Rotator Cuff Exercises (TOP 5 MYTHS!)

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Rotator cuff exercises and the rotator cuff muscle tissues typically, are a few of the most misunderstood within the physique. On this video, I’m going to point out you the highest 5 myths on the subject of the rotator cuff and the exercises that you’re or aren’t doing for it proper now. As a bodily therapist for professional athletes, I can undoubtedly vouch for the significance of the cuff. That stated, I really feel it’s the most ignored space on the subject of coaching and this should be modified.

To start with, many individuals mistake the rotator cuff for a single muscle. It’s not. Actually, the cuff is made up of 4 muscle tissues. Three of those externally rotate the shoulder whereas the final internally rotates the shoulder. That is necessary as a result of most of our coaching is devoid of exercises that correctly externally rotate the shoulder and the imbalance that outcomes is leaning to loads of shoulder accidents.

The second fable is that it’s worthwhile to practice your complete rotator cuff. This isn’t true. Primarily based on what I simply stated, the inner rotation perform of the shoulder is greater than adequately dealt with by the contributions of the lats and pecs to internally rotating the joint. Throw in additional direct rotation exercises and you might be simply furthering the imbalance that already exists and is inflicting your shoulder to be disfunctional within the first place. That stated, you’d ignore the subscapularis straight and as a substitute let it get educated through the actions which can be internally rotating your shoulder.

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The third greatest fable is that it’s worthwhile to do the empty can train if you wish to goal the supraspinatus the very best. That’s not true, or at the least sensible or protected. Why? As a result of whereas the EMG research could level within the path of the train being very lively for the supraspinatus, it doesn’t imply that the place you might be doing it from is a protected one in your shoulder joint. On this case, I strongly suggest opting out of the train and as a substitute simply flipping your palms over and performing a scaption train.

Subsequent, individuals will make a mistake and say that you simply don’t have to coach the rotator cuff straight because it will get all of the work it wants out of your common workouts. That is merely not true. Should you contemplate the few exercises that truly externally rotate the shoulder, they achieve this with a big and extra dominating contribution from the deltoids. When the delts kick within the rotator cuff muscle tissues are a lot much less prominently concerned and wind up taking part in second fiddle to the larger stronger muscle tissues.

Lastly, utilizing the identical weight on all rotator cuff exercises is a standard mistake and one that isn’t advisable, notably in case you are attempting to construct energy on this muscle group over time. Progressive overload will dictate that it’s worthwhile to carry heavy sufficient weights to problem your muscle tissues. This contains the rotator cuff. That stated, the distinction could also be small (because the general weights you might be utilizing will likely be small for the cuff).


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  1. Hi Jeff – great video. Would you be able to recommend these exercises for someone who has already torn their rotator cuff? I did it a few years back in a Judo competition, and it's recently gone bad again.

  2. I is was in a car accident and my shoulder got jammed across my body. This really not only explained what I am required to do but made it crystal clear why I am doing. Kudos. Are we gonna see Antonio Brown any time soon ?

  3. I had a bad shoulder for a long time. In the end I had to take a few years off doing anything with it & just let it rest. then after a few years I started very light work on it & as soon as I felt any pain I packed in in for a few weeks till it calmed back down then I hit it lightly again.. Now I'm back to press ups without any bad feelings or pain. I'M BACK!!! & LEARNT MY LESSON :)

  4. hurt my right arm after trying to arm wrestle somebody about 3x my mass – thought it was bicep and NOPE! shoulder radiating down the arm. will take two full weeks off training nothing but the RC and abs, then back to it.

  5. Thank you! Excellent advice as always. Wish I'd seen this before first RC surgery last year because now facing second RC surgery in Sept. I'm following along with my human anatomy charts.

  6. Got a small rotator tare ,your specific grouping of exercises are great. Could use some dietary instructions to really got out of shape being depressed over having to stop exercises. Thanks for taking time out for your videos.

  7. When I do external rotation exercises I find that focussing on driving my elbow forward a little helps. So as I externally rotate I visualise adduction of humerus and forward push of elbow. This helps me get more stability than thinking in terms of driving my lower arm or hand back. In what I am saying, my focus is more on the humerus, and I avoid to much levering. Hope that makes sense.

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