Your BEST Biceps Contraction Ever (PERIOD!!)

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The important thing to getting greater biceps is to have the ability to willfully contract your bicep muscle as robust as doable. On this video, I’m going to point out you a way that you should utilize in your biceps workout that may help you enhance the power of your biceps contraction greater than you’ve ever felt earlier than. By doing this in each biceps train each time you practice your arms, you’ll begin to see way more measurement positive factors in your bicep muscle tissue.

The foundation of the effectiveness of this method is that it strengthens the thoughts muscle connection between you and your biceps. If you happen to can’t join with a muscle you merely can’t develop it to its most potential. That is significantly frequent within the biceps. Many people can’t get a powerful sufficient contraction to get the biceps to reply to our coaching efforts. I’ve used a fast take a look at previously. I requested you to make a muscle together with your arm and see should you may contract it so onerous that it really turned uncomfortable.

If you’re not ready to try this, you then positively want this recommendation. Past that nevertheless, it all the time helps to have a suggestions mechanism for even probably the most superior lifters so we may ensure that we had been getting it proper each time. With only one dumbbell and a band, you will notice how simple it’s to make certain that you’re not simply getting the robust contraction however you might be sustaining it.

Take a resistance band and anchor it to a low level that’s sturdy. With a dumbbell in your hand, seize the band as effectively and curl each on the identical time. The power curves of the dumbbell and the band overlap and create a better general problem on your biceps. With the dumbbell, you’re going to have probably the most pressure within the midrange of the curl. With the band, you’re going to have probably the most pressure on the finish of the motion.

Given that you’re purported to be contracting the arm as onerous as doable on the high, the band will provide you with that little further suggestions that means that you can really feel that occuring. However right here is the place it will get even higher. Earlier than decreasing the burden again down, step backwards to extend the stress on the band much more. You must be capable to really feel an elevated contraction and one like by no means earlier than. Ensure to not let the dumbbell drop down in any respect whereas doing this. This can assure that you’re sustaining the power of the contraction that we’re after within the first place.

This tip takes simply seconds to do and it’ll go a great distance in direction of making certain that you simply get the power of contraction essential to see most biceps positive factors each time you practice them. If you’re in search of a program that places the science again in power and reveals you the very best methods to get probably the most out of your whole workouts, head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System.

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  1. …I don't understand. If I squeeze my arm I feel it in my forearm and tricep even when I'm flexing my bicep. I can't isolate my bicep obviously but does that mean I'm doing it wrong?

  2. Hey do u have any advice for me? When I'm doing bicep curls I don't feel the burn in my biceps. I added more weight and still no burn. I tried incline curls and preacher curls and keeping my wrists back to keep the forearm relaxed but none of these worked. Is it maybe a mind muscle connection problem I have with my biceps?
    (I'm no talking about soreness the day after, I'm talking about the burn while doing the reps)

  3. Which exercise would be better for the peak of the bicep, the concentration curl or holding the dumbbells out to the sides and curling. Also what time frame should you start seeing results.

  4. Jeff I just can't seem to do barbell curls. I can't seem to activate the biceps properly and my joints feel weird, and uncomfortable.

  5. This isn't new. Constant contraction was what I was reading about in Muscle and Fitness articles featuring pros like Dorian Yates, Flex Wheeler and Robby Robinson.

  6. Jeff I need you help I want to build huge triceps but the problem is I have so much fat on then and it seems to me they are going no where but I need to say iam skinny but the fat on my triceps are scary and I want them to turn to muscle do you have any advice for me

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