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Good day, my beaus!

In the present day, we’ll be doing a decrease physique day/leg workout specializing in our glutes and hamstrings. I will be supplying you with guys as a lot particulars as I can about this workout from how one can breathe throughout every train, what muscle tissues every train works, errors to keep away from when performing the exercises, and a lot extra!

Please see down under for the total written workout.

In fact, most significantly, always remember that your health objectives are fueled additionally by way of your vitamin, so at all times keep in mind to remain per each your vitamin & coaching.

*This video and outline accommodates affiliate hyperlinks from which I get a small fee. This doesn’t change something in your finish, however permits me to maintain on making movies for you guys! All opinions are my very own.

Thanks to Free Individuals and @MagicLinks for partnering with me on this video!

(Evaluate begins at 1:23 )
– Good Karma Legging (Secret Moss, Medium/Massive):
– Sq. Neck Good Karma Bra (Secret Moss, Medium/Massive):
– Good Karma Legging (Clear Breeze, Medium/Massive):
– Good Karma Crop (Ocean, Breeze, Medium/Massive):
– Journey Awaits (Myrrh, XS):
– Good Karma Legging (Chocolate, Medium/Massive):


Full Physique Foam Rolling: 10-Quarter-hour 0:32
1) Standard Deadlifts: 4:21
– Heat-Up Units: 4×6 reps @50-60% 1RM
– Working Units: 4×6 reps @75% 1RM
(Relaxation 1-2 minutes between warm-up units & 2-3 minutes between working units)
2) RDL Pyramid Units: 6:31
a. 12 reps at a lighter weight
b. Improve the burden and do one other 9 reps
c. Improve the burden for an additional 6 reps
d. Relaxation 1-2 minutes
Repeat a-d for a complete of 3x.
3) Cable Bulgarian Cut up Squats: 4×12 reps/leg 7:48
4) a. GHRs: 10 reps 8:39
b. Reverse Lunges: 10 reps/leg 9:27
c. Relaxation 1-2 minutes
Repeat a-c for a complete of 3x.


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  1. 💕Thank you to Free People and @MagicLinks for partnering with me on this video!

    (Time stamps in the description)

    (Review starts at 1:23 )
    ✖️Good Karma Legging (Secret Moss, Medium/Large):
    ✖️Square Neck Good Karma Bra (Secret Moss, Medium/Large):
    ✖️Good Karma Legging (Clear Breeze, Medium/Large):
    ✖️Good Karma Crop (Ocean, Breeze, Medium/Large):
    ✖️Adventure Awaits (Myrrh, XS):
    ✖️Good Karma Legging (Chocolate, Medium/Large):

    Have a wonderful weekend, my babes! 😘

  2. I notice your speech is somewhat unclear. Your sentences also seem to run together. I think it would be helpful for you to watch some enunciation YouTube videos. Just some constructive feedback to improve your speech.

  3. I’m new to the gym life and just got a gym membership a few weeks ago! Yay! Your videos have been super helpful ❤️ how often do you go to the gym weekly? I’ve been going twice a week mostly because I’ve been so sore 😳

  4. Love your videos😍 I have a question can you do a video on how to choose the amount of reps and sets for beginners and how to increase for when you're not a beginner anymore also can u do a video for how to know when you are ready to lift heavier weights

  5. Naomi Kong, i wanna ask,do you know working sets for back? I need to make stronger back musels. I would be greatful if you have some work out for that part😊😉
    I love all your videos. Have nice weekend for you 😘😘

  6. I just discovered your channel and I love it so much! I love how detailed and in depth you get. I'm trying to get back into working out and your videos are giving me so much motivation. 🙂

  7. I’ve still been on the full week of workouts vid that you posted, it’s wonderful thank you! For that very last exercise, both gyms that I go to don’t have that machine, could you point me to the correct way to do reverse hypers (not gonna lie, I had to look it up, and everyone looked dangerous doing them)

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