WORKOUTS FOR THE WEEK | 4 Days of Gym Workouts for Muscle Building & Strength

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Hey, guys!

On this video, we’ll be doing an intermediate-advanced full week of workouts the place I will be taking you thru a whole week of my very own private workouts on the health club.

Please see down beneath for the total written workouts and time stamps for when every day begins.

In fact, most significantly, always remember that your health targets are fueled additionally by means of your diet, so at all times keep in mind to remain according to each your diet & coaching.

My workout guides:

*This video and outline include affiliate hyperlinks from which I get a small fee. This doesn’t change something in your finish, however permits me to maintain on making movies for you guys! All opinions are my very own.


00:30 DAY 1 | LEG DAY
1) Leg Press:
– Heat-Up Units: 3×8-12 reps
– Working Units: 4×8 reps at 1RIR
2) Reverse Hack Squats | 4×10 reps at 2RIR
3) Romanian Deadlifts (RDLs) Pyramid Set:
a. 1×12 reps utilizing a lighter weight
b. Improve the load for an additional 9 reps
c. Improve the load once more for six extra reps
d. Relaxation for two minutes
Repeat a-d for a complete of 3x.
4) Hip Abductions Pyramid Set:
a. 1×15 reps utilizing a lighter weight
b. Improve the load for an additional 12 reps
c. Improve the load once more for 9 extra reps
d. Relaxation for 1-2 minutes
Repeat a-d for a complete of 3x.
5) Treadmill LISS | half-hour at a 10-15% incline

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5:00 DAY 2 | BACK & BIS
1) Extensive-Grip Lat Pulldowns | 4×10 reps at 3RIR
2) Single-Arm Seated Cable Rows | 4×12 reps/arm at 3RIR
3) a. Single-Arm DB Rows | 4×10-12 reps/arm at 2RIR
b. Spider Curls | 4×12 reps at 3RIR
4) a. Kneeling Rope Pulldowns | 4×8-10 reps at 3RIR
b. Cable Bicep Curls | 4×15 reps at 3RIR
5) Treadmill HIIT:
a. 1 minute of quick strolling
b. 1 minute of sprinting
Repeat a & b again to again for a complete of 5 rounds (10 minutes complete)

1) Smith Machine Shoulder Presses:
– Heat-Up Units: 2×10-12 reps
– Working Units: 3×10-12 reps w/ a 1-second isometric maintain at 1 RIR
Drop Set:
– Begin with 3 plates on all sides of the bar and do AMRAP
– Take off one plate on all sides and do AMRAP
– Take away one other plate from all sides and do AMRAP
– Take away all plates and do AMRAP with simply the bar
2) a. EZ Bar Upright Rows | 15 reps
b. Cable Entrance Raises | 15 reps
c. Face Pulls | 15 reps
d. Relaxation for 1-2 minutes
Repeat a-d for a complete of 4x.
3) Machine Lateral Raises Drop Set:
a. Begin at a reasonable weight and do AMRAP
b. Lower the load and do AMRAP
c. Lower the load as soon as extra and do AMRAP
d. Relaxation for 1-2 minutes
Repeat a-d for a complete of 3x.

15:00 DAY 4 | LEG DAY
1) Standard Deadlifts | 4×6-8 reps at 1 RIR
2) Cable Entrance Squats (w/ Heels Elevated) | 4×10 reps at 2 RIR
3) a. Glute Hamstring Raises (GHRs) | 8 reps at 2RIR
b. Reverse Lunges | 10 reps/leg at 1RIR
c. Relaxation for two minutes
Repeat a-c for a complete of 4x.

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Higher Physique Heat-Up |
Decrease Physique Heat-Up |
Find out how to RDL:

Find out how to do Extensive-Grip Lat Pulldowns |
Find out how to do Bent-Over Rows |
Find out how to Deadlift |

Extra Week of Exercises Movies:


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Music Playlist:
(In the identical order as used within the video)
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  1. Started going to the gym last week and I’m super happy I came across your channel. Now I have structure and a constant routine😂 . Thank you for this. Quads still burning 🥲 but the gains never stop. Which one do you feel is more challenging? Upper or lower body? 🤔

  2. I’m excited to try the shoulder press drop sets this week! I’ve been working on shoulder raises but never tried doing drop sets before (plus my gym has those little 2.5 and 1.25 lb plates that I can use)

  3. Random comment but this gym was sooo nice! My gym sucks, not many multiples of machines and weights and it's always cruddy looking and smelling…

  4. Hi u would like to ask, what if i did bad posture while using machine. Will my body still inshape or worst? I keep curious and afraid at the same time if i did wrong and no one told me hahaha..

  5. Great video! The timing is spot on. These exercises are awesome. Question for you… have you ever tried Next Level Diet? I got a muscle-building meal plan from them that's worked wonders for me.

  6. I'm curious (as a guy) as to why you do 0 sets of triceps and chest yet focus so much on the shoulders? Is it just your personal preference or would you say most women really don't care about those two areas?

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