Boulder Shoulder Workout (HIT ALL 3 HEADS!)

In case you are on the lookout for a boulder shoulder workout to get greater delts, then you definitely’ve come to the fitting place. On this video, I’m going to point out you a workout to get greater shoulders by hitting all three heads – the entrance delt, center delt, and rear delt. I’m not solely going to point out you what exercises to do, however I’m going to provide the units and reps too so you will have a sport plan for giant delts.

As a way to get huge delts, it’s essential goal all three heads to create a rounded, full trying shoulder. Meaning successfully focusing on each by train choice and efficiency. Meaning getting a full contraction in addition to reaching stretch on the person muscle groups too.

To start this workout for giant shoulders, we have to begin urgent and begin urgent heavy. Seize a pair of dumbbells and carry out the seesaw press; urgent one dumbbell up overhead and reducing the opposite on the identical time. You need to think about your self not simply letting the load decrease by itself, however to actively pull it down. If you wish to, you’ll be able to substitute the seesaw press with a heavy barbell overhead press or perhaps a landmine press. Any of those choices are an awesome selection and are completely effective to overload the delts in a urgent movement.

Seize a weight that may help you fail within the 8-10 rep vary on your first set. In your second set, you’ll be utilizing a weight that causes failure within the 6-8 rep vary. On units 3 and 4, you’ll use the identical weight, using rest-pause to attain your goal reps if want be. Instantly ending units 3 and 4, you’ll drop a single dumbbell and carry out over & backs to failure. For those who selected the OHP, you’ll be performing a push press. Determined to do the landmine press? Nice, simply carry out a landmine thruster as your burnout.


Subsequent up, we’ve to focus on the center delt in our boulder shoulder workout and the train we’re going to make the most of right here is the cable lateral row. The choice choice to carry out right here is the aspect mendacity lateral increase, executed with merely a bench and a dumbbell. These exercises are nice choices in any shoulder workout as a result of the character of the actions locations the center and rear delts on stretch. We all know that with a view to obtain most muscle activation, taking a muscle by full stretch into full contraction is vital.

For this train you’ll be performing 3 units of 8-10 reps on either side

The third spot of this workout for giant shoulders is reserved for focusing on the center and rear delts along with a heavier weight choice. This train choice is the hip hugger. It is very important notice that you simply need to carry your elbows again behind and away out of your physique. Too typically, after I see this train carried out, folks find yourself doing an everyday shrug. Shrugging the load up isn’t going to hit the delts successfully, in actual fact, you’d be focusing on your traps as a substitute. For those who do the hip huggers appropriately, you will gentle up these rear and center delts.

You can be doing this train for 3 units of 6-8 reps.

Now, to create a full, rounded, boulder trying shoulder, you NEED to hit the rear delts. Too typically we give attention to the fullness of the entrance and center delts while forgetting concerning the smaller muscle head on the bottom. If we’re going to hit this muscle, then what higher approach to do it than with my favourite train; the facepull?! The important thing right here is to just be sure you are getting these elbows and palms way back to we are able to to not solely obtain the utmost quantity of exterior rotation, however to take the muscle by to its totally contracted state.

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The facepull is completed for 2-3 units of 12-15 reps.

Final however not least in our workout for greater shoulders, you will carry out both the incline stretch entrance increase or the cable stretch entrance increase. Both choice right here is nice for placing the entrance delt on stretch previous to reaching its contracted place. With the dumbbells, you’re permitting gravity and the load of the dumbbells to drag your arms into extension behind your physique. Within the case of the cables, they too are pulling your arms again behind your physique into extension.

Both choice you select, you’re doing them for 2-3 units of 8-10 reps.

I’ve laid out this workout step-by-step at

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  2. I recently saw a video—I can't remember if it was on your channel or another, and now I can't find it—in which someone did an exercise I'd like to know more about, and maybe get your thoughts. I guess you could call it a modification of the lateral raise. The person, standing, held a dumbbell in each hand in a neutral grip at their sides, and raised them, leading with the elbows, keeping the arms in the same plane as the body, so that at the top of the move the upper arms were more or less parallel to the floor and the forearms were hanging straight down at a right angle to the upper arm. Both arms together, then, formed a shape roughly like a staple, or a bracket turned 45 degrees. I tried it and felt a good contraction in my medial delts, albeit with some recruitment of the upper traps. Is this one, so to speak, a thing? Does it have a name? Would you recommend it as one to do for the medial delts in addition to regular lateral lifts?

  3. So I see we are supposed to go up in weight with each set to fail in a lower rep range.. what if I am failing in those rep ranges with the same weight on the second and third sets anyway?

  4. Thankyou very much for a true inspiration you and your buddy are true legends God bless you both for giving me the science in my workouts I'm 50 years old and working my heart out

  5. So I took to this and focused on the sets and reps because I love boulder shoulders on a dude (so attractive) and so why not on me? lol….But I had no idea how awesome it would feel and look, so Thank you Jeff!!!

    And P.S: your boulder shoulders are cute, sorry not sorry! 😏 🤪

  6. Hi Jeff Thanks for the very useful videos! I've been following a regimen of stretches from my physical therapist, along with rotator cuff, delt and lat exercises from your videos, to deal the arthritis of the shoulders. I should add that the PT has also been using a laser device that he says,, and a credible report from British public health supports, accelerates healing and reduces swelling by promoting blood circulation. Two months on shoulder pain has reduced substantially and range of motion is much better. Here's my question. In some of your videos you suggest that those with shoulder issues need to create room in the shoulder joint by pulling the ball out of the socket, so it doesn't rub against the socket. I've seen other videos elsewhere on Youtube suggesting lat pull-downs for this purpose. In other videos you've said one should push the ball back into the socket to create better 'suction' in the joint. I will appreciate any comments and suggestions you care to offer. Thanks again for the excellent videos. Rob

  7. "Did somebody say rear delts? You might as well have just said face pulls," actually had me lean back in laughter and clap my hands even though no one's around to hear it because of how perfectly delivered and well-suited to Jeff it was.

    I love the brevity and humor in this one, and I'm elated he intended that pun at the end.

  8. It is to do the exercises in a more efficient and strategic way to avoid injuries or at least reduce them, thanks Jeff, there is also an understanding of what the muscle fibers are like and that markers help a lot to attend to those points.

  9. Jeff please make a repeat video for the people doing cable crossovers that don't cross the CENTER line of the sternum…PLEASE…I'm in the gym now and see so many people thinking that the way they do it is correct when it's LEGITLY wrong…so much activation contraction and gains being missed out on due to STUPID SHIT THEY SEE AND BELIEVE IN…SMFH. THANKS

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