Leg Workout Tips for Mass (SKINNY LEGS EDITION!)

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Anybody that has ever struggled to construct muscle has seemingly handled skinny legs and turn out to be annoyed making an attempt so as to add mass. On this video, I’m going to offer you 4 leg workout suggestions for mass that may assist even the toughest of hardgainers to pack on measurement and begin bulking up your legs very quickly.

The very first thing that almost all guys with skinny legs get flawed is that they permit their ego and self consciousness get in the way in which of what they need to be doing of their leg workouts. Little doubt, it may be a bit intimidating to observe others round you squat a number of plates when you are struggling to carry even one massive plate for clear reps. That’s okay. Everybody begins someplace and in case you select to start out additional forward of the place you have to be it’s a mistake that’s going to carry you again for years to return.

Most guys with skinny legs will put extra weight on the bar than they will deal with within the squat after which proceed to crank out quarter reps. Not solely is that this robbing your legs of the stress that they will deal with however you’re doing this on the exclusion of doing the reps you have to be doing to construct greater legs the precise method. What you should do is decrease the burden to these that you would be able to deal with and get your depth not from the heavier weights however from the excessive rep units that you just do in good type by way of full vary of movement.

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The subsequent factor the hardgainer has to do for his legs is learn to correctly push from the bottom. There isn’t a method that you will carry as a lot weight as you may in your leg workouts except you learn to push by way of your toes. An equal and reverse drive is required to carry the burden that’s in your shoulders throughout a squat. There isn’t a higher place to be taught this than with the deadlift train.

The deadlift calls for that you just push by way of your legs throughout the first half of the left, past which level it turns into a pulling train. Should you follow simply the primary half of the deadlift or mix it in a single and a half rep vogue, you’ll construct extra power by way of the legs off the ground. The desire dramatically assist you to extend your squat and carry heavier weights over time.

Multi-dimensional leg coaching can be vital to totally developed legs. Virtually all the leg exercises that hardgainers use solely stress the legs within the sagittal airplane. Squats, leg extensions and leg curl are all one airplane exercises that don’t mimic the performance of the legs and restrict the quantity of progress that may be had by coaching the adductors and abductors of the legs as properly.

Lastly, I like to incorporate exercises for the legs which might be technically simpler to carry out than the squat and permit for somebody simply beginning out so as to add weight sooner. The Bulgarian Cut up Squat is a superb train for doing this because it actually places you in the precise place to carry out the train. The quads get loaded and the protection of the train is undamaged since you may merely dump the weights if you should on the backside of the squat with out danger.

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  1. Hey Jeff (or anyone knowledgeable) I have osgood schlatters disease that has lasted into adulthood. Is there any method or advice to help with working out my legs without damaging or creating pain in my anterior tibial insertion point?

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  3. These are great for me as I struggle seriously bad to gain lol but been getting into boxing/kickboxing recently and that's helped so much to increase muscles alongside these type exercises like in your videos! 💪

  4. I think when it comes to legs, I'm definitely a hard gainer. I think I need to do high volume, not 6-10 reps, but 20 reps. Low reps seem to work on my arms and upper body, but my legs are a totally different story. I always point out how it's unfair that overweight dudes have such big calf muscles (they don't even train them lol)

  5. This is great…I've been trying to build my skinny legs for years with zero results. Legs and traps…they just don't respond even though all the rest of my muscles respond really well. Thanks for these excellent and well-explained videos. They don't talk down at you, they're not macho-man "awesome dude" stuff and they are 100% honest. BTW I'm 66 years old!

  6. This was so informative and I'll implement these exercises into my workout immediately. Also liked how the guy really had small legs like me. Most videos the trainer already has herculean size legs. This video felt more authentic. I'm inspired to keep going

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