Do These 5 Bodyweight Exercises with Ease (CHEAT CODES!)

There are some body weight exercises which can be as troublesome as any weighted train on the market. There are others that look far tougher than they really are to carry out. On this video, I’m going to indicate you the “cheat codes” for making 5 body weight exercises a lot simpler than they give the impression of being in simply minutes. By the top of the video you may be more likely to have the ability to do excessive field jumps, the dragon flag, floating planche tucks, hannibal pushups and typewriter pullups.

Let’s get began with the dragon flag train. That is undoubtedly one of many more difficult ab exercises on the market, however that’s in case you attempt to flip it into simply an ab train. You see, the cheat code for performing this train higher is to not neglect to make use of your glutes when doing it. If you raise your physique up and attempt to keep a wonderfully straight torso you will see that that as you fatigue your hips begin to drop quicker than your ft do. It’s because you aren’t consciously attempting to squeeze your glutes as onerous as you possibly can to stop it.

If you get a great glute contraction, you’ll be able to maintain your physique a lot straighter and take among the load off of the abs. Immediately, the train turns into simpler and your probabilities of with the ability to carry out it for an extended time frame go approach up.

Subsequent, we cowl the hannibal pushup. This explosive plyometric pushup variation is understood to be somewhat troublesome when seen however a lot simpler when carried out. It’s because you must push your physique up off the bottom with sufficient power to have the ability to contact your palms and toes collectively in the course of the rep. The important thing nevertheless, is the phrase center. You aren’t touching in mid-air. You’re concerning the bottom in the course of your physique.

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Because of this with a view to do that correctly you solely want to consider dividing the space in half. Deliver your palms out of your shoulders to your hips and your ft from behind you to your hips. If you see it this manner you perceive that the space needing to be lined is much much less. Visualize concentrating on this place on the ground and use it because the touchdown spot for each your ft and your palms.

The following train is the typewriter pullup. This cool trying pullup variation is once more a lot simpler to carry out while you implement the cheat codes I’m displaying you. As you slide your physique to the best or left, understand that you simply nonetheless have the opposite hand on the bar. Simply because it isn’t clasped across the bar doesn’t imply that it can not exert downward power into the bar (as you usually would in a pullup). Set your palms out large to higher permit for the sliding of the physique left to proper and switch your thumb downward as you progress to hook the hand on the bar and supply one of the best assist.

The excessive field soar is far simpler while you cease considering of the transfer as one which requires an incredible vertical soar. If you understand that the important thing to the motion is getting your knees as near your head as potential, it turns into a lot simpler to carry out the train (particularly when doing the short warmups that I element out).

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Lastly, the floating planche tuck takes benefit of physics to make the train a lot simpler than it appears. Maintain the palms going through backwards in order that the pure bend of the elbows takes your arms nearer to your middle of mass not farther from it. This can permit for a greater stability level and offer you a a lot better likelihood of executing this troublesome body weight train extra simply.

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  1. I eventually try all these, but I'll just start doing Calisthenics. Is anybody else doing Calisthenics + weight training? My plan is to do Mon-Wed-Fri Weights. Tue-Thu-Sat Calisthenics. What do you people think?

  2. That is not a floating tuck planche it is an elbow lever straddle, we are driving out elbows against our torso to have leverage. It is an easy move, if you have your arms on the sides with no contact to your torso, that is called a bent-arm planche.

  3. The last exercise looks most difficult but it is the easiest exercise (tuck elbow planche ) i am practicing this tuck planche for 1 month but i m not able to do that properly , but when i saw this video thumbnail , i note that Jeff's elbows are bent slightly forward and i try and the result is amazing i do my first elbow planche. I was very surprised that the thing i was not able to do for 1 month and it is achieved in just 1 min .💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻physical and mental strength example jeff . Love from india . NAMASTE🙏🙏

  4. The tuck planche is actually a turtle freeze. It doesn't have as much strain as a planche (very different). As a person who can do the turtle freeze with ease (and with one hand instead of two), the planche is much different. Very fun tho ;)

  5. I have been following Jeff for years and I really like his contents. Still his not a Calisthenics expert. Having some experience myself, I point out that:'s still a banana dragon flag. Abs are disengaged or at most, they work at a fraction of what they should in this move and this posture is risky for your low back. You should aim for the hollow body position.

    2. Those jumps are really good, bravo

    3. it's no "floating tuck planche". I guess you said tuck because of the tucked elbow. What you did it's actually a bad elbow straddle planche.

    Keep up the good work and please double check when you're talking about something you're not sure of.

  6. Jeff, love your videos. I’m learning a ton. I’m 56 and used to be a gymnast and coached elite gymnastics till 18 in a private club. I had our 6-8 year old junior elites doing 30 plange dips and that same move your doing with straight arms. Oh, did I mention they were girls. They also had to do a minimum of 30 hanging v-ups in 60 seconds. If they were any good they could do almost 1 per second.

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