Push | Pull | Legs Routine – Pros and Cons (FULL BREAKDOWN!)

In case you have ever puzzled what the professionals and cons of a PPL break up are, then you definately’ve come to the proper place. On this video, I’m going to interrupt down the advantages and downsides of one among right this moment’s hottest workout splits – push, pull, legs. The PPL break up is nothing new however has gained current reputation within the coaching group.

One of many first professionals of PPL is the pliability of focus. This implies which you could observe the break up regardless in case your coaching focus is power, hypertrophy, basic health, or athletic coaching. You possibly can alter the scheduling and the workouts themselves to mirror your particular objectives.

The following professional of the PPL break up is one thing known as useful effectivity. Compared to a bodybuilding bro break up, the place you are attempting to isolate particular muscle groups, you might be utilizing synergistic muscle teams to work collectively. Whilst you may attempt to take the forearms out of the curl to essentially hit the biceps, in distinction, you’ll use your biceps, forearms, and lats to carry out a weighted chin-up ensuring that each one of those muscle groups labored collectively.

Because of the compound nature of the exercises that you’d possible be selecting in a PPL break up, you might be offering an excellent alternative for overload. With progressive overload, you might be afforded a chance to construct better power and in relation, muscle.

The primary con of push pull legs is the order that it’s usually scheduled – with pull coming the day earlier than legs. Primarily based on compound train choice (the place I choose to have deadlifts on pull day with squats on leg day), I usually don’t like having pull and legs again to again. A simple repair to that drawback, nonetheless, is to swap push and pull days in order that the break up now turn into pull push legs, permitting for extra restoration between these days and actions.

The following con happens for those who determine to observe a 6-day synchronous break up the place you may end up working into this drawback regardless. A fast repair comes from the pliability of the workouts the place you may alter the character of the compound motion on the second pull day. The upside to following this synchronous PPL break up is the predictability of the schedule.

In the event you had been to observe an asynchronous model of this PPL break up, you don’t have to fret about doubling up on the pull and leg days which implies that you wouldn’t have to fret about manipulating quantity or train choice. The draw back, nonetheless, is that there’s an ever rotating off-day, which implies that your schedule would must be extra fluid than it could be proper now.

One other professional of the push pull legs break up is inbuilt restoration issue. Not solely by altering the pull and push day order, however in a given 6-day schedule permits for 2-3 days between repeating coaching periods. This implies soreness wouldn’t be a significant component. The workouts themselves are additionally versatile sufficient to keep away from actions that could be hindered by any lingering soreness.

A 3-day PPL break up lends itself to further conditioning which lends itself nicely to these trying in the direction of basic health and even ability work for athletes. In a standard M/W/F break up, Tuesday and Thursday could be relegated to conditioning work for coronary heart well being and even assisted fats burning. In a M/Th/F break up, an athlete’s SAQ and ability work could be positioned on Tuesday and Friday.

These choices imply which you could concentrate on extra than simply constructing muscle and power, however these additional workouts are scheduled in such a approach that they don’t intrude with one another, one other professional of push pull legs.

What are a number of the basic cons that folks occur to contemplate with regards to PPL? Properly, first off, some may say that there are solely 3 coaching days in a given week. Properly, we’ve confirmed that incorrect with the 6-day synchronous and asynchronous splits.

One other objection could be that there are 2 higher physique days and 1 decrease physique day. I like to have a look at it, once more, via the lens of motor patterns. And for those who observe my suggestion of deadlift on pull day… you might be getting vital decrease physique activation,

Some say that with a PPL break up it’s more durable to include depth methods, however I’ll argue that it’s not, merely since you are afforded an excellent relaxation alternative between every repeating workout.

Lastly, doing PPL implies that if you wish to add weak level coaching, your workouts are going to take longer. Whereas that is true, I really feel that the additional work you may want would make the size of the workout negligible total.

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  1. This video is awesome and I’m very excited to start this new split. My goal is to not only gain strength but also build a bigger frame i guess you could say a body builder aesthetic look. Will this spilt be able to get me to that point.

  2. This all makes sense to me but…when am I doing abs? I like the idea of the 3 on/1 off/3 on.

    Do I do Abs on the 1 off?

    I know some of these work outs will engage the core but that's not really ab training in the traditional sense. Can anyone help me out?

  3. Is there any reason you shouldn't do pull push legs??? Also including DL on thr pull days?? I feel regular DLs more in my lats and core more than gluts and legs.. so pull w DLs and legs 2 days later?? Are the plane DLs going to mess up my leg day? Let's say maybe squats +RDLs or sumo with lunges then leg curls+ extensions ( to me are like tricep/bicep) smaller "support" muscles???? SO pull + dls next day push then legs including major/larger muscles/complex muscles and adding some calves, extensions and curls.. The isolation groups seem important but very isolated and more of an accessory movement… Please advise!!! Anyone! I doubt Jeff or his team read all these questions.. Any advice welcome!!!! I guess it's an in-between a strength and hypertrophy plan.

  4. Need help guys: I've been doing Jeff's ppl split for a while, but I recently decided to start a cut, and incorporate cardio. This means I'm not going to have the energy to do the same thing I was doing(Pull – Push – Legs — Rest — Pull – Push – Legs — Rest). So, my question is, would it be okay to incorporate an extra rest day after legs? So like: Pull – Push – Legs — Rest — Rest — Pull – Push – Legs — Rest — Rest

  5. I was doing Legs/bicep, chest/shoulders and back tricep for 1 year like 3 days a week and the progress is very slow so i think it is a good approach not being a slave to one program gonna try it out. Also Jeff is the only legit dude i actually trust in the fitness industry keep up!

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  7. I'm surprised the biggest con as I see it isn't even mentioned? 6 days training a week to train each muscle twice/week??? Helooo?? That's the by far the biggest drawback of PPL programs. They practically mean you have to live at the gym every day. Bro split is also every day but at least the splits are fewer exercises, much more muscle specific so easier mentally. Maybe PLL works for people with very good recovery and zero difficulty with muscle/mind connection, who only need a minute between sets or no breaks at all. For rest of us, a PPL routine will easily take 1.5-2 hours and spending that amount of time at the gym every day + time spent on transport is just not practical.

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