6 Muscle Gaining Mistakes (SLOW OR NO GROWTH!!)

Achieve muscle quick by coaching like an athlete right here…

In the case of gaining muscle, it’s not simply in regards to the workouts and exercises that you just do however the way you do them. On this video, I cowl this and lots of different muscle gaining errors that could possibly be holding you again from constructing the mass you need to be out of your workouts. You don’t even must be a newbie to learn from this video, as many superior lifters can nonetheless be making many of those errors.

The primary massive workout or muscle gaining mistake is to overtrain. Now regardless of what you will have been instructed, overtraining is a really actual factor that befalls many lifters throughout their makes an attempt to construct muscle mass quick. They fall for the idea of extra is healthier not realizing that if they’ll try to raise with out the help of ped’s then their capability to get better will likely be restricted. With a wholesome respect for one’s capacity to get better from laborious workouts, you’ll be able to rigorously stroll the road between overtraining and never overtraining and use that to construct as a lot muscle as you’ll be able to naturally.

That mentioned, the following mistake is much more rampant than the primary and that’s below coaching. Merely attending a gymnasium doesn’t grant you the suitable to construct muscle. You really must put within the work if you find yourself there if you wish to see considerable muscle features. Many individuals will hit the gymnasium and by no means carry sufficient depth to their coaching to see their muscle tissues develop and develop shortly.


The truth is, when you grasp the steadiness between over and below coaching you will note that it’s really not that troublesome to tip in your favor. By buying and selling in workout size for depth it is possible for you to to construct muscle mass whereas figuring out much less. Your elevated train and workout depth will result in quicker muscle progress and extra time to permit your physique to get better and develop again robust.

Talking of robust, no stable physique is constructed with out turning into robust in your basis exercises just like the bench press, deadlift and squat. That mentioned, many individuals who wrestle to achieve muscle are sometimes the identical individuals who skip out on doing these exercises. There’s a legitimate cause for it. These exercises will be intimidating to those that lack the power and method to carry out them. Choosing simpler variations nonetheless like focus curls and pushups is just not the reply long run. Begin performing these exercises and construct your confidence with them and you will note your muscle tissues construct and develop as nicely.

Nutritionally, consuming both too few energy or not sufficient nutrient dense energy will derail your pursuit of extra muscle. Vitamin is and all the time will likely be an important a part of the equation. If you wish to acquire muscle you have to have your weight-reduction plan plan and meal plans in place to help your new muscle progress. Cease considering that simply since you are getting in sufficient energy that you’ve the products to develop muscle. It’s possible you’ll not. Should you don’t have sufficient high quality, nutrient dense energy coming in you will see it nearly unimaginable to achieve muscle quick or in any respect.

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  1. I have a question. What if your doing a full body exercise 3days a week? I spend about 2.5-3 hrs on M W and Friday. I do my cardio on Tuesday and Thursday and rest on the weekends. I do multiple exercises for each muscle group. I have a workout A and a work B and rotate them each week. For example workout A would be hip abductor machine, glute kickbacks, rdl kickstands, leg pull
    throughs,leg extension, leg curls.
    biceps- drag curls, waiter curls, tricep push down, skull crusher, dips, shoulders, lateral raises with dumbbells, dumbbell overhead press, Arnold press. Cable laT pull down cable row. Face pulls
    Workout B would be more compound movements, squats, deadlifts, bench press, incline shoulder press, rear delt fly machine, cable lateral raises, hip thrust, lunges, dumbbell step up, leg extension, leg curls, ez bar curls biceps, tricep extension, straight arm push down, face pull, chin ups. I do 8mins of abs Monday-Friday. I don’t count to 12 on every set. I try to go to failure most of the time. So is this considered over training??

  2. Me – proud as hell about what little weight gain I recently achieved
    Jeff – "That's me, in highschool. Painfully thin…."
    Me – 😭💀 emotionally damaged
    I subbed, challenge accepted Jeff. 🏋️

  3. Hey Jeff, my name is John… I’m 14 and recently started high school and working at McDonald’s. With these two factors, I find it hard to go for the training I’m hoping to start taking seriously as soon as everything starts to settle down. I’m only free on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which does leave a good window of time for the three main muscle groups I’m trying to build, but I feel that with these three days alone, I won’t be able to see much improvement without an extended period of time. I love work, and I’m fine with the classes I have and the work that is assigned to me, but I wouldn’t want to change anything because of the fragile balance between my priorities. What do you or anyone else in the comments think I should do about this predicament, or should I have to do anything at all?

  4. Hi jeff thanks for your help i was just wondering seeing that am i South Africa how do i get your rx power or is there another south African brand that is the same. Regards Kim ( male and vegan)

  5. Just a quick question for you.
    How many exercises should be do for each muscle.?
    For example I do about 6 or 7 exercises for each muscle group. Back, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, and legs, is that to much or I'm over working? I would appreciate if you can tell me your opinion on how many exercises should I do for each muscle.

  6. Coming back to this Video now after being in the shoes of a Personal Trainer I appreciate this to a hole new level, Everything here Is as always Backed by science.
    Newer research is leading towards intensity as Jeff mentioned rather then reps. What this means is that Really regardless of load, You're proximity to failure is really what matters

    Thanks for giving the good tips Jeff, Videos are lasting the test of time

  7. If my abs are sore should I skip my abb circuit on the next day untill they are not sore anymore or should I keep doing them even if they are feeling sore?

  8. . Hey Jeff, Love your stuff bro. Listen I got question i dont think you touched on yet.. Im under eating in my calories right. trying to lose weight. Im just wondering. Im doing cardio but also weights and im wondering about the fat thats on my body already. does my muscles get and any fuel from the stored fat at all. Thanks Jeff. Wes

  9. Hello Jeff, I started exercising until Form Failure. I removed those 12 reps per set and started training slow until I can't do it anymore(lower reps), rest then next set.

    Is it better than having a number goal? My weak arm reps is lower than my strong arm, is it okay? I like training until Form Failure since I can feel the intensity of the training.

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