Shoulder and Biceps Workout for Muscle Growth

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Shoulder and Biceps Exercise for Muscle Development

00:00 Shoulder and Biceps Exercise
00:06 Standing Barbell Entrance Elevate
00:34 Barbell Upright Row
01:01 Seated Dumbbell Press
01:29 Standing Barbell Shoulder Press
01:57 Seated Dumbbell Lateral Elevate
02:25 Barbell Curls
02:52 Seated Overhead Cable Curl

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  2. Awesome workout! I already follow similar workout plan. Will add some of these exercises for sure. Btw I always thought I was eating enough and was disappointed because my weight stagnated. Then I got my first diet plan created on website called Next Level Diet. I realised that my previous food intake was way below my needs, although I thought I'm good. At the beginning it was hard to eat 3500 kcal in a day, but I got used to it. I started noticing real gains and it felt amazing. I wish I'd understood the importance of diet earlier

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