7 Tips For Building Confidence At The Gym

Hey, guys!
I keep in mind once I first began going to the fitness center, I had no clue as to what I used to be doing and all the time felt as if the opposite members have been judging and observing me. The gymtimidation is REAL.
However, if we’re being sincere with ourselves, we all know that gymtimidation retains us from pursuing our health objectives, and the longer we permit our fears dominate our objectives, the longer it is going to take to realize our objectives. So, let’s put all that gymtimidation power in direction of working to construct confidence and turning into boss fitness center babes as a substitute.

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  1. I am a beginner and I've been binge watching your beginner in the gym vids and I must say I am more confident and atleast now I have some guide on how to use most of the machines that intimidated me… I used to just hit the treadmill and call it a day plus I am nervous cause I feel like people are judging wheb i try to workout because I can't even squat right 😭. You gained a new subbie.. love from South Africa❤🇿🇦

  2. I was sure that no-one cared about me because everyone cares about themselves at the gym. But some random guys or gym instructors came to me several times with questions like 'why are you doing cardio? you're skinny' or "why are you doing cable machine exercises? If you want to not gain weight and be toned just eat less, walk and do squats'. Now I just can't go there without thinking that some rando is watching me. And I'm okay with being watched but being in a position where I'm supposed to explain myself is no fun:(

  3. thanks for this motivatonal video!! My biggest challenge is not worrying about how much Im lifting. I always feel intimidated and judged when using the small dumbells or the barbell with no weights. I know everyone starts from different stages and it's overcoming the fear of failure and judgment that is difficult.

  4. I just found your channel and omg I thought you were talking to me I love how you film your videos and you are so real and straight up I wish I could have what you said on replay at the gym thank you 💕

  5. Hi. If u even see this question. Are a lot of the gym apparatus u show in ur videos strictly American or are the universal aka the uk. Im starting to use my local gym next week and have been bingeing ur videos all of today so I don't seem a noob. I think u r a brilliant content creator on YouTube btw

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