Build Big Biceps with Bands (NO WEIGHTS!)

If you wish to construct large biceps with bands and didn’t assume it was attainable, then that is the video for you. Right here, I’m going to indicate you the most effective methods to construct larger biceps utilizing simply resistance bands and no weights. In instances of fitness center closures and a rise within the variety of individuals doing dwelling bicep workouts, having a useful resource for the most effective band exercises for biceps goes that can assist you to fulfill your objectives with out having to compromise.

All of those bicep exercises may be completed with one to 2 units of resistance bands. It’s a good suggestion to have various resistance ranges of them so you may introduce extra exercises.

In fact, as with all exercises for the biceps, there are a lot of completely different curl variations. That mentioned, there are slight tweaks that may be made on any curl that may drastically change the impact of the train on its means to develop your arms.

The primary biceps train with bands proven is definitely not a curl. It’s the chin-up. Together with the standard barbell curl, I credit score this body weight biceps train as most accountable for serving to me to construct large biceps. The band can truly be used to both make the train simpler by getting into it in the course of the chinup, or tougher by wrapping it across the again of your head. Both means, the aim is to ensure it’s difficult and able to overloading your arms to power new biceps development.

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The subsequent biceps train with bands is the no cash curl. This helps to extra successfully goal the internal brief head of the biceps whereas including a little bit of exterior rotation resistance to bolster the customarily weak rotator cuff muscle tissues. Given the relation of the biceps to the shoulder, it is very important not overlook the significance of cuff well being in the long term. The angle of the band permits you to pull it aside as you curl up, making the internal head most seen to the particular person standing in entrance of you and extra successfully recruiting it because of this.

No record of the most effective band exercises for biceps may very well be full with out together with the exercises for the bicep lengthy head as effectively. Right here, you need exercises that maintain your arm again behind your physique and/or turned inward to extra readily reveal the outer portion of the higher arm. The shut grip supination curl does simply that. By anchoring the bands as proven, you’ll be able to get resistance by way of supination by way of each inch of the curl.

Stretch curls are one other wonderful train for putting a singular stress on the biceps. With the arm held again in extension behind the physique on this motion, you’re prestretching the biceps lengthy head prior to each rep. As a result of stretch reflex and its means to create stronger contractions, you’ll be able to extra successfully recruit the lengthy head fibers to the curl.

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Different exercises just like the banded waiters curls and lip buster curls are efficient at creating peak contraction of the biceps below the load of most rigidity when the band is at its most stretched. Both of those are nice choices for creating a strong contraction within the biceps muscle on each rep that may generally be exhausting to really feel when bands should not used.

The banded preacher curl is one other biceps train that sees little or no drop off when shifting from dumbbells to bands. By locking your arm into place in your knee, just like how you’ll if performing it on a conventional preacher bench, you get the identical means to hit the biceps exhausting and power development. Doubling up the band to essentially enhance the resistance is one thing that’s not solely allowed however inspired.

You may’t overlook to hit the brachialis as effectively if you wish to construct large biceps with bands and no weights.

It’s possible you’ll be considering, how? With the brachialis laying beneath the biceps, its improvement and development forces the overlying biceps upward rising it’s look and dimension. Hit this muscle finest with both the alternating cross physique hammer curls or the straight hammer curl. If doing the latter, bear in mind to extend the resistance of the band by doubling it up or utilizing the offset grip proven within the video.

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  2. Is there any way you could demonstrate a series of workouts designed for individuals restricted to bed.

    I am 68 years old and currently undergoing surgery to replace both hips and both knees. I am interested in building up my upper body strength. The problem I’m facing in this endeavor is my insurance will pay for a limited number of days for physical therapy. After that I’m on my own.

    I have purchased a set of your bands but I’m having problems using them sine I’m stuck in this hospital bed flat on my back. If you could possibly come up with some workouts I could do in this situation would be of great assistance to myself and others


    Jesse Hosey

  3. Hi Jeff,
    Quick Question, can you do a video on evening out? I am experiencing uneven growth, despite using equal resistance. Thank you for everything you are doing, your resources are much appreciated by my broke ass.

  4. I know this is for bi's but I have a knee problem and don't wanna miss legs , anything you got for a meniscus problem , I'll look through to see if I can find it but was hoping you know the exact vid to watch

  5. Been using bands for 6 months now and no more pain on my joints and helped with my rotator cuff and I do shoulders with them and no problems especially after your video on how to repair that area , Jeff brother , your a genius and inspiration, thanks man

  6. This series with bands is being a lifesaver because right now I don't have the space to have equipment around and I also have to move every now and then and packing light is the most ideal. Thanks a lot, man!

  7. I dont have an access to gym or the weights for now so I bought some bands. Can yall tell me how to establish a mind muscle connection with the bands?? I mean these bands dont feel the same not matter how hard you try.

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