BIG Shoulders…WIDE Back with just 1 Exercise!

Generally when your day is busy and it is powerful to get in an extended workout you want to have the ability to do 1 train that may goal your shoulders and again on the similar time.

Too usually individuals will skip their workout all collectively as an alternative of making an attempt to determine how they’ll get in an important shoulder train or again train…in the identical train. It is a precept I name muscle fireplace fusion. Taking two muscle teams that work properly collectively and getting them to each contribute to the train.

The saying that the whole is larger than the sum of its elements has by no means been extra true. Watch this shoulder and again train combo and see for your self how one can take your shoulder muscle progress and again thickness to a complete different degree.

Once you’re performed watching this then make certain to move over to and get your complete system for constructing sturdy, lean and athletic muscle. Let movie star bodily therapist and former New York Mets power coach Jeff Cavaliere present you precisely how he does it along with his prime professional athletes along with his AthLEAN-X Coaching System.

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  1. just asking out of curiosity: whenever I work out my back I can't feel my rear delts getting anything and if I find a workout for my last they immediately try to charlie horse or whatever verb you use to describe pulling a muscle)

  2. Jeff, my workout regiment consists of: Chest/Tri's, Back and Biceps, Legs, and then Shoulders and Traps. (I do core/sit-ups) every day I work out.  I then rest for 2 days still doing core, and then start again.  Is there a 'BEST' way to group your exercises?

  3. he has a sixpack
    on his back
    he exercises on a squat rack
    while he listens to this track
    while having a flashback
    of a really fit lumberjack
    who had a snack
    which he had in his backpack
    he used to be a quarter back
    and slept in a rucksack

  4. Jeff if I did that but using the machine with the long bar attachment lean back and pull towards me will it work out both? because that's a exercise I use and I find it works well but I'm not sure if it's targeting my shoulders much

  5. Good noon Jeff your vedios are good,I could combine the skills,timing in executing the forms during my gym time,the shared to others gymnasts..thank you Jeff it enchancement my know how to use the dumbell,barbells,cables,and other machines in the gym..takecare Praise God.

  6. A chest press can also be done with this techniqueOr take exercise 2 from flat feet video and do thisI usually use a cable machine so the weight of the dumbbell and the cable resistance can be in creased together.

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