Stop Doing 100 Pushups a Day – I’m Begging You!!

There are many 100 Pushups a Day Exercises out there, however must you be doing them. That’s the query that will get answered in right now’s video. The attraction of a easy to observe, straightforward to recollect train plan that has the flexibility to ship larger chest and arm good points is unquestionably one thing that can not be denied. That stated, is it one of the best use of your time?

To start out, it’s essential to appreciate simply why 100 pushups a day is one thing that has been accomplished and tried by many. Some carry out this routine for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and even a complete yr. If there have been no outcomes available from doing it, it’s arduous to think about that folks would proceed to spend their time doing it. However what if there have been one thing higher.

Right here I’m going to indicate you one thing higher than 100 pushups a day.

The primary difficulty with making the quantity merely 100 is that it’ll solely match the flexibility ranges of about 3 p.c of these watching. To ensure that an train to be progressive, it ought to have the capability to problem the person who is doing it. Now, the advantages to this method are nearly wholly as a result of dramatically elevated quantity of the pushup train that comes with doing them every day.

Over time, the sub maximal quantity, accomplished in a lot better quantities, is sufficient to drive muscle adaptation and dimension good points within the chest, arms and shoulders. That stated, not all will increase in quantity can do that. Many instances, the extreme quantity turns into merely junk quantity. That’s, an accumulation of reps which might be so beneath your functionality ranges that they serve to do nothing to progress the muscle mass that you’re making an attempt to construct and extra typically solely trigger irritation, irritation and aggravation of the joints concerned within the train.

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No exception right here with pushups.

Individuals who have interaction in pushup routines that require every day pushups for greater than 3 weeks will typically instances see a lower of their muscle output and energy in addition to growth of poor posture from rounded shoulders. These are brought on by the muscle imbalances that happen when focusing your whole efforts on chest growth.

In my 22 Days to a Greater Chest Routine, we not solely suggest plan involving pushups however essential variations of the transfer that shift the main focus extra to your triceps or shoulders to dump a few of the work being accomplished by the chest. As at all times nevertheless, with the every day suggestion of doing face pulls you’ll be positive you will have sufficient posterior chain coaching to counteract any postural points that would come from an abundance of push ups.

Right here, what is recommended is to not solely carry out your pushups in units slightly than as a agency mounted variety of 100 however to shift that mounted variety of reps to a different train – the Superman Pressout – to keep away from any of the imbalances that would come. So, with the mounted variety of units slightly than pushups we’re capable of accommodate to an individual’s potential stage a lot better.

For instance, somebody that may do 60-75 reps of pushups in a given set goes to be far much less challenged by a 100 pushups a day routine than somebody who can solely do 5-10 in a set. Right here, we equalize the stress by having every individual do 5 units, 5 reps wanting failure. It’s essential to maintain these units wanting all out muscle failure. This may assist with the restoration from these workouts because the consecutive days begin to pile up.


The subsequent most essential factor nevertheless is that instantly following every of those 5 units you’ll carry out 20 reps of the Superman Pressout train proven. This may work the usually ignored and essential muscle mass of the rotator cuff and rhomboids, serving to to stop postural shoulder rounding that would come from overworking the pecs.

You possibly can carry out these units all on the similar time or break them up over the course of the day. Simply remember to embrace the set of 20 reps of Superman Pressouts instantly following every of the units to make sure that you get your 100 reps of that train in all through the day.

Do that out and let me know the way you do within the feedback.

If you happen to’re on the lookout for a whole workout and vitamin plan that may assist you to to not solely get stronger with pushups and construct a much bigger chest however construct a whole, athletic and ripped physique – head to through the hyperlink beneath and take a look at the ATHLEAN-X coaching programs out there. Use this system selector to match your present objectives with this system that may assist you to obtain these objectives the quickest.

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  1. What's funny is knowing that there's uneducated kids out there who actually believe that White House chef does 2200 pushups a day 🤣😷🤣😷 kids will literally believe anything they see online lol

  2. Basically what I've been doing for the past couple days is I would do 10 push ups then take a 3 minute break then do another 10 and so on so forth. And eventually as the day went on, i hit 100 push ups a day. But is that bad for me? I still don't understand how I should be breaking it up!

  3. I noticed that doing alot of pushups per set was a bad idea a long time ago. I bench press around 300lb, and I used too try and work the pecs with pushups, but I noticed that if I do alot of pushups all it does is make the muscles sore without improving strength. If anything, the soreness only makes it harder to lift heavy weights later on for strength and mass. I think pushups are very useful, but not if you're doing 60 per set. That's to many in a row for strength gains.

  4. 100 push ups a day is great for story in anime or movie or to get views, but it is not so good for real life.
    What about rest? Isn't this equally important.
    And yeah, some people can do only several, some people if they are already training for several months and even many years can do it in one session and even in one rep.

  5. I do push ups after my chest workouts like dumbell press, incline, etc. I superset basically. My main exercise would be let’s say over ten reps with 70lb dumbells. One or two reps away from failure on first two sets then last one to failure. When I get done my reps I get down and do as many push ups as I can. Then cables. Then 3 min rest as I have a rare heart disease and defibrillator pacemaker and congestive heart failure but I’m 39 and in best shape of my life in remission. I probably do 200 push ups on those super sets on my push day but not every day. Push pull legs then day off and repeat with light cardio daily and misc stuff thrown in on day off sometimes like abs rarely and shrugs every week. Works for me. Track for progressive overload, take some supplements, creatine and pre workout, and track calories and macros. Injury free besides my heart trying to kill me with arrhythmia and shocks 5 times. Two years since last one and I got back into gym in January. I recomped from 205 to 135lbs. I’m 5’5 but now I’m lean bulking for winter to cut again in spring. 142lbs and climbing

  6. I came down with a frozen shoulder about 20 years ago and my right shoulder never fully recovered. I always took a day of rest between arm exercises because I just thought that's what you're supposed to do. I've started doing 100 pushups on my off days and as many as I can on my on days and the pain in my shoulder is going away.

  7. for years we did 100 push ups every morning and before bed. My shoulders are fine and strong as fuk… I would worry about those lazy couch potatoes with beer belly who hasn’t seen their toes in years. Only if they do this simple exercise (pushup) every or depending how fast you adapt,, theres no need to pay expensive fees for so called personal trainers or internet health gurus. Theres reason push-ups are religiously incorporated in fitness regiment in military…

  8. I do 8x 25 pushups on Monday, Tuesdays, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday and weekend are my break/recovery time.
    I start with 4x 25 then i proceed with another exercise for my forearms. Small break for 10 min and repeat. 4x 25.

  9. I been doing 100 pushups everyday with my brother for 2 months and its fine. Dont be an idiot and break good form, and if you wake up the next day feeling fatigued, dont overwork and hit 100. Do maybe 40 or 50. Problem solved, Jeff dont want you guys jacked or he dont have an audience. I gained SO much chest mass doing pushups bros.

  10. I'm just now paying the price of not working out those minor muscles. I have a bit of a hunch and certain muscles tend to cramp in my shoulders after a long day. Been doing a lot of shoulder and back exercises to help correct this.

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