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Hey, there!

I was the queen of fear warts and overthinking, so I am proper there with you with regards to creating a whole lot of situations of issues that would go improper once I first stepped foot right into a health club. However hey, we’re on this collectively and we is not going to permit our fears to be higher than our objectives.

At this time, we’ll be going over 5 ideas/steps you’ll be able to take that will help you overcome your concern of the health club in an effort to really feel extra assured on the health club and make this the yr that you simply slay your health objectives.

That is your yr, babe. Go get it.

What different ideas do you’ve for many who are hesitant to start out understanding at a health club?

5 Steps for Overcoming Gymtimidation:
1) Everybody Begins as a Newbie 2:27
2) Take it One Step at a Time 3:44
3) Cease Overthinking 4:58
4) Put together 6:34
5) Simply Go For It 8:48


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  1. ❎Link in the description for a free 7-day trial of the Spartan FIT app!
    Time stamps also in the description.
    ❓What other tips do you have for fellow new gym-goers?

  2. I just want to thank you. You are so bright, kind, and informative. I have loved watching your videos so far. I have sooo many questions for you! I can’t wait to learn more thank you!

  3. I was excited in my first day at gym I tried all of machines, for the ones that I didn't know how to use I just ask anyone around me. everyone is helpful and nice to me. Now it's been month and I still try to figure out the best workouts for me.
    Anyway I'm happy with this experience I've alawys wanted to do it for long time.

  4. I'm so glad I found your channel! I was struggling to use a few machines at the gym and didn't want to ask anybody…watched your videos and not only did I learn how to use the equipment but also do it with the correct form. Thank you x

  5. I have a question: how do you keep track of how much weight you lift with any particular machine? Do you write it down? Are there apps for that? Or do you not keep track and just feel out what is hard enough for the day?

  6. Hi Naomi! Back again hehe. 😌 I was wondering if you could do a video on progressive overload? I have the feeling I’m doing that a little wrong in the gym. My overload rn looks like taking a weight 3 sets x reps with an ascending rep pyramid : 10-15-20! However I don’t lower or upper the weight, I upper the weight by every 2 weeks with 2kg. Is that overload already or am I just doing it all wrong? 🤔

  7. Thank you so much! I had my gym membership for months and yesterday was my first day doing your leg workout with the equipment I felt so empowered all thanks to you ❤️❤️

  8. Any time there’s a group of girls working out in the same area as me I’m like “yeah they’re making fun of me because I’m not lifting heavy enough/I’m struggling” and it’s so lame bc I’m sure they’re just trying to get their shit done and leave

  9. Hi Naomi! I do not have a gym partner and I want to begin weight training but I'm nervouse about not knowing my limits so my question is do you get the same results from using machines as you would using free weights?

  10. I just signed up for LA Fitness, before I set up a tour. I asked questions like: When is their gym the least crowded (So there's less of a crowd to make me anxious)? What machines and areas are recommended for beginners? I even asked things I already knew the answer to just so I was well prepared. There is absolutely no judgment since they know your position. On my second day at the gym, I had a lesson from a personal trainer, this came free from being a new member. BEST THING EVER! Even after the tour, I was still worried and a bit clueless. I knew where everything was, but now I got the chance to apply what the trainer was telling me. She showed me how to use each machine, and I made sure she checked my form before moving on. Knowing what I wanted to work on in my beginner's fitness journey was a huge help, so I would know what type of workouts to focus on instead of being scatted and unfocused when I am there. My first time alone I felt like everyone was watching me. I didn't know how to properly adjust some machines (Naomi has a video on this I think), so I would sit/stand there pulling at random parts feeling like there were eyes on me. Even if there were, I realize they don't give a sh*t! What I do now is go to the gym when I know there is no scheduled class, hype myself up in that empty room, do all my pre-machine exercises, review what I am going to do, and go out there and shine!

  11. I had never done any strength training until last year. I always did home workout and used 15lbs dumbbells at best. Then I joined a gym where everyone is superrrrr buff. I was very intimidated and didn't know what to do. Sure, I could have just done cardio like I always did. But these super buff people actually inspired me. I'd just watch people as I was running on the treadmill and really wanted to do those workouts. I took the help of a personal trainer (who's fairly young and was very affordable). That was the best decision ever. After 3 months with the trainer and learning correct techniques and form, I was not intimidated any longer.

  12. Even as someone normal weight/slim and pretty active/fit (I was a runner first), I was super intimidated my first month at the gym. These videos and having a plan helped me. It also really helped learning the big compounds because that made it so much easier to design workouts and focus on those and a few accessories.

  13. I have been going to the gym for a month now, thanks to your videos!
    Before I found your channel I didn’t know anything about gym equipment. Now I’m confident when I go and do my workouts.

    Thank you, Naomi!

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