Do This for “Stiff” Shoulders (INSTANT RELIEF!)

Should you depend on the overhead press for constructing large sturdy shoulders, as you need to, you then’re going to need to try at this time’s video. The overhead press is a superb compound motion that develops power and general higher physique mass. Sadly quite a lot of guys get sidelined from doing the over head press due to shoulder stiffness and mobility points.

At present’s heat up will enable you to get these stiff shoulders greased up in order that they don’t really feel so locked in place. Whereas this gained’t treatment any accidents or structural points, it should assist forestall them from occurring in addition to assist anybody who has general stiffness or who struggles to get full over head vary of movement.

To carry out this transfer you’re going to wish a physioball and a wall. Begin by kneeling down, dealing with the wall. Along with your arm out to your aspect in an L form, press the physioball into the wall. The important thing right here is to maintain your elbow in entrance of the physique and be sure to’re pushing by way of your wrist and never together with your hand.

Carry out about 6 or 7 reps with the suitable hand, then transfer the physioball to the center of your physique and carry out one other 6 or 7 reps with each arms. Lastly, transfer the ball all the best way to the left and carry out the ultimate 6 or 7 reps with the left hand. It’s necessary to maneuver intentionally and to push by way of the wrist whereas sustaining correct elbow positioning. In case you have any doubts about efficiency seek advice from the video for my demonstration.

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This transfer isn’t supposed to construct muscle or develop cannonball delts however quite to set the stage so that you could higher carry out the heavy compound lifts, just like the overhead press, that can accomplish the aim of constructing large shoulders. This transfer is meant to have interaction the rotator cuff and decrease traps to assist assist the shoulder girdle. This offers a extra steady base to press off.

As I all the time say, you’ll be able to’t hearth a cannon from a canoe…in case you’re shoulders are all locked in place forcing your to compromise your vary of movement, you’re not going to get probably the most out of the over head press and also you’re leaving power and dimension positive factors on the desk. To not point out the truth that you’re extra more likely to endure an harm. As soon as these stabilizer muscle mass are activated you’re going to note much more power and rather a lot much less stiffness.

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  1. Great video. Need suggestion. I have rotator cuff tear, frozen shoulder, scapula winging. Pls let me know if I need to start with this exercise in this video or should club even other exercises mentioned for scapula winging. I had a fraction on my right shoulder and my hand comes cross when i try to raise my hand up.

  2. Seems like an excellent exercise for shoulder immobility! If I try to do wall slides, my left wristle is not permanent on the wall. Also it is very hard to do this movement. I think that this exercise can help. Sometimes I also have the sensation of snapping in the left shoulder. In the past I was suffering through biceps tendonitis and afterwards I think it was a kind of impingement. The pain was caused due to negative bench press but also muscle ups were the pain trigger. Would you in general recommend to avoid negative bench press?

  3. This is fantastic… I work at a restaurant and have to carry large trays and also do yoga and am starting a handstand practice and am always sore. Great stuff as always thanks.

  4. My mother has chronic problems with her shoulder, feeling "stiff" or "frozen" all the time. I had her try this and she felt MUCH better. I haven't seen her raise her arms above her head in A WHOLE YEAR. This really works. Thank you, Jeff.

  5. My right shoulder has this “popping” sound from the bone whenever i tried doing this exercise or overhead press.
    Is there any exercise to help relief it ? Thank you !

  6. Jeff – I haven't been able to find a video where you lay out a strategy/stretches or exercises in which could expel the pain someone may have in their back. The specific issue I as well as many others I have come across and met online is one of many things which we just seem to lay out to be – upper back/trap issues. I've had tons of physiotherapy done on me, a bunch of massage therapy as well but to no avail (this has been an issue for nearly a year now). I play soccer, ambidextrous for the most part though I do admit I dribble with my right foot primarily, which would mean I'm constantly hopping on my left leg. I believe this may have something to do with my issues. My masseuse states my erector muscles on my left side are extremely tight, my physio states my upper left trap seems to be the issue causing my upper left sided back pain. I've tried approaching a solution for both of these diagnosis' but to no avail – though I have received temporary relief. I even come home from soccer and on the same day, feel left medial delt pain, as if I had just been punched with 20 needles/shots in the arm. It hurts so much so that raising my arm so it is parallel to the ground is an extreme struggle/painful. I've tried adjusting how I sleep (the pillow I use + forcing myself to lay directly on my back rather than on a side) I have consciously made an effort to sit less, but when I sit to avoid leaning onto/sinking into one hip, I've tried trigger point therapies (rolling onto a small ball). I'm not sure what else I can do… I feel as if I'm withering away, and coming from a 27 yr old man, whos been an athlete his whole life it is very concerning, even just beyond the constant pain I experience day to day… Please, if anyone can reach out to me with a response I'd greatly appreciate it… I'm willing to do a skype session, phone call, or simply just exchange dialogue via messaging on a platform like Youtube or Facebook. Thank you…

  7. This is exactly what I needed. I have an old shoulder injury everything's fine now but its constantly stiff. Also any other tips ? Love the vids. Recent tricep exercise I'm in love with!

  8. Can we have a tip for really tight traps/neck? I work overhead a lot and it's added up to some extreme tension in my upper back. Help me Jeff, I have greatly improved my posture in the last year, but still very tight.

  9. Dear Jeff, your videos are helping me so much! I'm a 52 year old male that has beat up my body physically due to a military and L. E. career. I'm still getting after it ( in better shape than most of the baby bulls that I work with) despite my injuries. Without your videos it would be an uphill battle. Keep up the good work and thank you for what you do. Knowledge is power. Semper Fidelis Jeff, respectfully Artorious M.

  10. Thank you very much for your teachings, you do an incredible job, your channel could grow even more here in Brazil if a Portuguese subtitle is available, so all Brazilians could learn more from you …

     hugs !

  11. A couple years ago I started having a shoulder pain in my right shoulder; thought I may have injured it in gym. Saw few orthopaedics, physios and even sports docs. Everybody suggested me to take a cortisone shot in the shoulder.

    One day I found a qualified sports physio from Iceland. Why I mentioned Iceland because it’s a country with the population of only 340k people and how many international sports do they play, it’s amazing.

    He evaluated me using sensors on my shoulder, lats, chest, etc and came out with the finding that my lats are stiff and don’t get activated in time when I raise my arm in front of the body or over the head. He said that most of people have this issue but they keep trying to fix their shoulders.

    He suggested me to stretch and foam roll my lats before any workout especially chest and shoulders. Initially I started doing the stretch and foam roll my lats for few weeks that fixed my shoulder pain completely.

    He also told that once ur lats are activated before workout, ur lifting gains will be increased substantially.

    So Jeff, need a video how to activate or loosen the lats.

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