Stop Doing Dumbbell Bicep Curls Like This!

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Dumbbell bicep curls are probably the most standard biceps exercises carried out within the gymnasium or at residence. The issue is, it is usually a kind of arm exercises that’s mostly carried out mistaken. On this video, I’m going to point out you one of the simplest ways to do the standing dumbbell curl for larger biceps and another added advantages you might not have been conscious of.

First we have to begin by what isn’t optimum in regards to the standing alternating dumbbell curl. Once you alternate your arms through the reps you may have a interval the place one of many arms is resting. That is taking the strain off of the biceps for the 2-3 seconds that it takes to carry out the rep on the opposite arm. If you’re coaching for metabolic hypertrophy, this temporary interval of relaxation is sufficient to sap all the advantages of that type of coaching and is due to this fact one thing you need to keep away from.

The following factor is that by alternating your arms through the motion you might be sacrificing a substantial amount of core involvement that you would be getting by not doing this. Give it some thought. Once you curl the load up, the momentum of the load needs to tilt you backwards and make you lean again with the load. The one factor that lets you forestall that is the stabilization and contraction of your abs and core to not let that occur.

If the load that you’re lifting is in only one hand, you’ll solely be having to regulate half of the load. On this instance I’m curling 30 pound dumbbells. My core will solely must contract onerous sufficient to regulate the thirty kilos. If then again I elevate the 2 dumbbells on the similar time, then I should work that a lot tougher in an effort to management the 60 mixed kilos which might be in my arms.

Lastly, there are sometimes instances many muscle imbalances which might be developed by performing your dumbbell bicep curls in alternating style. If you’re coaching for energy however one aspect is weaker than the opposite you would possibly see that your arm struggles extra to get to the highest. On the similar time, you would possibly discover that you just can’t transfer the load on the similar velocity you can in your stronger, extra highly effective arm. Each of those are issues however not simply seen when you’re doing them one arm at a time.

If then again you switched to the simultaneous standing dumbbell curl you’ll discover instantly when the imbalance exists. Merely watching as one dumbbell was curled quicker and extra inconsistently than your weaker aspect would provide you with on the spot suggestions that you simply wanted to right the energy imbalance. Forcing the dumbbells to maneuver collectively is a good way to beat no matter disparity exists and even out the event of your biceps.

The identical goes for the strain downside. By forcing the dumbbells to maneuver collectively, there may be fixed pressure on each biceps all through the complete train. This makes for a transfer extra able to creating hypertrophy and for getting these biceps of yours larger. Lastly, the core turns into immediately extra lively and accountable for holding you regular whenever you swap to the double arm motion.

Now you are able to do one different various and that’s to alternate the path of the arms through the motion however to be sure to are doing them on the similar time but once more. Right here you get the identical advantages of the strain and imbalance correction however you sacrifice a bit nonetheless on the demand of the abs since just one dumbbell is transferring up at a time. In actual fact, you would possibly cancel out the demand a bit as a result of the opposite is counterbalancing and transferring in the other way.

Both means, the standing dumbbell curl is finest carried out when not alternating the arms whereas performing it. Now don’t get me mistaken, even carried out this fashion you will get higher outcomes than a way more non athletic bicep train just like the focus curl which has you sitting down for the complete motion. If you wish to appear like an athlete it’s essential to prepare like one, and meaning coaching in your toes at each alternative. You will get our complete workout program that can assist you to construct not simply large biceps however your complete physique at and getting the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System.

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  1. You mentioned muscle imbalances in the biceps here, but didn't say how to deal with them. When I do curls for my last set I usually have to go down from 10Kg to 7.5Kg for my left arm, otherwise I can't do it

  2. The double dumbbell curl is how I prefer to train for the reasons given plus it’s more badass altogether 🙂. If you ant to blast on side hard hold onto a power rack or dumbbell that’s on the dumbbell rack to stabilize and blast one arm first then the other arm😉👍

  3. 2:05 so from the whole training athletically thing, yes makes sense. But from a pure hypertrophy/isolation perspective, wouldn't you actively want to set things up so you don't need to worry as much abt your core and can focus as much as possible on the bicep contraction (mind muscle connection too)

  4. I came here for advice & your video (thankfully) came up 1st – many ppl do curling videos – I am concerned about my posture – are we to be mindful to hold our head up perhaps use a mirror during the workout – holding our head down could pose a problem but I’m asking because I am not as developed as you – so if I/we should avoid it I/we would want to know now 🤔 – I am already elderly 👴🏼

  5. This is probably a really stupid question(s )but I don’t feel so bad asking an expert, somebody that really knows what they’re doing …not these Insta-fluencers. Moving on, I noticed when you demonstrated the exercise your pinkies went outside shoulders (forming the letter W ( like this🤷🏾‍♂️) with your body instead of disappearing in front of you(similar to a boxing stance) if I were to be watching you do this exercise from behind) is there any reason why? As opposed to thumbs to shoulders when curly? I guess what I’m asking is is that the right way to do it? Or is that something you’re doing to keep more tension on the muscle while you’re working? Is somebody that’s extremely new to all this I thought when you do a bicep curl you were to raise the dumbbell straight up and down. This could be why I never seem to feel it unless I move up to a heavier weight like I know somethings happening but I don’t feel like I’m getting the most out of the exercise. Thanks in advance for not only understanding but getting back to me on this🙏🏾

  6. Im 52 yrs old i haven't worked out for over 4yrs, i sell fire wood i do get some physical work but i am a diabetic, but i don't take meds, but i do eat small meals and i used to weigh 185 when diagnosed, now im at 153, i used to have 16" arms now im less than 13" i want to get back, my question how should i start?

  7. Kinda new/dumb when it comes to working out and don't have anyone to ask about progress figured this might be a good spot. when I started 1 year ago I was small at 5ft6in I only weighed 105lbs with 10in arms and only lifting a 30lb kettlebell (limited on weights as I live in the middle of nowhere) then got accepted into special warfare for the USAF and started lifting/running my ass off I now weight between 168lbs -175lbs with 15 1/2in arms and a 41in chest and can now lift a barbell weighing the same as my starting body weight 105lbs with one arm over my head and use a 70lb kettlebell as well as 2x35lb dumbbells that I normally do sets of 30-40 reps with and 20-25 reps for the heavier weights it's not uncommon for me to do 10-15 sets back to back for a total of 300-600reps a session. In terms of gains, rep count and overall progress are these a decent increase in numbers or should/could they be higher? I don't know anyone who works out and the few that did (years ago) say they've never done shit even close to what I'm doing, don't know if they're just trolling me or they're being serious because they're twice my.. well were twice my size I'm catching up though 😂

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