FAT BURNING “BLITZ” WORKOUT – Superbowl XLV Halftime Football Workout

Superbowl XLV is right here and my query to you is, what is going to you be doing in the course of the halftime? As an alternative of watching the black eyed peas, how about if you happen to may do a ten minute workout that might be the final word fats burning blitz? Now you can with one more AthLEAN-X Burst Coaching Exercise.

The Superbowl XLV Halftime Exercise consists of arduous hitting, complete physique, artistic exercises that you just carry out in a circuit with out relaxation! It can have your coronary heart pumping, your legs shaking and your arms quaking as if you happen to simply performed the primary half of the sport!

By utilizing muscle preserving exercises that activate quick twitch fibers you may flip this 10 minute scorcher right into a fats burning blitz very quickly. Fast sufficient which you can run downstairs to the basement and crank out a spherical or two simply in time to get again upstairs for the second half of the large sport!

For extra cool workouts identical to this, head to and get your AthLEAN-X Coaching System. The Superbowl XLV Halftime Exercise is right here simply in time that can assist you negate the unhealthy meals you would possibly end up consuming on Superbowl Sunday. AthLEAN-X will show you how to each different day this 12 months!

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  1. Exercise Timestamps:

    I – 1:56 – QB Snatch x 15 [using your throwing arm]. Have your dumbbell/kettlebell on the ground. Snatch/clean it up as if it were a football you are trying to get into the throwing position and shuffle back a few steps once you have it above your shoulder in throwing position.

    II – 2:44 – Running Back Combo x 60s. [High knee running in place, periodically drop down into a Push-up style burpee and come back up into the high knee]

    III – 3:40 – Defensive End Burst x 20 [Stand with a Elastic band anchored to a Power rack or something similar and have the band around your waist. Get into a Defensive End kneeling position then burst out 1-2 steps in front of you, or in a somewhat diagonal/lateral direction]

    IV – 4:33 – O-Line Clean and shuffle x 15 [Have two dumbbells on the floor in front of you. Complete a “clean” and then shuffle side to side, both directions, for 2-3 shuffles]

    V – 5:26 – D-Back Box Jump x 20 [Complete a standard box jump. Maintain continuous jumping. Optional: Use a KB/DB/Med ball and jump up with it in your hands as if you were intercepting a pass]

    Thanks for a great workout Jeff!

  2. my toes at the joint and we're they continue on the rest of the foot hurt so bad.( I work on my feet ) I can handle walk it stop's me from planking and lunging how can I help that?

  3. Idc how old or new Jeff's vids are but these are some of the best athletic cardio/strength movements I've seen out of any channel. Hands down one of the best along with strengthcamp. You should market some Athlean clothing Jeff, I'd sport your branded tanks/pants etc

  4. I went back to the gym after two years, last week. I remember watching all of Jeff's stuff. Now i am coming back for a refresher and watching him getting puffed out is motivating me too.

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