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In case your entice workout by no means leaves you with sore traps the day after, it may very well be that you simply didn’t prepare them arduous sufficient to stimulate them to develop. Delayed onset muscle soreness isn’t essentially a requirement for muscle progress nevertheless creating overload is. On this 6 minute entice workout routine, I present you a easy but efficient technique to prepare your traps in a method that soreness is assured the subsequent day.

Right here is how you can execute this temporary however efficient entice workout. Begin with a barbell loaded up with a weight that’s thought of heavy for shrugs however not too heavy since you’ll be required to carry out 55 reps with this weight. On this demo, I selected 245 lbs, which is heavy however actually not approaching what I may do for max poundage.

Begin by performing 10 reps of a barbell shrug after which instantly comply with with a ten second maintain within the contracted place. The important thing for the effectiveness of this entice workout nevertheless is the way in which wherein you progress the shoulders and bar on every rep. Quite than lifting them straight up and down, you need to raise up and again at an angle, pulling your shoulders up in the direction of your ears. On the way in which down, reasonably than reducing them in a straight line as an alternative let the shoulders spherical ahead a bit.

This further tour of the shoulders ahead will place a a lot better stretch on the entice muscle tissue. That is as a result of insertion of the traps being on the lateral side of the clavicle and the acromion. Because the shoulders transfer ahead, so too do the traps. Mixed with the heavy weights being managed on the eccentric, that is what gives the added stress to the traps and results in the mechanical stress on the muscle tissue that leads to the delayed onset muscle soreness the next day.


After finishing your preliminary 10 reps and 10 second maintain, you instantly transfer onto 9 reps and a 9 second maintain. You try and preserve descending on this vogue till you’ve got accomplished your closing rep and one second maintain. In case you ought to end all reps and there’s time nonetheless remaining in your operating clock of 6 minutes, carry out an isometric entice maintain for the remaining time if attainable.

If at any level you might be unable to maintain the descent going and it is advisable to put down the bar, you’ll carry out the second traps train within the workout, the entice increase. This may be executed with a single weight plate simply outdoors of the rack you might be doing all of your shrugs in. Elevate the plate with each palms straight up overhead as excessive as you may. Decrease the plate again down beneath management. Carry out 10 reps of this decrease entice builder and instantly resume the descent to 1 on the barbell shrugs.

This workout will present you simply how efficient coaching like an athlete will be, particularly if you find yourself prepared to commerce in workout size for depth. If you need to see how way more spectacular your positive factors may very well be by coaching like an athlete for a full 90 days, be sure you head to and get the entire ATHLEAN-X Coaching System.

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  2. @Athlean-X I can’t keep my arms as straight out in front as you. And still keep my shoulder blades pinching together. Is it alright if I have more bend? Do the shoulders blades need to be together through the begin til the end? Thank you

  3. Can you make a video on safe ways to exercise traps when they are injured. I can't do shrugs, faceplate, over head press, butterflies or reverse Flys, and much more without tightening my trap and ending up in immediate pain. And I've spent much time on form so that's not the problem I've studied ur form for years. I've been in pain for 3 years and it's effecting my body and mind.

  4. Jeff, totally appreciate your videos. They've helped tighten my chest muscles. My traps need activation and growth. I'm looking forward to doing the trap workout. Thanks, very much appreciated. 🙏🏼 ✊🏼

  5. So do as many shrugs as you can, then hold in seconds the number of shrugs completed, and then 10 overhand with a 25 Ib weight. Cause it looked like Jeff did 10 and 9 shrugs together.

  6. I have incorporated dumbbell shrugs x4 sets to finish my shoulder workout, but hit the heavy plate in between sets as Geoff has shown.No rest, so you are doing 8 sets total. I am dripping with sweat after continuous punishment. It only takes about 5-7 minutes. I love how the 'plate' raises hit the underlying traps. I've been doing it for about 8 months, and love it as a finishing exercise aft some heavy upright rows. A nice finisher to a shoulder workout. Nice tip. Thanks Mate.

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