The PERFECT Daily Posture Routine (UNDO SITTING!)

In case you ever questioned what the proper each day posture routine can be to get higher posture then that is the video for you. Right here I’m going to indicate you a fast and straightforward each day posture plan that can assist you arise straighter no matter what number of hours it’s possible you’ll be spending sitting down proper now.

Everyone knows that sitting an excessive amount of shouldn’t be good. Not solely does it wreak havoc in your physique within the type of rounded shoulders, a ahead head and low again ache however it additionally causes some systemic unwanted effects that may make it tougher to burn fats and keep on the applicable weight.

On this video, I’m going to interrupt down a easy to observe each day posture routine that you are able to do to repair your posture at house. It isn’t a protracted drawn out posture workout at house that’s going to take you hours to do. In actual fact, that is a simple posture workout with no tools to assist undo the harm being performed to your physique by sitting an excessive amount of.

So step one in studying how you can repair your posture is to do a easy bar grasp very first thing within the morning. I shared this tip in a earlier video the place I spoke of the advantages of decompressing your backbone by hanging from a doorway pullup bar for simply 60 seconds can have in your physique.

In case you don’t have a pull-up bar you possibly can simply do that by pushing your fingers down onto a countertop in your kitchen and lifting your physique a bit. Make sure in each instances to maintain your toes involved with the ground to forestall the core muscular tissues from tightening and getting in the way in which of the spinal results you might be after.

At that time, the sport plan shifts to how you can incorporate posture correction exercises into the conventional each day work movement to repair your posture. I perceive that right here, greater than ever, persons are usually requested to do an excessive amount of which will get in the way in which of their consistency and ever fixing this downside as soon as and for all.

I prefer to abbreviate this method with the letters G, B and S. These stand for Seize, Bridge and Squat.

To make these posture exercises work all it’s a must to do is about a timer in your telephone for half-hour. When the timer goes off you might be merely going to face up and carry out certainly one of these strikes. None of them will take you longer than a minute. If you find yourself performed, sit again down and resume working and reset your timer. The subsequent time it goes off simply arise once more and carry out the following one in line. Preserve rotating the posture correction exercises all through the day ever half-hour.

In case you occur to overlook one or two, don’t fear. The important thing to your long run improved posture is to get within the behavior of not simply sitting with out doing something.

The Seize consists of inserting your fingers by yourself butt. Heels of your palms on the highest of your pelvis with the fingers working down the cheeks. Push ahead to create extension of the hips whereas opening up your tight shoulders and permitting your hips flexors and chest to loosen up. Maintain for simply 15-20 seconds. Repeat yet another time, this time actively contracting your glutes and scapular muscular tissues to get into the place even simpler. 20 seconds is all it takes right here after which sit again down and resume working.

The subsequent time you’ll shortly lay on the ground to carry out 5 reps to every facet of the glute bridge and attain over. This highly effective posture correction train is one that can awaken the glute muscular tissues and permit you to reinforce hip flexor flexibility and thoracic backbone mobility. Full your reps and get proper again to work as soon as once more.

Lastly, the squat is the final train within the sequence in studying how you can enhance posture whereas at work. As a substitute of performing reps of squats nevertheless, you might be really going to be simply sitting right into a deep squat place. This opens the hips and helps to retain deep hip flexion functionality, which is one thing that usually instances will get sacrificed in arthritic hips. Attain your arms up overhead and press them into the wall. See in the event you can ultimately contact your fingers collectively whereas retaining them pressed on the wall. 4-6 reps is sufficient right here whether or not you possibly can or can not.

If you’re figuring out proper now that isn’t sufficient to undo the harm and get higher posture. Even an hour and a half a day of coaching isn’t going to chop it. If you’re sitting an excessive amount of, exercises are wanted to particularly assist undo the harm. That mentioned, face pulls are at all times one thing that might and ought to be added to your workouts with a view to strengthen the postural muscular tissues which can be usually too weak to work correctly.

In case you’re in search of an entire workout program that can repair your posture but in addition assist you to to construct a ripped athletic physique, you should definitely head to and take a look at the plans which can be greatest suited to your present objectives.

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    If you don’t win, no worries, you’re not going away empty handed. Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again. Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  2. Jeff why not create an ultimate leg and glut program? I mean You have the ultimate arm program, and I think an ultimate leg and glut program would be a great compliment to it. I work for the post office and sitting in a mail truck for 8 or more hours a day destroyed my leg and glut strength and although I have managed to get my strength back I know I would certainly appreciate a program like that. Love this video man! You’re the absolute best at what you do!

  3. I am following the 22 day program and using the above as well. A driving trip revealed just how bad my posture and neck are. I need advice for the add-ons to use during a trans-continental air trip coming in a few months? Many thanks. Keep posting.

  4. Jeff, I am a commercial pilot and am often stuck sitting 4-6 hours straight. I might be able to actually get out of my seat once per flight, but that definitely doesn’t meet your 30 minute recommendation.

    Is there anything I can do in a nearly seated position that might at least do some good?

  5. copied from another comment for personal use
    1. Morning hang 60 secs

    2. GBS every 30 mins of sitting down

    3. add face pulls to your workout routine

    1. Morning hang 60 secs – toes in contact with ground

    (either hanging down on a bar or just pushing up on a counter corner)

    (what it does: keep toes touching the ground for your pelvis to be able to drop, to decompress your spine)

    2. GBS – every 30 mins of sitting down – Grab / Bridge / Squat

    Set a 30 min timer whenever you sit down, to interrupt the sitting every 30 mins, with GBS.

    (after your first 30 mins of sitting down)

    G – Grab: stand up and grab your butt cheeks 4:45

    (what it does: hip extension, knee extension (no tight hamstrings), open up shoulders and chest, increase thoracic extension)

    15-20 sec hold, then 30 sec active hold (squeeze glutes, contract shoulder blades together)

    (sit down for another 30 mins)

    B – Bridge: bridge + reach up and over to the opposite side with your hand; 5 reps each side 6:06

    (what it does: active contraction of glutes, additional effect on the thoracic spine by reaching over towards the opposite side)

    (sit down for another 30 mins)

    S – Squat: wall-sit, but deep squat, wide 6:44

    (for hip mobility, additional plus: ankle flexibility)

    reach arms up back behind you, slide them up (your hands may or may not be able to touch up there) 4-6 reps (or 3??)

    (thoracic extension, activates rotator cuff (<–> internal rotation sitting))

    + sit in deep squat 30 seconds additionally

    (sit down for another 30 mins)


    3. add this to your workout routine: (you know it)

    Face pulls (gym version or doorway version)

    (what it does: strengthen upper scap, upper back muscles, and rotator cuff)

  6. Starting this today. Will update overtime with progress @ 1 week, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 16 weeks, 6 months, and 1 year.
    Stay tuned 🤟🏻

    Edit Wk 1: I’m seeing improvements to overall posture already. This stuff really works, just be consistent!

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