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Get able to put the science again in power and take your coaching to the following degree! The ATHLEAN-X channel on YouTube is dedicated to delivering “NO B.S”, science backed coaching and workout recommendation. As a bodily therapist and coach to a few of the world’s finest skilled athletes, their groups and celeb shoppers, there isn’t any extra trusted supply for getting the sting you want in your coaching.

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  1. Cómo le hago para corregir una parte de mi cuerpo más grande que la otra? No se cómo se llama pero es el músculo a lado de mi cuello y llega hasta mi hombro, uno está más largo que el pudiera mostraba una imagen

  2. Question so I’ve been trying to do some body recomposition and lose fat and gain muscle but the scale (my weight) hasn’t changed much or basically stayed the same I’m not sure whether it’s supposed to being going up or down and I haven’t found any information or video that tells me any advice or tips would be appreciated

  3. These really helped me stretch out after several hours of singing and playing the piano- from which my upper back and chest muscles became very tired. I am a pro singer but playing while singing is really a utilization of upper body muscles unlike any other- after which you can get pretty tight and sore. So thanks for these eap the pec minoris stretch that was a real help. I have issues with forward rotated scapula too.

  4. I'm 58 yrs old and had been working out since I was about 20. I had to have back surgery a couple of yrs ago and retire early. My surgery was in my L5 and I have permanent nerve damage. Just all depressed because I can't workout or look like I use to. Just need a new workout with light weight and on machines. The gym was the only place I could go and get everything else off my mind and now it's gone.Appreciate any help I could get

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