How to Add Muscle Mass (15 SECONDS AT A TIME!!)

Use the identical workouts professional athletes use to construct muscle!

To be able to add muscle mass it’s important to get stronger, that is a given. What typically goes missed nonetheless is simply how exhausting it will get to maintain getting stronger the extra skilled a lifter you turn out to be. On this video I present you the best way to add muscle mass and measurement by incorporating lifting methods that show you how to to do this quicker.

Beginner lifters will doubtless discover it very straightforward so as to add muscle measurement. Even hardgainers will make their most positive factors early on of their lifting since their muscle tissues should not accustomed to the stress of lifting weights. As soon as these positive factors are made nonetheless, it turns into tougher and tougher to construct muscle quick, which necessitates the usage of extra superior methods.

This relaxation pause tactic I present you works finest within the 5-6 rep failure vary. The reason being which you could lengthen the variety of reps you may carry out on this energy constructing vary. Should you usually fail at 5-6 reps of a curl utilizing 60lbs, you may lengthen that to shut to double the quantity of reps utilizing what I present you right here.

The very best half about that is which you could apply it that will help you acquire muscle in no matter muscle group you are struggling so as to add measurement to. This method will show you how to construct muscle quicker whether or not you might be coaching your chest, biceps, legs or shoulders.

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It is muscle constructing suggestions like this that you will discover within the ATHLEAN-X coaching program. Professional athletes are utilizing this actual 90 day program so as to add muscle mass to higher put together them for his or her upcoming seasons.

If you wish to discover ways to add muscle with out subjecting your self to workouts that may go away you overtrained, then I’d invite you to take a look at the A-X program.

For extra workouts and movies on the best way to acquire muscle quick or simply add extra athletic muscle to your body, subscribe to our channel right here on youtube at

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  1. Say..I do chest training using 4 exercises, at the moment 3×10 hypertrophy rep range. Should I utilize this rest-pause technique on all of my chest exercises and all sets of those exercises ? Because, as I can imagine, that's a really huge overload..

  2. Im going to give this a try tomorrow.Tomorrow is my shoulder day.Ill post the results.results. Ive been impressed with what I've heard so far.far. Im always looking for new ways to improve my lifts.

  3. well, i'm not so sure about all this strength=mass thing… if this was true, then all the powerlifters would be better looking than bodybuilders… some of them have girly arms, while they are able to lift heavy as shit with those girly arms. 

  4. I've been using this for the past week. There is a noticeable difference, especially on days when my rep range is 20-30. I'll pause around 20, count to 15, then keep going. Depending on the exercise I may have to set the weights down for the 15 seconds, but some I just hold them. Thanks for this!

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