I Got My Test Results (BAD NEWS)

In case you’ve been watching my movies over the previous few months, you might need seen the sleeve I’m carrying on my elbow. A number of months in the past, I used to be strolling my son into college and he slipped on an ice patch. Fortunately I used to be in a position to catch him however within the course of, I ended up injuring myself. What I believed might need been a supinator pressure turned out to be a small tear within the bicep which I came upon via a current MRI.

Being a bodily therapist and understanding how accidents may also stem from points above and beneath a joint, and understanding I’ve a historical past of harm in my shoulder via a labrum tear, I requested my shoulder bear an MRI as properly.

That labrum tear occurred whereas I used to be working for the New York Mets on a routine afternoon earlier than a recreation. I made a remark to one among my gamers that third base didn’t look as removed from proper discipline because it did on TV. We made a guess on whether or not or not I might throw a baseball that far and considering nothing of it, I attempted to launch it. Seems, the within of my shoulder was extra explosive than my throw! With the instant ache and instability that I felt, I suspected I tore my labrum.

Quick ahead to at this time’s MRI outcomes. Because it seems, a labrum tear was not the one bit of harm that’s current in my shoulder. In truth, not solely is my labrum hanging on by a thread, however I’ve 50 p.c thickness tear in my supraspinatus (liable for exterior rotation), a small subacromial spur, reasonable to extreme glenohumeral degeneration, and delicate AC joint degeneration.

In different phrases, I’ve the shoulder of an 80 12 months previous!

You may suppose I’m in a ton of discomfort on a regular basis, given the outcomes. Properly, fairly the other. What I believe this underscores is that imaging doesn’t at all times inform the entire story. You may have outcomes displaying injury, however don’t have any signs whereas you may have a complete listing of signs however the pictures present no injury. These outcomes could be a useful instrument, however shouldn’t dictate your strategy to coaching.

I believe one of the best factor you are able to do first is to get a analysis, that method you simply have an thought of what’s occurring. Whereas your healthcare supplier might advise you towards coaching, we all know that we’ve got the choice of coaching round an harm to verify the beneficial properties preserve coming, which is what I’ve been doing all these years.

The following step is to seek out out what does and doesn’t give you the results you want in terms of understanding. Use this chance to discover completely different strategies and implements of coaching. This implies you have to be taking a look at not simply completely different exercises, however variations of these exercises as properly, as a result of that would make an enormous distinction.

Within the case of a shoulder harm and bench urgent, I’d recommend grabbing very gentle weight and attempting all three angles – flat, incline, and decline. Not solely that, change the velocity at which your urgent. Slowing down your reps may create extra stability and fewer discomfort. What else? See what tools means that you can press with out challenge. A barbell is perhaps irritating, however cables and / or dumbbells may not trigger an issue. Vary of movement is one other avenue to probe for coaching with an harm.

I believe that the train is much less essential than the motion sample itself. When you’ve got knee ache from a regular again squat, it’s possible you’ll profit from squatting to a field – whereas not the identical train, the motion sample stays and is value exploring as a result of you may acquire comparable advantages in terms of constructing muscle.

In my case, whereas taking good care of my shoulder initially, I prevented horizontal urgent. Nevertheless, in an effort to proceed coaching my chest, I carried out cable crossovers. This allowed me to coach across the harm to guarantee that the beneficial properties saved coming, although I used to be doing the “customary” chest constructing exercises.

So this underscores the purpose that in the event you take an informed strategy to your harm and your coaching, you then received’t have to fret about skipping the gymnasium altogether. There are every kind of modifications that may be made in an effort to just be sure you don’t lose out on the beneficial properties that you just’ve been working so exhausting for, regardless of the harm.

If you’re searching for a workout program that may enable you prepare with an harm and assist you to make beneficial properties with out compromise, then you’re going to need to take a look at the ATHLEAN-X coaching applications by way of the hyperlink beneath.

For extra movies on coaching round accidents and harm prevention, remember to subscribe to our channel right here on YouTube utilizing the hyperlink beneath and keep in mind to show in your notifications so that you just by no means a miss a video when it’s printed.

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  2. I would like to see your updated shoulder workout. How you've been warming it up and strengthening it over the last few months. You're really the only game in town that touches on working around an injury and chronic pain. EVeryone else, including doctors and physical therapists just recommend healing and avoiding the gym for months which just seems to make things worse, for me anyway.

  3. Jeff I want to make a request here, can you make another video with another MRI of yours of the Left shoulder for contrast and better understanding, of the general anatomy of the shoulder after 40+ years of weight training.
    More Power to you, thanks you

  4. This is a great report! I personally would do nothing until I have a full tear of the supraspinatus. I would be very careful with optional procedures because there is always a risk of death during surgery, even if it is fairly small in most cases.

    I may need knee surgery. I would, like my parents did, wait until I have too much pain during even just walking before surgery. Healthy legs are very important for good health because of their need to do cardio, a key part of good health. Also, being able to stay mobile is very important.

    Also, I think it's important that doctors see dollar signs and not all are ethical too the point where they'd discourage you if you are talking yourself into a surgery even without their help. This can happen in any business transaction.

  5. As an MRI tech for over 30 years I have found that the MRI does not always tell the whole story and may often lead to unnecessary surgeries. At age 60, I tore up my left knee, it was swollen and painful for months but finally healed; that was three years ago. Recently I injured my right knee, the MRI showed numerous partial tears, PCL, ACL, MCL, and meniscii, again it was swollen and painful for months but finally healed. The body is capable of miraculous healing when supported with rest, nutrition and prayer.

  6. Any advice on bicep training when suffering with bicep tendonitis?
    It's a recurring injury for me and in the past it has just eased off over time but this time around it does not seem to improve. I originally thought it was "Golfer's elbow" as the pain occurs on the inside of my elbow rather than the bicep itself but my Osteopath diagnosed it as a bicep injury and recommended icing it after training and performing certain stretches prior to working out as well as reducing weight and avoiding exercises that cause pain.
    Obviously I have been following this advice and have adjusted my workouts as best I can to continue to progressively overload where possible but I just don't want to avoid bicep training altogether especially as I am on a cut currently and trying my best to maintain muscle.

  7. I agree wholeheartedly…..I had really bad back pain for 6 years, down to many imbalances and nerve damage. Dr's advice of rest and pain meds for 3 years I'd had enough. Things were getting so bad I was almost crippled. I was told after my 2nd scan I would be in a wheelchair in 5 years or less if I didn't have surgery on my neck, mid and lower back. I called bullshit and left the hospital. I took up my own physio plan and 3 years on I am now the master of my own body. And this last month the very last pain issue has gone which was my knees. I had pains and aches at nearly every joint. I have lost all faith in the medical industry. I am my own Doctor now…..I've done so much research I don't need them anymore. Lucky for me being in the U.K. I didn't have to pay for all the "medical treatment" ( no surgical intervention just scans and drugs) I had due to N.H.S. being mainly free. Or should I say symptom relief I had; not treatment? All good now at 48 I feel 21 again. Some of your videos helped me with a few issues I had activating atrophied muscles. And getting my technique down as my movement patterns were all screwed up. Great work jeff.

  8. Yes Jeff you are so right !!! 20 years ago I hurt my shoulder and my Doctor told me to stop working out. And I stoped for a very long time. Now been back in the gym for about 5 years now and I still have the same old shoulder problem I learned how to work out with out the discomfort I get. And if I do get some discomfort I know now to stop and go on with a different exercise that I can still do with out any discomfort. I wished I had seen this video of your 20 years ago !!! GREAT job keep up the great work I have been a big fan of your for a very long time. And always love your trainning videos…

  9. Been following Jeff for about approximately 7 years, Jeff helped me a lot teaching how to train for your (body type) not train like others, cause everybody's built is different. And now I'm happy that my biceps tendinitis are completely gone while I can keep traning like I used to be just by following his advices.

    Big thanks to Jeff Cavaliere and Athlean-X team.

  10. I'll make this 17yr long story short
    I have a total of 9 herniated discs in my neck and mid & low back full body arthritis. Spinal stenosis with degenerative disc disease. I'm 51
    Four years ago I stopped all opioids and started to lose weight (yes it was a flippin nightmare) I've easily kept 90lbs off for 4yrs, I force myself to move daily 3 light full body workout physical therapy type exercises. I saw the spine surgeon,
    He pushed and pulled on me did his evaluation and told me I shouldn't be able to do any of the stuff he just did to me, by just looking at my MRI's. He said I'm not going to touch you, he said whatever you are doing, keep doing it. Yes I'm in huge pain always. I intermittent fast, eat carnivore and treat my own pain with cannabis that I grow. I only medicate at night before bed because that's when I need it most.
    If I burn throughout the day come night I have a hard time getting the pain under control. Never stop until you drop.

  11. I tried going to the doctor for my probable labral tear when it happened but they refused to do the MRI without the toxic dye– they said it was 'impossible' to see anything without it 🙄 what a bunch of jokes

  12. Wow! I would have never known that your rotator cuff was 50% full thickness tear. Myself I have a 100% full thickness tear in my right shoulder. I started having pain issues more so since I had throat cancer. It's been really hard to get the shoulder joints working properly. Since I have had surgery on my left shoulder for a full thickness tear, acromioplasty to accommodate the bone spurs, and a labrum repair, back in 2013, it's been a bit of a struggle. But watching your videos give me hope and motivation.

  13. 7 years ago I injured my shoulder badly, I went through more than 6 doctors, I got frustrated and abandoned everything. I lost 30 kg. my mood changed a lot. Before I was the happy boy, now I'm the boy who is always angry. the pain is killing me mentally little by little. stay in the shit At first it was a mild rotator cuff tendinitis, but it really hurt a lot. I decided to rehabilitate myself, until the MRI showed that everything was fine. but you know what? my shoulder was still hurting. I changed doctors and went to a doctor number 8. He recommended go to the gym again but slowly, he said that if I didn't have anything, I just had to train and strengthen. I hope it helps me and it's true, the pain is hellish and it anguishes me that in the resonance that everything is fine. I have 6 resonances 4 bad and the last 2 are all good. but the pain still continues :(. I am currently 29 years old. I was injured when I was 22, I trained since I was 17, but I feel 80 years old. greetings from Argentina

  14. Well said Jeff! I like many here have beat my body up through the years. Didn't know what I know today from the education of people like you. I now try to pass on the knowledge of today to the youth such as my son in hopes we can prevent some of the injuries and wear and tear. Bottom line is keep moving in any way you can to keep the body healing.

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