Brutal Triceps Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!)

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In case your triceps workout just isn’t making your triceps really feel sore after working them, there’s a chance that you just aren’t coaching them onerous sufficient. The sore in 6 sequence continues with a brutal tricep workout that’s designed to push your muscle mass to the restrict in simply 6 minutes. By utilizing the appropriate tricep exercises on the proper time, you will note simply how way more efficient you will be making your workouts.

This one begins with two units of dumbbells and an adjustable bench. You’ll put the bench on an incline and choose up the lighter of the 2 pairs of dumbbells. Normally, this weight must be half of what you normally use for a 10-12 rep set of mendacity dumbbell tricep extensions. To kick this off you may be performing the mendacity tricep extension, besides this time from an incline. The incline means that you can safely defend your shoulder from an excessive amount of elevation, in case you are somebody that experiences shoulder ache and discomfort.

This tricep train goes to be carried out in “21” fashion, with the primary seven reps being completed within the prime quality of movement, the second seven reps within the backside of the vary, and the ultimate seven carried out by way of the total vary. Ensure that to decelerate the eccentric contraction on the total reps to actually stress the lengthy head of the triceps and overload the strain you ship to the muscle.

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As soon as completed, instantly transition to be face down on the identical incline bench and seize the identical pair of dumbbells simply used. This time you may be performing a triceps dumbbell extension. Goal to maintain the higher arm behind the physique the entire time to maximise the shortening of the tricep muscle. In the event you can not carry out reps throughout this one minute interval, attempt to merely lock out the arms and maintain them for the remaining time.

Subsequent seize the heavier set of dumbbells and decrease the bench to a flat place. Lay again and carry out the bench press / eccentric decreasing tricep extension. The constructive portion of the raise is used to help your triceps in getting the weights into positoin for the following eccentric repetition solely. Do as many as you possibly can till your triceps can not safely management the load.

This entire circuit is then repeated another time for a complete length of 6 minutes for this tricep workout. Bear in mind, this can be a brutally intense routine and is one which you don’t want to do each time you workout your triceps. Actually, that is meant to be a plateau buster to shock your muscle mass into soreness with out being a daily workout. All the Sore in 6 workouts are to be checked out and handled that approach.

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  1. I don't really comment on these videos but this workout worked out for me. I am a short, 140 lb lady, and I've only been doing this workout for 1 1/2 months and I've seen improvements big time. Not just with my appearance but also with my strength when I do push ups. Thank you so much for this video and keep doing more of these workout videos. I just subscribed 😉

  2. Added to my routine under “TRICEPS BLOWOUT BURN!” Can already feel the burn similar when I do lunges. You’re my hero today but tomorrow I’m not gonna be speaking kind of you I can feel it 😂
    P.S. can you stop by tomorrow and help lift me outta my chair, don’t think I’ll be able to press my way up 😂

  3. I would like to start doing the 6 mins. series starting next month. Q:how will you split it through out the week?
    In case it’s relevant, I am a 63 yo woman; but have been lifting not too heavy but lifting for about 2 years.

  4. Thank you, Mr. Cavaliere, the 6- Minute workouts are great. Have just started on these, and seeing initial changes. I'm 67, and still work out 5 days per week. STAY STRONG!
    John A. Lombardi 🇺🇸

  5. How about GAINS W NO PAIN?!? Chronic pain sufferer here; every day, every muscles in my body, is in pain to one degree or another w no work, some work, or loads of work. No work creates no gains. Loads of work hits my pain wall to hard and I’m cooked in a way that ruins my quality of life too much for several days to over a week, so is unsustainable. When I say loads I mean a normal strength training plan; it just feels like loads bc of my issues. Some work still ruins my quality of life, just not as God awful I want to die level of bad, but isn’t enough to create the gains I desire and still isn’t sustainable due to my elevated pain. I’m trying a new plan of my creation, time will tell if it’ll work or not. I would appreciate your $0.02, IF you’ve any, for gains w no pain! If it helps, my main diags: myofascial pain syndrome and thoracic outlet syndrome.

  6. Would love it if you also time it yourself and do it for 6 minutes in the video so we don't have to clock ourselves after watching the video. Makes it easier to follow along

  7. I do a variation of this and superset with biceps so a total of 6 sets bi/tri 3 different exercises for bi and tri and I get huge pump. I do this two to three times when I am very short on time ad I get a killer pump and workout.

  8. After 4 months doing the same exercises I felt my muscles were getting complacent. I did the 6 min workout yesterday and my Tri's are burning today. A great work-out and I think I'll gradually work the 6 minutes series into my workout. Thanks Jeff.

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