5 Red Flags of a Weak Chest (FIX THESE!)

You probably have a weak chest, it not solely will present up once you take your shirt off and look within the mirror however it would even have a detrimental impact in your bench press and different lifts in your chest workouts. On this video, I’m going to indicate you the 5 greatest pink flags for a weak chest, and most significantly, what you are able to do to repair them.

The very first thing you need to do is take a look at the best way wherein you might be performing your dumbbell bench press or barbell bench. You probably have the tendency to permit your shoulders to float ahead forward of your chest on the urgent portion of the elevate you then possible are compensating for a weak chest. This turns into very true in case you discover that it occurs much more as you fatigue throughout the set.

Subsequent, check out your efficiency and power on the overhead press as in comparison with the bench press. In the event you discover that you’re assembly or coming near urgent your body weight on the OHP however are far much less able to urgent one and a half occasions your body weight on a bench press, you possible have a really weak chest. Why is that? It is because the OHP requires primarily the power of the delts to carry out it properly. Provided that your delts are additionally wanted on the bench press, in case you have unimaginable power in them that ought to carry over to the bench. If yours falls aside nevertheless, the most probably trigger is that your chest is just not practically as sturdy as your shoulders.

Sticking with the bench press, you additionally need to pay attention to the place within the vary of movement you appear to most frequently fail or wrestle. Usually, the shoulders are most answerable for getting the bar off of your chest on the backside of the elevate. On the alternative finish, the triceps are relied on tremendously for locking out the elevate. The chest nevertheless, is most lively and recruited throughout the midrange of the elevate. In the event you discover that it’s right here that you’re failing in your reps or getting caught, then it’s one thing that you’re going to need to work on and on the very least, determine as a significant pink flag.

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Persevering with on, you don’t simply need to be involved together with your absolute power in your chest but additionally your skill to provide drive over time repeatedly. The muscle endurance of the chest will be examined by merely performing 25 pushups as I present you within the video, breaking them up into 5 reps at a time with a 5 second maintain within the midrange of the train every time. With out stopping, see if you will get all the best way to 25 reps whereas accruing 25 seconds of holding time. If not, you need to be alerted to the weak point you possible have in your chest muscle mass.

Lastly, be aware of any potential discrepancy in your efficiency of the dip. We all know that leaning ahead within the dip goes to extra successfully recruit the muscle mass of the chest fairly than relying closely on the triceps (as occurs in a extra upright dip). In the event you discover nevertheless that you are able to do extra reps upright than you possibly can tilted ahead in additional of a chest dip, this can be a main pink flag.

The fixes for every of those pink flags are included. Make certain that you retain your shoulders held again throughout all urgent actions in order that your chest can extra actively contribute to the elevate. Likewise, it’s okay to work on together with partials within the midrange of a bench press and even paused reps within the midrange to evoke extra work from the chest and strengthen it. Lastly, with dips, don’t simply deal with them as a excessive rep train. Bear in mind to incorporate some weighted dips and lean ahead into the chest dip place and work on growing your power on the train within the decrease rep ranges.


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  1. Sooo I used to be able to do 65 kg bench press easy 10-15 reps and now I’m actually kinda struggling to get out 8 Reps but like bicep curls and other exercises I’m doing more

  2. When doing the push ups 😭I did the 25 with the pause… tapped out struggling with the last 5…and I've never had this problem before but the joint in my palm hurts when I do push up I… think its wen i restarted working out but I'm not enterily sure why it hurts

  3. Dam. My chest looks just like Jesse’s. So hard to get any growth even after close to 2 years working at it. Shoulders came in so easy and now I’m noticing how much they take over on any press. I need a gym bro. 😂

  4. This may be the most important video I've ever seen on Youtube. I have a naturally big chest, so I've always assumed it was strong – but not only do I struggle exactly at the points Jeff flagged in his demos, but carry consistent shoulder stress due to what I now see is probably poor form.

  5. I'm starting back up today after 2 years with no gym time. I'm trying to remind myself its going to be a pride killer and to focus on quality. I'm down to 143lbs now. If I don't eat and lift constantly, I'm a board.

  6. I definitely have a weak chest and have been very frustrated that im just now figuring this out. This for the tips, will definitely be working on getting the chest I’ve always wanted. Cable flies are also a good exercise to help fix this?

  7. I absolutely don't get the third red flag.
    Why is it bad that the chest is the first to fail? If anything, it would seem like a red flag if the shoulders give up first, because that would mean I put more stress on them then the chest.
    I want to train chest when doing the bench press, so the chest giving up first only seems logical to me.

  8. For me whenever i do. Bench presses it's my arms that feel weak af after certain amount of reps and they start failing me
    So why is it? Is it my arms that are too weak or is it my chest?
    (Started working out 1 week ago and really need an answer )

  9. About “1.5 times body weight”… what about for women?
    I can do 10 reps of 10 lbs per side for bench press abs i weight 122 pounds.
    I’m therefore only bench pressing 65 pounds. Just slightly over half of my body weight.
    I doubt that I’ll ever be pressing 1.5 times my body weight lol

  10. I have problems trying to get a stronger chest because I have no strength to work with it. What should I do? lower the weigth and do the correct movement and increase the weigth from there once I can do the reps with the perfect posture?

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