Build A Pair Of Bulging Quads With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Leg Exercise

The rock leg exercise, when most individuals wish to unwind, they attain for a superb ebook, go on a hike, or scroll social media till they fall asleep. For Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, decompression comes within the type of a brutal late-night the rock leg exercise that he describes as “enjoyable ache.”

the rock leg exercise

The Black Adam star just lately took to Instagram to share this “intense session to decompress” that capped off a productive week of film promotion and different Rock-related enterprise ventures. Test it out beneath:

the rock leg exercise

The Rock’s 4-Move Leg Exercise

If you wish to follow together with Johnson’s the rock leg exercise, you’ll be doing these strikes:

the rock leg exercise
  • ​​Leg press
  • Vertical leg press
  • Chain lunges
  • Pit Shark sumo squat (with three-second negatives)

Johnson used giant units to get by way of the four-round circuit, which means he didn’t take breaks between the person exercises. Much like conventional supersets, big units are designed to completely exhaust the muscular tissues, save time, and burn extra energy.

When you don’t relaxation between strikes, you must take a couple of minutes between the workout rounds to catch your breath. There have been no rep counts supplied within the Instagram publish, so go along with what’s snug or to mechanical failure. Right here’s a breakdown of the strikes:

Leg Press

The leg press is an easy machine with vital advantages. It’s glorious for constructing quads and growing squat power. As soon as seated on the leg press, place your toes much like the width of a squat stance. Then, unrack the load from the sled and slowly bend your knees towards your chest, retaining strain on the mid-foot.

the rock leg exercise

As soon as your knees are close to your chest and your quads are of their totally lengthened place — which means most knee flexion — press the sled again up. Don’t straighten your knees on the finish of the rep. As an alternative, hold a slight bend to keep up the stress in your quads.

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Vertical Leg Press

Although it’s not obtainable in each gymnasium, the vertical leg press is a favourite amongst bodybuilders like two-time Basic Physique Olympia champion Breon Ansley and seven-time 212 Olympia champ Flex Lewis.

the rock leg exercise

To do that transfer, lie down in your again, together with your legs prolonged vertically onto the sled above. Place your toes as you’ll for a squat and decrease your knees towards your chest after unracking the sled. Transfer by way of your complete vary of movement to the underside of the rep, then drive the sled again as much as the beginning place.

the rock leg exercise

Chain Lunges

For these lunges, wrap a chain round your shoulders and maintain each ends. Then, take a deep step ahead — assume 18 to 24 inches — together with your lead foot. From there, permit your entrance knee to trace ahead as your again knee drops to the bottom. Drive again up by way of your entrance foot to return to a standing place. Repeat the method by stepping ahead with the opposite foot.

the rock leg exercise

Pit Shark Sumo Squats

A Pit Shark is a belt squat machine that emphasizes time beneath pressure and reduces stress on the joints and again. The Rock’s most well-liked sumo stance — toes wider aside and toes pointed outward — focuses extra on the glutes.

the rock leg exercise

The Rock carried out a three-second adverse on every rep, which means he took three seconds to decrease into the underside of his squat.

What’s Next for The Rock?

The subsequent time The Rock graces the massive display will probably be on Oct. 21, 2022, when he stars because the titular antihero in Black Adam, based mostly on the DC Comics character. Johnson has mentioned the position was the “[hardest] endeavor of my complete profession bodily and mentally.” With workouts just like the one above, it’s no shock he seems pretty much as good as ever.

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the rock leg exercise

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Featured picture courtesy of The Rock’s YouTube channel.

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