Pushup Variation for Bigger Chest (YOU VS. THE WALL!)

Construct an enormous chest with none tools right here –

The pushup and its many variations is likely one of the commonest body weight house chest exercises that you are able to do to construct your chest. That stated, until you’re utilizing a variation of the push up that’s difficult to you within the decrease rep ranges, you probably aren’t going to construct a lot muscle from doing them. On this video, I present you a brand new pushup selection that you are able to do to not simply construct an even bigger chest however get a extra secure core as nicely.

The explosive “wall stick pushup” is a killer. It might look troublesome (as a result of it’s) however don’t worry, you may adapt this to a extra primary degree by performing what I present you in your knees. Both means, the purpose is that by including a component of velocity and explosiveness to every rep you’ll discover that you’ll vastly restrict the variety of reps you may carry out till overload is reached.

So as to create a stimulus for brand spanking new muscle development it’s a must to make certain that your entire exercises are difficult to your muscle tissues. The physique likes to remain the identical. Until pressured to develop, your muscle tissues will desire to remain the identical dimension and power that they’re now.

We will guarantee this isn’t the case by making decisions to extend the issue of the pushups that we do. Plyometric pushups alone are good, however once more perhaps you’re used to doing them and solely by doing twenty plus reps are you able to begin to really feel fatigued and overloaded. If so, it isn’t that you’re not having a troublesome workout however you aren’t overloading the muscle with sufficient depth in a low sufficient rep vary to create power and dimension positive aspects.

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That stated, you need to make certain that you incorporate variations of the pushup into your own home workouts that problem your present power talents. This wall stick pushup should still be straightforward for you. If that’s the case, you aren’t solely extremely sturdy, however needing one thing else to be sure you aren’t stagnating in your chest muscle development. On this case, you’ll carry out the one hand stick variation of this already killer pushup.

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  1. I started doing wall pushups and I was looking for variation but man this variation is dam difficult for me right now. In first part you have to use explosive strength to make your hands get out of the floor and then continuing it in same motion put your hand on the wall and the rest for 1 second and do it for 10 reps. I need to get my wrist stronger and the. I can do this otherwise I might possibly injured by shoulders, writs and other bones

  2. Tried this in the house so I pushed up then head for the wall then there was no grip and face and body hit the tile am in pain 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😭😭😭

  3. My one and only place to come to for exercises and good advice as well as knowledge. I have learned so much, and incorporated it into my work out. Thanks for doing what you do Jeff.

  4. Hey Jeff. Your programs are great but seem to target people with some degree of fitness or athleticism. Do you have variations to the exercises in the program? ie your Xero starts with a plyo movement that someone with bad wrists or overweight may not be capable of doing.

  5. Would love to see your suggestions on legs workout. I may have missed it, but please if you could add some videos for legs workout and how one could build them faster, would be great. Thanks for all your videos so far. Really helps and appreciate it.

  6. I need help! I used to only bench for chest, now I have a peck imbalance. My left peck is much bigger and stronger. Because of a lack of right peck development, my right shoulder is now rolling forward. Now no matter what chest exercise I do, it's always my delt that is engaged, I CANNOT target and hit my right peck. What should I do? I'm not very big and wanting to gain a lot of weight (Im like 170), should I just do dumbells and not worry about my right delt being engaged? I hope eventually it all evens out naturally. You don't think I'll have one big left peck and one big right delt right?? Thx.

  7. Been watching for a long time Jeff, love the love of the game, then comes the endorsements not the other way around I'd buy your stuff to simply support what your doing. Thanks again for all the exciting info and great challenging workouts cheers bud

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