Bruce Lee Ab Workout for a 6 Pack (DRAGON ABS!)

So that you need to do a Bruce Lee ab workout for a 6 pack and also you marvel what it could feel and look like, then you definitely’ve come to the proper place. Now, you’re going to get an opportunity to expertise the identical ab workout carried out by the legendary martial artist to sculpt his ripped six pack abs whereas getting the robust midsection he was identified for. That is known as the Dragon Abs workout and it consists of simply 6 strikes that anybody can do without having any gear.

This residence ab workout for a 6 pack is fast and easy however positively not simple. The aim is so that you can carry out it persistently for the following 22 days. That mentioned, we will by no means speak about getting abs with out at the least addressing the all vital diet facet of the equation and it’s right here that Bruce Lee’s food plan had some key factors that you’ll want to try to copy.

So earlier than we get into the particular ab exercises within the bruce lee ab workout you need to point out the three issues that he did along with his diet that can allow you to to get your abs displaying in simply the following 22 days. The primary is to try to abstain or at the least minimize down your alcohol consumption. Individuals typically devour too many empty liquid energy that placed on physique fats and conceal their abs.

Subsequent, it can assist to restrict your consumption or all collectively keep away from consuming sugars and fried meals for the following 3 weeks. Even only a brief time period is sufficient to assist set up a behavior that you would be able to take with you effectively past this era to get locked in and showcase that ripped 6 pack as soon as and for all.


Lastly, don’t keep away from carbs in your food plan for a 6 pack. They’re too exhausting to maintain out eternally and your long run success will depend upon studying the right way to dwell with them not remove them fully.

For the particular Bruce Lee Ab Exercise, the train sequence seems like this:

Standing Elbow Twists – 25 reps both sides or till exhaustion
Frog Kicks – 25 reps or till exhaustion
Single Leg Raises – 25 reps both sides or till exhaustion
Seated Elbow to Knee Tucks – 25 reps both sides or till exhaustion
Sit-Ups – 25 reps or till exhaustion
Dragon Flags or Modified Dragon Flags – 1 minute relaxation pause trend.

The important thing to getting a six pack like Bruce Lee goes to be by rising your core power and by recurrently performing the identical ab routine that he did. Now that you’ve a recreation plan for what ab exercises it is advisable to carry out to hit your higher, decrease abs and obliques you simply should discover a solution to get constant.

So as to get 6 pack abs you need to know the right way to sequence your abs workouts as effectively. Bruce Lee knew how to do that effectively. He stacked essentially the most tough ab exercises in the direction of the entrance of the workout and saved the better ab exercises for when he was extra fatigued. You are able to do the identical factor, which can allow you to to start out carving our your six pack quick.

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The 22 day interval is vital for growing a behavior. Many occasions, we cease proper on the level after we are closest to ingraining a brand new sample of habits. If you happen to persist with this ab workout for simply 3 weeks you’ll possible be shocked at how far more common part of your train routine this can change into.

It’s time to get six pack abs like Bruce Lee and the dragon abs workout is one that can allow you to get there. Remember to let me understand how you want this whole ab workout that you are able to do at residence and keep in mind to depart a remark to maintain me up to date in your progress as you make your manner by the following 22 days.

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  2. This is the best ab workout . Only difference is I do hanging leg raises instead of the frog kick . Everyday my abs are looking better and better . I'm done searching for the ultimate ab workout .

  3. I love your stuff however, not everyone can get a 6 pack if they don’t have the genetics. Some people can only get a 4 pack due to the missing Tendon. Now this person is thinking they doing something wrong because they can ONLY get a 4 pack. Maybe change working of title? Thanks for what you do

  4. Thank bro! I just watched a few of Bruce's old clips and just a like a kid after watching a martial arts movies I was up kicking and screaming like an idiot. Mind you I did get inspired by him once more and I just tried this routine of yours. Needless to say my abs and whole core was burning and I was sweating like a pig. Another great workout, cheers.

  5. I am 19 days into this and I couldn’t be more excited about the results. To be fair, I started out with quite a bit of belly fat. In the time since I started this work out I start I’ve dropped a pant size, watched my belly shrink, and can feel rock hard ab muscles growing bigger and bigger underneath my remaining belly fat. It was really hard to begin. In fact, if I didn’t condition myself with another Ab work out for a few weeks first I don’t think I could have done it. Once I was able to get going it was very effective.

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