6 Fastest Effective Chest Exercises

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6 Quickest Efficient Chest Workout routines

00:00 Begin
00:06 Alternating Incline Dumbbell Press
00:39 Low To Excessive Cable Fly
01:06 Barbell Press
01:41 Seated Machine Chest Press
02:09 Excessive to Low Cable Fly
02:38 Seated Dip Machine

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  1. My opinion however
    1) Knuckle push-ups with multiple grips i.e., Overhand, Hammer & Underhand
    1. Square
    2. Rectangular
    2) Parallel Bar Dips
    1. Chest
    2. Triceps
    3) Incline Bench Press with multiple grips i.e., Overhand, Hammer & Underhand
    1. Barbell/Triceps (Hammer) Bar/EZ Bar
    2. Dumbbells & Kettlebells (both standard & alternating)
    3. Cable (both standard & alternating)
    4) Glute-raised Chest Press with multiple grips i.e., Overhand, Hammer & Underhand
    1. Dumbbells
    2. Kettlebells
    3. Weight Plates
    5) Cable Flyes (all 3 i.e., Incline, Flat & Decline)
    1. Straight
    2. *High to Low
    3. *Low to High
    6) Cable Crossover
    7) Plyometric Push-ups

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