Dumbbell Chest Workout (INCOMPLETE WITHOUT THIS!)

Construct a ripped, athletic chest doing the very best exercises the fitting approach

The everyday dumbbell chest workout contains loads of flat bench presses, incline dumbbell presses and possibly even flies. The issue with this workout and train choice? In the event you’re not together with dumbbell pullovers, then you’re lacking out on the most effective chest mass constructing choices obtainable to you.

On this video, I present you how you can correctly carry out a dumbbell chest pullover to focus on your chest (and higher chest particularly) way more than the lats. With a couple of tweaks of the way you provoke the motion in addition to the depth that you simply decrease the dumbbell over your head through the train, you’ll have the ability to flip this into an ideal chest developer.

To construct a much bigger chest with dumbbells it is advisable to make sure that you’re utilizing heavy sufficient weight to stimulate overload. More often than not, the outdated standby exercises of flat and incline bench presses are subsequently used. That being stated, the dumbbell pullover may also be performed with a single heavy dumbbell. Due to the motion sample getting used, you’re nonetheless ending up within the conventional urgent end place. You get to the top of this press contraction in a novel approach nevertheless.

Begin by holding the dumbbell with each fingers on one finish. Slowly decrease the load behind your head till it’s stage together with your head. There isn’t a must decrease the dumbbell any additional as this will compromise a weak shoulder joint and trigger pointless harm. When doing this as a lat train, the stretch turns into extra vital. For the chest nevertheless, the actual good thing about the transfer comes from the execution of the squeeze or contraction of the pecs on the high.


That stated, you’ll provoke the concentric a part of this chest workout staple by squeezing your fingers collectively. In fact, your fingers gained’t have the ability to transfer any nearer collectively since they’re certain by the dumbbell. You’ll nevertheless have the ability to heighten the contraction of the chest by doing this. This horizontal adduction is without doubt one of the key capabilities of the pecs and is answerable for the effectiveness of this transfer in your chest workout.

In case you are trying to construct a much bigger chest and prepare at dwelling or the gymnasium with dumbbells, you’ll undoubtedly wish to contemplate placing the dumbbell pullover again in your chest workout routine. If you wish to construct an athletic chest then head to and take a look at the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System. Elite professional athletes are utilizing these actual workouts to construct spectacular and highly effective pecs.

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  1. I do these as part of my chest routine and was wondering, I’ve seen a lot of videos of guys doing pullovers laying sideways over the bench and I’ve seen others with guys laying on the bench with their neck just off the top of the bench. Is one more correct or are their advantages/disadvantages of one over the other? I’ve never tried them laying sideways. I’ve always done them laying on the bench.

  2. Does lowering your hips below your shoulder level matter? I was told by a fitness friend that by lowering my hips, I will take the Lats out of play and put all the work on the chest. With the hips even with the shoulders, my Lats will still engage along with the chest and I will lose some benefit of the movement.

  3. Jeff, I love you, man. Aside from the aesthetically pleasing physique you have that makes these vids nice to watch, you MAKE FUCKING SENSE!!! Doing these right now and I immediately feel a difference, and I’ve been doing these for years. My fingers feel a little gummy because I’m engaging them like never before. Now if you can just get rid of your goddamn shipping price on your supps. youd be perfect!!!

  4. Only work if you weigh less than 80-85 kg or 73 kg like Jeff. It's not big enough for the bench if you are over 100 kg or 110 kg like me. I use the bench vertical instead of parallel position. It offers me fewer spinal erector problems.

  5. I never knew that pullovers worked the upper pecs so well, until I saw this video. It’s amazing how changing your technique and contractions on the exercise can shift the emphasis to the upper chest. There are so few effective exercises for the clavicular head, so, I’m glad I came across this video.

    I think these, along with the reverse-grip bench press (RGBP) and maybe the incline bench press, would be fantastic for the upper pecs.

    Speaking of the upper pecs, I would like to see a video done on the effectiveness of the reverse-grip bench press, considering the research/studies that have mentioned the high effectiveness of the RGBP for the upper chest, and also how (according to the research) incline bench presses may not be as effective as we’ve always thought they were for the upper chest. (I know of two studies, in particular, with one mentioning bench pressing with a supinated grip, and the other mentioning how the incline bench press isn’t too much better for the upper chest than the standard bench press.)

    Of course, the form that you advocate in your chest videos (chest out, further than the shoulders, and shoulders back and down) can make an exercise like the incline bench press more effective.

    I know one study found that the RGBP hits the upper chest 25-30% more than the regular bench press.

    The other study found that the incline bench press increased upper pec activation only 5-10% more than the regular bench press, and I believe it found that incline bench press (even at. 30-45 degree angle) increased shoulder involvement by 85-90% (when compared to the standard bench press).

    It’s just a shame that there haven’t been more high-quality studies done on the RGBP and the incline bench press.

    I really enjoy your videos and have truly learned more from them than from videos from any other individual on other YouTube channels. Your information is more accurate and reliable.

  6. I have a question about arm position. Picture your arms positioned two different ways. One is like throwing a tomahawk (arm is straight in front of the chest). The second is with the arm to the side like a waving good luck cat, like at Japanese restaurants. The difference besides arm position is the hinge at the elbow versus shoulder. When you’re pulling the weight up, to most activate the chest in this exercise, should you be thinking about or positioning your arms toward one or the other of those hinges?

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