Fix Tight Hamstrings in 22 Days! (GUARANTEED)

You probably have tight hamstrings then you’ll need to concentrate. On this video, I’m going to present you a daily stretching plan for loosening up tight hamstrings. It’ll take simply minutes a day and assist even the tightest of hamstring muscle groups.

The objective of the 22 day sequence is to do two issues.

First, offer you actionable exercises and stretches that anybody of any means degree can carry out so as to produce noticeable adjustments. The second relies on the science of behavior forming. It’s mentioned that something that may be executed for 21 days straight has a better chance of turning into a behavior. If you may get right into a hamstring stretching routine then you’ll probably be capable of persist with it long run.

That mentioned, there are three blocks of stretching and exercises being carried out over the following 22 days.

Every block lasts seven days, with an preliminary check carried out earlier than you start and a closing check to see your enhancements carried out on day 22.

Every block consists of two dynamic hamstring stretches, ideally carried out within the morning upon waking. Certainly one of these goes to concentrate on stretching with the knee held straight and the opposite with the knee bent however the hip flexed absolutely. The rationale for these two completely different positions of the knee is that the hamstrings cross each the hip and the knee. You may get at completely different areas of the muscle higher relying on the place you maintain throughout your stretches. Each positions are key if you wish to see your optimum hamstring stretch outcomes.

The opposite half of the block is ideally carried out earlier than going to mattress. These are the static hamstring stretches. That is the kind of stretch that’s held for 45 seconds to a minute and executed to create long run muscle tissue size. As soon as once more, one will probably be carried out with the knee straight and one with the knee bent for the explanations said above.

The precise hamstring stretching routine for the 22 days seems like this:

Block 1: Dynamic Stretches
– Leg Swings – 3 x the 8 every leg (ahead / again) (aspect/aspect)
– Energetic Knee Extension – 3 x 6 every leg (maintain every rep for 3 seconds)

Block 1: Static Stretches
– Standing Low Hamstring Stretch – 2-3 x 45 seconds every leg
– Knee to Chest Stretch – 2-3 x 45 seconds every leg

Block 2: Dynamic Stretches
– Downward Going through Canine – 3-5 x 8
– Wall Hinge – 3-4 x 8

Block 2: Static Stretches
– Wall Plant Stretch – 2-3 x 45 seconds every leg
– Band/Towel Stretch – 2-3 x 45 seconds every leg

Block 3: Dynamic Stretches
– Desk High Aspect to Aspect – 3-4 x 8 (left/proper = 1)
– Bulgarian Hamstring Stretch – 3 x 8 every leg

Block 3: Static Stretches
– Doorway Stretch – 2-3 x 45 seconds every leg
– Standing Excessive Hamstring – 2-3 x 45 seconds every leg

Be sure you attempt to carry out this routine persistently for your entire 22 days. Block one stretches will probably be executed on days 1-7. Block two stretches will probably be executed on days 8-14. Block three stretches will probably be executed on days 15-21.

The important thing to rising flexibility of the hamstrings and another muscle for that matter, is consistency. If you happen to don’t persist with an everyday routine then you might be prone to not see the outcomes you might be in search of. I perceive that stretching generally is a bit boring. It’s not as lively as one thing like figuring out with weights or operating. That mentioned, with out the eye paid to rising muscle tissue size you might be probably not going to get essentially the most out of all the opposite actions.

Don’t undersell the significance of getting unfastened hamstrings. When the hamstring muscle is tight, you might be prone to expertise again ache and certain knee ache. It doesn’t take a very long time to repair this drawback when you do the precise kind of stretches. Hopefully, this video will present you the precise stretches to do for tight hamstrings so you’ll be able to put this difficulty behind you as soon as and for all.

Remember to take note of the caveat concerning anterior pelvic tilt identified to start with of this video. That’s an occasion the place the muscle could really feel tight however not truly be brief. It will profit from truly stretching the hip flexors somewhat than the hamstrings. If that is your drawback, remember to try that video linked on the finish of this one.

For a step-by-step program that’s designed to get your physique not simply trying wonderful however feeling wonderful too, remember to head to through the hyperlink under. Begin coaching like an athlete and construct a ripped athletic physique that performs at its greatest ever.

For extra movies on the right way to stretch your hamstrings and the most effective hamstring stretches, remember to subscribe to our youtube channel through the hyperlink under and bear in mind to show in your notifications so that you by no means miss a brand new video when it’s printed.

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  2. I made it a habit to do stretches while the coffee machine is grinding the beans and making the coffee. It's down time anyway so might as well make these wasted minutes in a day a bit useful

  3. I'm just starting this and for the need to chest stretch my knee tends to splay out do I need to try and keep it straight in line with my spine or is it okay if it rotates a bit?

  4. So glad I came across this. I’ve just finished my day 1 stretching and already feel so much better. Been struggling with lower back/hip pain for 5 years (only 31) and I think I’ve finally found my fix. Thank you so much for sharing this

  5. Would I do these stretches for piriformis as well? with outside pain radiating on the outside of my calf-I think the muscles on the outside of calf is tight as well? Anything you can add would be appreciated. Take Easy and thanks so much T

  6. Jeff I can’t thank you enough for this video! 22 days are up and I’m starting the cycle all over again because this program works! Before I started this I could barely reach past my knees while standing up straight but now when I stand up straight and reach down I’m 3 or 4 inches away from my toes! That’s huge progress and I hope to continue it. I have a question for you though, when I do my lower ab exercises my hip pops while doing seated circles as well as figure 8’s, it pops right where my femur attaches to the pelvis, stretching my hamstrings has helped minimize it and on a few occasions even eliminated it but never completely getting rid of it, with that said my chiropractor believes that my hip flexors are playing a part in the popping, do you feel that he is right? Also after doing a little bit of research I found that supposedly if I strengthen my gluts it will help soften my hip flexors, is that true? Any advice you can give me to get rid of this hip popping completely?

  7. I started at the age of 50 trying to gain hamstring flexibility…. I tried various things I found in youtube but didn't seriously get much progress until I hit this video… there are just so many 'guaranteed' thing in the internet, and since I am eager to have progress, I tried this one for around 30 days…. and the end result is, I have much better progress than what I did in the last 12 months. I am so much amazed. Thanks Athelean-X!!!

  8. You know what I really love about Jeff and his videos? The fact that he doesn’t just address what you think you might have. I struggle with tight shoulders/neck/back/hamstrings and so when I go looking for relief, I just find location specific videos. But Jeff…coming into this specific video, I KNEW that he was going to point out and bring to your attention what might be CAUSING tight hamstrings. I have APT and I was waiting for him to address it to provide awareness and here we are, right before the video starts..he disclaims “first thing, if you look like this…”. Jeff, one hell of a guy. I love your attention to detail and the thought and care you put into these videos. I look up to you 🙂

  9. Hi Jeff, I hope you read my comment. I'm suffering from a pain in the back of my right knee, the pain feels sometimes in the inner tendon on the back of my upper leg closer to my popliteal fossa and sometimes it switches to the external tendon of the back of my leg also above my popliteal fossa, it feels like a cramp that does not allowed me to extend my knee and sometimes just doing things around the house hurts a lot that I will need to rest and put on a knee support that helps, but I am to a point that even wearing a knee support is helpless. The MRI showed a little arthritis on my knee and doctors thought that was the cause of my baker's cyst and so my pain. I even went under a surgical removal of my baker's cyst but the problem still persists. I would really appreciate if you have the time to answer me. THANKS! right now I am doing the above routine hopping that this will alleviate my pain, and yes I am a no ass….

  10. can you and/or should you train with a knot in your back? or would you recommend resting and seeking a chiropractic care? Same thing with a pulled muscle or any type of minor injury from lifting. I don't see too many video's out there about this stuff and I personally like the way you guys explain things! Keep up the great work!

  11. Man, the moment I finished the first set I felt the difference right away, this is a life saver , expensive doctors cannot figure out , thanks so much Jeff💙💖💖💯💯

  12. Been dealing with tight hammies since running my sons sports day parents race and completely tearing both legs.
    Extremely painful but have begun playing football again and they just feel so tight and I'm struggling to sprint without pain or fear of that happening again.
    Thanks for the video, going to start tomorrow. 💪

  13. Real question. My right hammy is like twice as tight as my left, but the pain I'm getting is in my left knee? Is tightness in one side causing pain in the other?

  14. So as someone who has been struggling with knee injuries for almost decade I was keen to try this method out. I have been trying to get my hamstrings more flexible, but had not found a program that I was able to follow. I'm on day 12 of this one and the results, for the hamstrings, are already clear. My hamstrings are already a lot longer. I haven't had the courage yet to test its effect on my knees during running. I think I'll wait until the end. Another plus is that I seem to be sitting more comfortably on my bike while cycling.

    However, since day 10 I have been getting a stiff lower back. It might as well be a placebo effect from his warning "do not do this if you have APT!" at the beginning of the video and I'm blowing it up in my head, but it is a slight concern. Sadly, his APT video is a lot less organized than this one.

  15. I can pretty much lick my knee with that bent knee to chest exercise, and I don't feel any thing in the hamstring or back part of the leg when I do it, only in the hip socket area. Am I doing it wrong?

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