-Like a Cloud Bra: 6

-All Yours Tank High: 4

-Crescent Tee: 6

-Cashlu™ Boxy Crewneck Sweater: XS/S

-Cashlu™ Sweater Wrap: XS/S

-Ribbed Funnel Neck Pullover: XS/S

-All Yours Hoodie Graphic: 6

-Align HR Pant 25″: 4

-Instill HR Tight 25″: 4

-Base Pase HR Tight 25″: 4

-Scuba HR Jogger Fleece 28″: 6

-Prepared To Rulu Jogger 29″: 6

-Stretch HR Jogger: 6

-Stretch HR 7/8 Pant 25″: 6

-Multi-Pocket Belt Bag:

LULULEMON Athlete Hyperlink:

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Top: 5’8
Waist: 28″ (smallest a part of waist)
Hips: 37.75″ (round your glutes/widest a part of hips)
Thighs: 22″ (prime/greatest a part of thigh)
Chest: 34.5″


Instagram & TikTok: @klynneyager
Recipe E-E book:

#lululemon #clothinghaul #thesweatlife

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  1. Hi Kelly, goodness I love every video you do about Lululemon. I’m really interested in the ribbed funnel neck pullover but I’m unsure what size to get. I’m typically a six or an eight or even sometimes a tan and sweatshirts depending if they’re like tight. Typically with workout shirts that are fitted and now flowy I would say I’m an eight but I can get away with a six for certain flowy. I’m a little bit over weight right now so I don’t actually like things to be oversized too much if that makes sense. i’m a size 6 in aligns and an eight in winder under. For reference the sweatshirt you’re wearing right now I could get away with a 6 because it was a little too baggy. Unfortunately both stores near me are out of stock for this pull over and I hate ordering online if I don’t know exactly what size because then I have to return and I don’t want it sitting on my credit card haha so do you think I could get away with the xs/s instead of the m/l. I really appreciate your help on this I’ve been dying to try that pullover but I don’t want it to be too baggy.

  2. Just wanted to say I really appreciate all the work and effort you put into these hauls / reviews! It’s so helpful to see it on you in different angles and have you talk about it! Also loved that you put a snapshot of the items colors on the website / app in the bottom of the screen! Thank you so much!!

  3. The Stretch High Rise pants are like the updated Keep Moving. I work in research so am between office and field location, those pants are the absolute best! With a nice sweater or a blouse, they look perfect for a business casual environment. I also find if you have to put them in a locker in a change room they don’t wrinkle as well. Perfect travel pants.

  4. Would you recommend the stretch HR pant over the jogger for work? On the pant, your try on didn’t have the drawstrings out but on lulu’s site they do. I’m assuming you can switch them?! Love this haul!!! Thank you for including some casual/work clothes 😍 definitely going to try the stretch HR jogger or pant after seeing them on you! So cute!

  5. Just for reference for anyone wondering
    I am 5’4” and have the ready to rulu joggers and the full length is good on me as well.
    I thought the drawstring on the high rise stretch pants could be worn in or out?
    Could have changed it but my older ones have the drawstring that goes both ways.
    Love the Lululemon haul videos:)

  6. I think they need to use the instill high rise leggings material and make groove pants flare and wide leg 7/8 length. They should have just called the instill Rulu leggings. Its thicker then nulu and everlux. It’s like the thickness of swift speed luxtreme.

  7. they are planning to have us return to the office late fall.. I've been living in align and joggers the past year!! So glad you included some pants option that could be appropriate for work!

  8. Do you have the On the Fly pants or joggers? I size down in mine for the office for a more fitted/professional look. Do you find the high rise stretch ones fit similarly or should I size up in those?

  9. When I open the link to the stretch high rise ⅞ pant, the draw cord looks like it’s on the outside, lol but I want the same ones that you have. I’m in Canada so maybe we haven’t got the updated style?

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