Lat Pulldown Lowdown (WHICH WAY IS BEST?)

Construct a much bigger again by doing each again train the precise approach!

The lat pulldown is among the largest staple again workout exercises for constructing a giant again. The issue is, there are such a lot of alternative ways to do it and never understanding the variations between every can value you the muscle good points that you’re doing it for. On this video I present you ways altering the kind of deal with or attachment you utilize, the angle of your physique in the course of the train, and the place you pull the bar could make an enormous distinction in your final outcomes.

Stroll into any gymnasium and you may probably see three totally different guys do the lat pulldown train three alternative ways. One will likely be doing a behind the neck pulldown, one other an in depth grip pulldown and one more an underhand grip pulldown. Which is true? That is a loaded query. As soon as is not essentially extra proper than the others (although I can let you know to ditch the behind the neck model straight away if you wish to maintain these wholesome shoulders of yours!) because it is dependent upon what again muscle tissues you are trying to focus on.

If you wish to hit the higher again and mid again (rhomboids, decrease traps, higher traps) to construct again thickness, then you’ll want to lean again barely whenever you do the pulldown train. You truly will seem like you’re performing an incline dumbbell press, however in reverse. It will hit increased up on the again and work on the entrance to again depth relatively than the width and v taper.

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If you wish to develop extra of that v-taper in your lats although, you will need to sit very upright and pull your elbows down into your sides so far as you possibly can. It will require that you just use a bar or deal with that permits this vary of movement. I discover that there are solely two good attachments for this; the twin handles or the bar that’s bent within the center to permit clearance to your head. Both approach, you need to maintain your elbows in keeping with your ears to maximise the lat widening results of the lat pulldown train.

It is the very small tweaks on again exercises like these, and any train for that matter, that determines simply how briskly you will notice outcomes from them. Again workouts can solely provide help to construct a much bigger again if you’re doing the exercises appropriately. If you wish to begin constructing wider lats quick, then begin coaching like an athlete with the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System out there at

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  1. Why we shouldn't do overhead press when hands are on the side because it causes impingement but we can do upright pulldown and it doesn't cause impingement.??? It's the same movement

  2. dammit…. I should have watched this first. I just started working out in the gym 3 days ago. I was working the lat pull down behind my neck and now my damn right shoulder has some discomfort. no more behind the neck!!! thank you jeff

  3. Thumbs up for this video. Very helpful. I am a 40yo guy who had no real guidance when lifting and made some bad decisions. Lots of bench, curls and triceps. I never worked back, shoulders or legs. I have been lifting now doing squats, dead lifts and bench but I find that when I dead lift and the weight is heavy that I round the top of my back and shoot my hips up. I friend who is a power lifter said it was a sign of a weak upper back. My question to you is how much is lost when I use a Hex (trap) bar to do my dead lifts? I can move more weight and my form seems to be a lot better. I just don't get the same range of motion. Am I doing more harm than good using the Hex bar?

  4. What about hand placement on a bar (shoulder, narrow & wide)? What about overhand, underhand & neutral grip difference at different hand placement distance?

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