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In case you are working low on workout motivation, this video will possible change that for you in only a few minutes. I wish to introduce you to Brendan O’doherty. Such as you, he’s an avid watcher of my movies and a younger man who was on high of the world by way of his profession, his life and his well being. That’s till his world was rocked by a analysis of testicular most cancers.

Brendan had surgical procedure to take away the cancerous testicle in 2014 and remained most cancers free for a yr, solely to have it reappear a yr later and this time in a way more aggressive kind. Following 6 months of chemotherapy, he was given extra dangerous information that the tumors weren’t responding and that actually, one other totally different form of most cancers had developed subsequent to his backbone that made it practically unattainable for him to stroll.

By means of all of it, Brendan made no excuses. Why? He has each proper to. What occurred to him is devastating and easily not truthful. That stated, as an alternative of agreeing with my sentiments, he selected to take a look at it as one thing a lot totally different. A possibility to look deep inside and problem himself to beat this and beat it like some other impediment in life he had confronted earlier than.

Watching the ATHLEAN-X movies gave him inspiration. They gave him a aim to level in direction of that he may say “I’ll be doing that as quickly as I beat this”. He shared these ideas in an e mail with me and it merely stopped me in my tracks. To begin with, to be any issue in any respect on this man’s restoration is a humbling honor and one which I truthfully can not perceive. That stated, I relish the accountability that brings and it makes me attempt to present nothing however my greatest in each video I launch.

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As I learn his e mail and have become astounded by his braveness, I felt as if I had no different alternative however to do what I knew I needed to do. I referred to as him. Here’s a compilation of a few of what transpired between Brendan and I on our cellphone name. I used to be so touched by his story and bravado that I requested him if it could be alright to seize our name on video in order that I’d share his story with our tens of millions of viewers to hopefully assist another person on the market which will have felt despair when confronted with the same circumstance (or if somebody of their household had).

No, there’s no workout on this video. It’s not about sharing the easiest way to bench press or my favourite leg train. That is merely a video that shook me to my core that I felt may very well be way more impactful than any nice train or workout may very well be. The ATHLEAN-X channel is all about placing the science again in energy, however I’ll all the time be touched by the precise those who watch me and the tales they share.

Thanks for sharing Brendan. Myself, the complete crew at ATHLEAN-X and the entire A-X group on YouTube are behind you! You may beat this my good friend.

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  1. For all of those that have been asking for an update on Brendan since this video…I have some incredibly good news to share with you, straight from an email Brendan sent to me. Please take the time to read it and pass along your continued support!

    "Hi Jeff and all at Athlean-X

    So I finally got the news I've been waiting to hear since April 2014. The hospital told me and confirmed that I am CLEAR of cancer!

    I have overcome a battle that a lot of guys did not and for that it has given me greater strength.

    This has been a real struggle for me and my partner over the last few years. I have always tried, to the best of my ability to stay strong and be positive. I think my brain was the hardest muscle I used to get through this though, because I knew if I could win the mental battle then my body would follow.

    I honestly believe that because I was training before, during and after that my body got through this and was that much stronger to take all this on. I can now finally start getting my life back to normal and plan my future without this dark cloud over me.

    Myself and family are still taking all this good news in. I truly thank all of you at Athlean-X for your support and kind words along the way.

    Keep up the good work! You make a difference


  2. Great video, Jeff. 18 months ago I was diagnosed with the same cancer, had the same treatment and now with the same scar on my stomach as Brendan (from RPLND surgery) and share many of his sentiments. Be accountable, take out the excuses, the bullshit and be more like Brendan 💪

  3. This video is amazing! I myself have a few words to say to you Jeff, and that's Thank you!! You have been my trainer for the last 2 years. I honestly don't think I would have ever been able to stay on track losing weight if it wasn't for you. Even from a fetus, I was obese lol they thought I was twins. My whole life my weight was an ongoing struggle, hitting my max at 268lbs. Now 2 years later I'm at 155lbs, seeing traces of my top 2 abs. NEVERRR Did I think that would be possible! And without someone like you, I doubt it would have. So thank you again, your channel is truly inspiring <3

  4. The only thing that pisses me off with this video is the unnecessary piano music.
    Ambient music would’ve been just fine.
    Glad Brendan is doing well now! Absolutely inspiring.

  5. As a scrawny Asian dude who once wanted to bulk up so badly that I went on an extremely dirty bulk till I got so fat instead of being big and lean,i started to realize that I actually have good health and a body type that everyone wants as I can eat my favorite foods without any worry of excess weight gain.I have since cut down and ate only healthy good quality foods if I wanted to gain muscle and also experienced better health than most in my country who work out but do not take advice from pros like Athlean X

  6. It's heartening to see that there is a neglible, less than 1% asshole rate that voted on this video. I love this post and write-up. Well done Cavalier…I truly believe you couldn't fathom why Brendan found you and Athlean-X a source of strength and inspiration

  7. This is why Jeff is the man – he does his job with his heart in it, and truly cares for the people he trains. It shows in his ethics and the results he helps people achieve. Keep it up Jeff!

  8. So thrilled that Brendon has had a positive outcome. I’ve been ill to the point where family was asked to remain late at the Hosp. Why? Bc I was not expected to make it. I did and I go to the gym on the regular. Working out is both a mental and physical uplift. Age is not an excuse. Working out is life changing. I have worked out with ppl on oxygen. Don’t be intimidated. U plunked dwn the same $ as the big guy next to u.

  9. Well that is how we are, we don't fell how we needed it until we lost it.
    For example when someone loses their legs, he wish that he could run everyday, but before that happen he was lazy to do it and never did.

  10. Saw this Jeff and thought I would relay my experience, I too watch your videos and had a few setbacks in my health. I spent 3 years fighting a brain tumor, tried every treatment imaginable, chemo, stem cell , radio therapy, I never stopped going to the gym I would often go within an hour of treatment as I knew I would be too ill later, finally got Proton bean treatment and beat the damn thing.
    I am sure that if I hadnt kept training it would have won, then a year after the all clear had to have a quintuple by pass. I was back at work 10 days after the operation, back in the gym 10 weeks later (cos that how long they said it would take for my sternum to heal, Back to normal now training 4 days a week aged 63, Thanks for your videos and the great advice and guidance they provide…never give up..its always too early to quit

  11. This video reminded me that the human condition a constant uphill battle. I really enjoyed this video, Jeff. I wish the best for both Brendan and you. Keep training man with maximum intensity. Don't let the negative voices get in the way of your goals.

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