Food VS. Supplements – The “Great SUPPLEMENTS Debate” SOLVED!

For Secure Efficient Dietary supplements:

Dietary supplements and sports activities dietary supplements specifically are a really controversial and polarizing subject. Many pure meals proponents will argue that bodybuilding dietary supplements are simply shy of meals for the satan! Different bodybuilding complement takers will vouch for his or her advantages and skills to make getting positive aspects within the health club simpler and extra handy.

I imagine I sit someplace in between. Whereas not all dietary supplements opinions are created equally (not by an extended shot) I do imagine there are some particular advantages that merely can’t be obtained by means of pure complete meals alone. Why? Watch this video and see simply a number of the causes that make this so.

Do not get me unsuitable, a wholesome vitamin and consuming plan is an ABSOLUTE MUST and is non-negotiable with regards to getting any sort of outcomes from supplementation. If you happen to suppose that you’ll eat like crap after which simply take sports activities dietary supplements and undo all of your vitamin errors you might be sadly mistaken.

Then again, if you’re consuming properly and simply can not seem to recover from the hump with regards to getting that six pack to indicate or to lastly get these muscle tissue to interrupt out of the rut they have been in for years, then dietary supplements, the correct muscle constructing dietary supplements could also be simply what it’s essential to try this.

From creatine to kre-alkylin to protein powder (whey protein and casein protein) ALA, HMB, HICA, beta alanine, glutamine, BCAA’s, and so on…the correct dietary supplements taken on the proper time can have a profound impact on figuring out the final word outcomes you get out of your workouts.

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For extra data on a dependable, secure complement line head to and get the dietary supplements designed by sports activities medical skilled and movie star coach Jeff Cavaliere. Supplementation in three straightforward steps…Rx1, Rx2 and Rx3!

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  1. Jeff avoids the ‘which is of better quality’ comparison. That would go to real food. I’ll choose real food that is fresh instead of a processed at a factory product that’s been sitting on a shelf anywhere from a few months to a year or two.
    Put it this way: would you rather have fresh out the oven cookies baked by your mom/grandma/auntie or would you rather have Oreos/ Chios Ahoy?
    No comparison!!!
    We shouldn’t just call the debate real food vs supplements ,we should call it fresh food vs something that’s been setting on the shelf for who knows how long!

  2. I take creatine, glutamine & omega 3 in supplementary form, i eat alot of meat & dairy each day so i hope im getting enough protein. Ill have a protein shake on days im very short on time. Thanks for your content, i enjoy them all 😁

  3. almost everybody seems to do very well without supplements in the places like where i live in, where supplements are not even available or too expensive to purchase.

  4. Canned tuna is the only exception to the omega-3 rule as it loses its omega -3 in the manufacturing process, you should Choose fish varieties tinned in fresh water or brine. Or consuming 85g of fresh salmon would give you 1.25g of DHA and 0.59 of EPA :)

  5. These food examples are pretty limited, especially when theres a wide range of nonmeat foods to get these nutrients from. A lot of foods also have overlapping nutrients. You can get a lot of omega fats from oils and nuts and make smoothies from those while loading up on protein as well. Idk anything about glutamine or creatine so I can’t speak on them but Im sure theres plenty options I’ve never considered. I just think it depends on the realistic levels of dedication someone is willing to put into finding a food regimen that works well.

  6. It's all about evolution. Our bodies and liver didn't evolved for the last 100k years eating powder of creatine and protein and all that stuff. They evolved eating food, so they aren't used to process so many grams of all that stuff, a day.
    I once did an echo on my liver 6m after i stopped doing protein powder and the doctor was like "Did you do protein powder in the past? I see some spots on your liver."
    Stay healty!

  7. Of course he sides with supplements he sells them!
    The RDA is a joke!
    The USA food pyramid us a joke.

    We were told through the years "studies" show… egg yolk, butter, salt etc…was bad. Oh, now they say those things are actually good.

    They say "scientific studies" say the best way to treat cancer is conventional therapy via poison.
    Liars! Everybody I know who went the alternative treatment route CURED themselves of cancer.

    I know numerous gymnasts and exercise enthusiasts who have great physiques and they do NOT take supplements.

  8. Guy on doids talks about how bad you need sups …. and forget to mention for example that you won't have so much testosterone to benefit form 200G protein and so :D As a natural builder you need 50G minimum protein and max 1G per KG and you can get from real food easy ) Only supplements you need is Omega 3 and Vitamin D … maybe some Multivitamin if diet is poor …

  9. I took creatine about 10-13 years ago….I was 20-23yrs old, and my hair was falling out, my hairline was reseading back, i would see hair in my bath tub, and on my comb , and I thought my hair was going to have a hourse shoe…….now my hair has never been more full and it hasn't receanded since then……..just saying

  10. Honestly, i dont know whats right anymore! When i was a kid back in Russian i new a guy who were just eating healthy and working out every day and he was packed with muscle! When I moved to USA I found out that almost everyone is using protein shakes and all other supplements.. Even though you might need this supplement now days , i will still go with old school mentality and just eat healthy..

  11. Jeff, I don’t think that there is anybody better to help out with Nutrition plans among other things, than you. To answer your question about whether or not I take supplements, I don’t, but I would really like to use the supplements that you take to help me benefit from the Nutritional values that they have.

  12. I'm not anti-supplements but people had the ability to be ripped, fit and healthy way before supplements were introduced to mankind. So surely it is possible to get great results without?

  13. Hey Jeff. I do take supplements because I can't literally fit/eat that much food in a day. Although did want to point out the beef and fish you used as a creatine and omega source will also provide you with more than enough protein and glutamine. So the chicken breast was pointless in the math.

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