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Hey, besties!

Right this moment, we’ll be going over 5 widespread squat errors to keep away from doing and methods to repair them!
I’ve made all these errors myself, so by no means really feel unhealthy should you discover that you simply could be making any of those. I proceed to critique and repair my type each time I am on the gymnasium even now years into my health journey–no one’s type can be excellent for each train on a regular basis!

Please see down under for time stamps.

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5 Squat Errors to Keep away from:
00:49 1) Positioning Barbell Rests Too Excessive
1:35 2) Knees Caving In
2:15 3) Heels Coming off the Floor
3:00 4) Not Controlling the Weight/Main with Hips First
4:20 5) Barbell Resting on Neck

What different errors would you add to this listing?
Would you wish to see me do one other video continuation of this matter?
Do you will have every other exercises you’d wish to see me a video like this on?

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  1. Thank you soooo much I been at the gym for a month now and I been so nervous to start squatting with weights bc I don’t wanna do something wrong and embarrass myself but this video was so helpful!!

  2. imo: placing the bar on your neck is not bad. Called high bar squat.
    Not everyone has the shoulder mobility to do low bar squats. (Can be worked on)Your anatomy will show you what is probably preferable.

    Another mistake:
    Having the wrong Bar path

    From the side the bar should be constantly over your middle foot. Help with strength and balance.

    Another mistake: (most common, you kinda do it too)
    Lack of depth! And consistency.

    Squatting to parallel is the least you should do. Actually breaking parallel or ass to grass will make sure that you get all the good benefits of squatting. If kinda waste time.
    Every squat should look the same.

  3. I started doing barbell squat but my arms are really far from my body. I just can’t bring them closer. If i want to do it, the barbell will come closer to my neck. 😕

  4. Yes to a part 2. I really enjoy your content… I’m 57 and started lifting a year ago after losing a lot of weight which included too much muscle loss. You give me the confidence to keep up with weight training because I feel like I know what to do and what to avoid doing in the gym. 🙏👍🏋️

  5. Yes part 2 please!!! Barbell squats were so difficult. I had to increase my upper body strength before even touching the barbell. First time I was so unbalanced and it was a horrible sight😂😂 I really had to find the right placement for my hands and feet. I finally did and I’m squatting 115 at the moment and really proud of myself. It takes time, patience and a lot of failures💪🏽

  6. This was such a great video – your videos have really helped increase my confidence in the gym & with starting weights. Whenever I want to check exercise form I type in the name of the exercise then type “Naomi Kong” after aha 🙂

  7. I sometimes find my arms start hurting whilst squatting – not sure if it’s to do with my grip? I vary between overhand and thumbless to check but it seems to hurt regardless. Then when I get like an ache in my upper arms that kills whenever I finish a rep 😭

  8. Yes, a part 2! I struggle with my arms starting to feel tingly and numb. Maybe it’s me laying the weight on my arms instead of my back… I don’t know the cause because I try to fix my form but still feel it. Recently fixed my wrists form though! 😭

  9. This was so helpful and concise. I definitely recognized some of these mistakes (guilty of my knees caving in haha. for me it was a combination of a too heavy weight, exhaustion, and unconsciously having poor form) but you’re right, oftentimes just being aware of something can help us fix it.

    Thanks, your videos are always so helpful and wonderfully filmed!

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