Bench Press for Upper Chest – (2 BIG MISTAKES!)

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The incline bench press is likely one of the go-to exercises for constructing your higher chest. That stated, it is likely one of the mostly misperformed chest exercises round. On this video, I present you the 2 commonest bench press errors made on this train which can be holding you again from seeing the positive factors in your higher chest that you just wish to see.

To start out, it’s a must to perceive the anatomy of the higher chest area. The entrance deltoid and clavicular portion of the pec main are very shut collectively and might are likely to intervene with the motion of each other when you enable it. It goes with out saying that the entrance deltoid will get an excessive amount of work from not simply shoulder workouts and exercises however as an assistant on many chest and pushing exercises.

This causes the entrance delt to change into nearly too energetic, particularly throughout exercises that we are attempting to emphasize the higher chest. The incline bench press is an ideal instance of this. With the intention to get the entrance shoulder to do much less of the work and permit the pecs to do extra, it’s a must to first get the angle of the incline bench press appropriate while you do the train. This is likely one of the commonest errors I see each time I’m going to the fitness center.

The right angle of the incline bench must be 30 levels from flat. This will likely look like a really small angle however it’s the optimum angle for putting the pressure in your higher pecs and minimizing the impact on the entrance delts. Many individuals will keep a lot too upright when performing this chest train and successfully wind up hitting their shoulders a lot an excessive amount of. When you understand {that a} fully vertical place (90 levels elevated) would hit your shoulders primarily, and {that a} fully flat place would hit your mid chest…you perceive how a lot room it’s a must to decrease the bench earlier than it hits the higher pecs.

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The following factor that this place does is definitely place your shoulders again able the place they are often much less dominant within the press and put your pecs on the heart of the motion. Gravity helps to place the shoulders down and again however you do have to actively contract your shoulder blades as effectively to make sure that this occurs. You will note within the video how a lot simpler it’s for the chest to be able of energy and due to this fact improve their contribution to the incline bench press. This, over time, will result in larger chest muscle progress notably within the higher chest.

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  1. I HATE this machine. I don't understand why l struggle so much with this.
    One of the easiest exercices for me is the fly machine and I'm at 100kg now, while at 20kg with the bench Press although was at 35 not long ago. That doesn't make sense!
    I'm at 50kg with the biceps machine and 73 with the triceps machine…

  2. I hope you're really meaning to say "scaps in neutral" rather than down and back cuz the brachial plexus isn't going to take kindly to being yanked on. Finding neutral is the challenge, especially for peeps with those forward shoulders and heads!

  3. Watching this after I felt my shoulder ALMOST dislocate while doing incline bench today. I was going too heavy with dumbbells on each side at an angle where my front delt was doing most of the work. I still feel a slight pain in the area because of it. It was so scary. DEFINITELY following these instructions next time I dare to do incline bench!

  4. You teach. Maybe that is too simply said. For me you begin with the why. Then you show it-a picture is worth you know. It has been a great help to this 69 yo fellow who is trying to minimize past "training" mistakes and regain functioning of muscles that are paramount to Activities of daily living. It has created a situation for me as a retired RN-where the why shows itself much Much more effectively. I am going to tune in until I get a program or whatever there called. thank you.young man.

  5. FINALLY! I just now realized why my right pec isn't getting the same growth as my left side: my anterior delt was doing the work! This happens from time to time and now I FINALLY know how to rectify it. Thanks for this Jeff. This is gonna help a LOT.

  6. I have a lot of trouble getting my pecs to do chest movements instead of my shoulders.

    Try going 37 years with almost no pecs, having a slouching inward bad posture, a bad habit of having my shoulders shrugged up without even realizing it, and not much knowledge of how using my pecs to do work (like push away) should feel, and yeah… not easy.

    It's been about 6 months or so since I started working out, with a trainer once a week too, and I think I'm finally starting to actually use my pecs for the chest movements. Not quite there yet but it's coming.

    Man I was so pissed recently after doing a chest press machine and after a set having my shoulders burning from the work instead of pecs.

  7. Tested 30 and 45 degree incline presses many times and I always got more DOMS in the upper chest after doing the 30 degree press. 45 degree presses always gave more DOMS in the front delts and doing the press just didn't feel good in the shoulder joints. There aren't any 30 degree incline barbell benches over here, only 45 degree ones. That's why I have to do incline presses always with dumbbells. That doesn't matter too much since EMG studies show that dumbbell presses activate more muscle fibers in pectoralis major. For a couple of years I've been doing only decline and incline dumbbell presses for chest and no more shoulder problems and my chest has grown more than ever.

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