Chest Workout Tips for Size (HARDGAINER EDITION!)

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A chest workout for hardgainers should do extra than simply advise you to coach heavy. Heavy lifting is necessary for hardgainers to start to construct muscle mass and dimension, nevertheless it isn’t the one key component of shoulder coaching. On this video, I’m going to indicate you ways necessary it’s to discover ways to raise lighter on sure exercises and raise heavier on the fitting chest exercises, if you wish to begin including critical dimension quick to your chest or pecs.

Earlier than even getting began nevertheless, one of the vital efficient chest workout ideas I may give anybody (not only a skinny man trying so as to add muscle) is to coach shirtless. Now after all, this recommendation is finest adopted if you’re coaching within the consolation of your personal house health club! That mentioned, many hardgainers discover themselves on this actual scenario as a result of they really feel self aware about going to the health club and coaching in entrance of the a lot bigger and extra muscular guys.

Once you practice and not using a shirt, you not solely face your insecurities however you permit your self an opportunity to observe your muscle groups as they work and use the visible suggestions to extra precisely focus your effort on the muscle groups you’re really making an attempt to construct. Let’s face it, if you’re a newbie lifter or will not be carrying massive quantities of muscle you’re probably not mastering the thoughts muscle reference to the muscle groups you are attempting to develop. You don’t have the “really feel” of what the muscle is meant to really feel like that you’re coaching.

Coaching shirtless permits you to watch the muscle contract and subsequently tweak your kind to allow a stronger contraction within the goal muscle groups. Once you do that, you can be stunned simply how a lot faster you may get that muscle to reply.

Subsequent, it would be best to begin with a number of chest train activation ideas that will help you construct a much bigger chest. A very powerful factor you may discover ways to do is to press together with your chest and never your entrance delts or shoulders. That is simpler mentioned than achieved. You’ll be able to discover ways to activate the customarily dormant scapular muscle groups that enhance your consciousness of how this could really feel by beginning with a number of units of scapular hanging pulls. From right here, do some standing barless chest presses to make sure that your shoulders are staying again and that the press is coming from the chest muscle groups.

You’ll then head to the bench press the place you’ll face your typical hardgainer insecurity of the quantity of weight that’s on the bar that you’re urgent. The massive mistake is to suppose that it isn’t macho to be benching lighter weights. This doesn’t matter since making an attempt to push weights you may’t deal with will do nothing to assist your chest develop. Begin with a weight you may management and study to press it accurately together with your chest as an alternative of your shoulders.

That mentioned, heavy weight lifting is necessary for overloading the muscle groups of a hardgainer to construct extra muscle dimension and power. We will try this with using contact up units. These can help you really feel the heavier weights (usually 20 p.c heavier than what you’ll use in your working units of 6-8 reps). Simply unrack the weights a number of instances and rack them once more to really feel what it’s like. From right here, carry out one contact up set with the pins set excessive to can help you get as many reps after which safely let the bar relaxation on the pins. You might have neurologically woke up your muscle groups to the heavier weight and allowed your physique to develop into extra assured within the weight you’ll use in your working units.

The information proven listed here are just some of the most effective methods to construct a much bigger chest together with your chest workouts. The whole ATHLEAN-X Coaching System out there at is a step-by-step 90 day program that can rework your complete physique by coaching you want an athlete.

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  1. 0:43 Activation – There is a muscle awareness issue. You’ve got to be able to press with the chest and not the shoulders.

    1:20 Hanging Scap Pulls (6-8 reps) – Do this on chest day.

    1:19 Pressing Problem – Don’t let arms lead the way when pressing but you want to let your chest lead the way. The arms and shoulders have to stay back, and this can be done by having an awareness of those muscles used in the Hanging Scap Pulls.

    2:33 Standing Weightless Press (5-6 reps)

    4:44 Heavy Weight Hold on Bench – Bench press only a weight you can control, but for this exercise pick a heavier weight, unrack and push to extend arms, hold and then put down. This helps you become more comfortable with the weight. Can then do 1-2 reps which makes going to working weight feel easier.

    7:09 Train “Through” Failure – e.g. using bands after going to failure on a Dip or going down weight on a dumbell.

  2. May be worth mentioning that the "hardgainer" concept finds its roots in the "Somatotype" taxonomy (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph) which is predominantly regarded as pseudoscience. Unsurprisingly its a bit more complicated than "I'm a frail and bony ectomorph, must mean I'm low testosterone and gaining muscle will take me twice as long."

  3. One habit I've always practiced when spotting someone on bench press is having my hand on the middle of the bar where their head might hit before they lay down. Better to hit their head on my hand than the bar.

  4. Jeff… one of the biggest mistakes when gym lifting, you can correct me if I’m wrong, but it is ego lifting. People wanna impress and the add weight a that they can’t control. At the end of the day people will end up laughing at you. And on top of it, you are not building any mistake. I heard this from the Dwane Johnson, the ROCK. He learn this from his dad. I saw a video of him talking about his main gym lesson when he went to lift with his father.

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