Concentration Curls Aren't Working for You (HERE'S WHY!)

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Focus curls are one of the in style isolation exercises for constructing larger biceps however that doesn’t imply they’re the simplest. On this video, I’m going to indicate you why focus curls are usually not working for you as a lot as you will have thought in case you are attempting to construct massive arms. I’ll break down the commonest errors made when doing the train after which present you a extra athletic various if you wish to make even higher beneficial properties when coaching your arms.

To start out, it helps to outline what the aim of the focus curl actually is. Most would agree, it’s a bicep train completed to get a peak contraction on the muscle. It’s an isolation motion that may allow you to to construct a greater thoughts muscle reference to the biceps and finally get it to develop larger. I might agree with the latter half of this however provided that you carry out the train the appropriate manner and discover ways to get extra rigidity on the arm through the motion.

To that finish it helps to debate the place of the arm through the focus curl. I see many individuals relaxation their elbows on the highest of their thighs when doing the train. That is simply unsuitable. You might be basically making a see-saw impact if you decrease the arm on each rep and are utilizing momentum to get the arm again as much as the highest. Most is not going to make this error nonetheless and as a substitute will decrease their arm onto the inside portion of their thigh.

The difficulty right here is that pushing the elbow into the thigh whereas curling the load up is barely utilizing leverage to get the load to the highest somewhat than pure muscular pressure. Usually, leverage shouldn’t be a foul factor however if you end up doing it in shut proximity to the muscle groups that you’re attempting to work (and with a muscle group that’s usually overactive through the curl within the first place) you take away from the effectiveness of the motion.

Some would then suppose that they only have to slip their arm even additional down in the direction of the ground to clear the elbow from the thigh. The issue right here is once more, the arm when curled into the highest place is nearly parallel to the downward pressure of gravity. This takes the strain off of the bicep within the very place that you really want it to be at its highest.

The way in which to change the train to get this to work in your favor is to reposition the arm instantly in your groin. You’ll be able to see how the forearm now turns into way more perpendicular to the pressure of gravity and you may really feel the impression this has in your biceps on each rep. That stated, I nonetheless suppose there are way more efficient methods to coach your biceps in a extra athletic manner and in a manner that locations much more rigidity on the biceps of their peak contracted state.

Try the stroll away curl proven on the finish of the video for an illustration on how to do that with both a set of bands or entry to a cable machine. You’ll really feel the distinction instantly and likewise be capable of reap the benefits of the isometric biceps contraction that happens in the course of each rep that doesn’t essentially happen on a basic dumbbell focus curl.

In case you are searching for a whole program that places the science again in power to make each train you do simpler (and due to this fact end in higher quicker beneficial properties than ever earlier than) make sure to head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Coaching System. Begin coaching like an athlete and begin wanting like an athlete in as little as weeks from now.

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  1. Hey, after watching this video and then seeing a video of Arnold's standing concentration curls I realized that method solves all your issues with the cc (standing, not using the elbow to cheat and the upper portion being harder) as an added bonus i would say it looks less weird that your variation (no offense, love your videos). What do you think about that variation?

  2. How fo i activate more the short head than the long head. I feel my long head getting sore doing standing db curl. I tryed raising my pinky as i lift but i still don't feel the short head.

  3. I guess if you want to smack your face with the dumbbell . . . . Dude, my off hand grabs the opposite knee. I lock my other elbow against that wrist, keeping my bicep from getting any help from my shoulder. It's a great exercise, especially if you take sets to failure. But is is an exercise not safe for beginners; you have to work your way up to with with more basic exercises, such as the barbell and dumbbell curls.

  4. What about if I sit, but do not brace my arm at all? I have a broken neck and back, but Im tired of being "disabled" I started working hard on my cars again, and I want to get stronger. I used to hit the gym when I was in the military, and while I hit 220 (at 6'4) I never got bulky. I would like to look good, not just be strong (yes, I know, vanity, but its my body, I want it looking good!)

    Im 42 now, gained an inch (spinal surgery made me taller lol) but lost a lot of weight. Im around 190, in pain constantly, and by chance I noticed that I felt better after doing some effort (I was moving tires around). So, Im curling 30lbs dumbells, sitting, standing, and a few other standard faire stuff, and I feel whatever dopamine, endorphines almost cancel out my pain. Its still there, and its no cure, but if it helps, and in the process makes me less disgusted with myself in the mirror, not bad right? Im trying not to overdo it, and let things do their normal thing….

    My diet is also an issue Im curious about. I do a lot of mental work too, and I do need sugar (thats an old exam trick, processed sugar supposedly passesd the blood brain barrier and helps with recollection and thinking). I do eat a lot of protein from beef, lamb, beans and cheese (chilli diet lol, due to GI tract cancer I had years ago, that left me not able to eat many things…but wont complain, I love chilli lol)

    So, any advice? Im not claiming to be tough guy, and Im not "inspiration" and I will punch a person in the mouth if they pity me! (ok, now that Ive made myself a prick, I wont get that pity. Good.) Just looking for some solid advice starting out. I may add this to my channel (I do car stuff, so not shilling myself). Sure, I would like to inspire others with spinal injuries, within the limits of our litigious world (your own risk buddy). So yeah…

    Thanks for the great content though. Respect.

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