Serratus anterior and lower trap. Train the 2 muscles. Serratus Anterior Exercise – plank plus (elbows in, palms up, hands and forearms out a little. Push body away from arms, which protracts shoulder blades.)
    Lower trap exercise – lower Half of Pullups. (Pull up into start of pull up, then dead hang. )

  5. Jeff… extreme gratitude for your excellence and invaluable guidance. I'm 55 and impingement hampering my progress. You've set me on the path to healing and continued progress, and I'm seeing improvement already after a very short time. Best wishes to you brother.

  6. Awesome information. Wish you had been around when I started working out many years ago, always with shoulder pain. Most personal trainers lack this information you provide. You're a Godsend! Many thanks!

  7. I tried these band stretches for a month and nothing changed. I am just going to do my regular exercises but decrease the weight and do high reps. Maybe eventually the pain will go away.

  8. Thank you as always… just did what you said "AT MY DESK"!! and I'm already feeling that this is going to help me… and it isn't by far the first time your training tips have helped me, thank you!

  9. My shoulder problem was caused by massive trauma to my body but it was the only part of my body that wasn't injured I developed a wing scapular and a frozen shoulder from being in hospital but 24 hours a day for 4 months, but because of your exercises on your shoulder and other body well all body actually. but from all your techniques I have improved my shoulder and other parts of my body week by week month by month from not being able to scratch my back to only lift Halfway up not being able to scratch or wash my left shoulder, I tried private physio through my injury solicitor who was an absolute waste of time. But because of your exercises I have improved my frozen shoulder and winged scapular 80% better I lost four stone in the muscle mass from my body I follow you and strictly follow your exercises every day in the gym and I've got to say Your exercises are the ones that have helped me in my continued recovery. So thank you. 👍👍

  10. I seem to have a rotator cuff injury. Lifting the arm up after 100-120 degrees is slightly painful. I'm doing the rehab but can anyone tell me if I can ever go back to throwing related sports? Anyone here with a similar experience?

  11. Im getting ATHLEANX program for my 40th birthday and i cant wait. 2months left. I have been suffering with the descibed shoulder pain in this video for longer than i can remember. I always thought its just that im getting older and im asking too much of my shoulder joints during my workouts. So im going to use Jeffs method to correct this issue.

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